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Carolina Beach Police deny ordering teens to pull shark from ocean

READ MORE: Carolina Beach Police deny ordering teens to pull shark from ocean

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Teens claim cops in Carolina Beach ordered them to drag a dying, eight-foot tiger shark on shore Monday night. Police came out today saying that never happened

The shark covered in flies and left to decompose Tuesday in a maintenance yard has been buried. Meanwhile, Carolina Beach Police Chief William Younginer talked to his officers who were working Monday night when the shark was dragged up on the beach.

"Once the first officers arrived on scene, the shark was out of the water and the shark never went back to the water," Younginer said, but that's not what the teens who tried to save the shark said. Evan Pye, 15 told WWAY Wednesday he sticks by his word. He says police officers ordered him and his friends to drag the protected species from shallow water onto the beach and let it die.

"They're like, 'Bring it up right now,' and started yelling at us and stuff like that and telling us that they're going to arrest us and stuff like that," Pye said Tuesday.

Younginer says the officers knew the shark had been out of the water too long and wasn't going to survive. He says witnesses told him the shark had a hook in its mouth. Because its mouth was covered in blood, experts at the Fort Fisher Aquarium think the shark was caught by a fisherman and put up such a big fight, it was tired and may have come close to shore to die.

Younginer says he now knows what to do if this happens in the future.

"We found an individual at UNCW that said if we call him, he will come out, because he'd like to study them even if the shark is dead," Younginer said. He said he's going to teach his officers how to handle the situation better next time. "We try to be sensitive to people's desires and needs and think about animals, because we have other animals that get hit and die or are dying, and we try to take care of all of them, but sometimes you can't save all of them, and that shark was one of them that wasn't going to be saved."

Younginer said he wishes his officers had gotten the shark off the beach and buried it a lot sooner. As of now, the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries says it is not going to investigate the incident.

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And wrong

The CBPD doesn't have a monopoly there. Kure Beach has a mutual aid agreement, the New Hanover Sheriff's Department goes there as well as the North Caroling Highway Patrol. Don't forget about the Wildlife officers or Park Rangers also in Carolina Beach. Fail.

Sure thing

Even if an officer drives a tow truck while they are off duty how is it a conflict of interest? I don't think two truck chase criminals, pull over cars or any other activity an officer does. Take your foil hat off to get some sun on your head.

Cops are not permitted to

Cops are not permitted to run or own a towing company for the fact of they would be bias on making sure their company gets all work...Just as Carolina Beach does with this Pleasure Island Towing Truck

Nice but still wrong

Police officers are allowed to work a second job as long as it is approved by the chief. There are two other towing companies in Carolina Beach that don't want to be bothered with business. Nobody but you mentioned owning or running a tow company. Sure can be a driver.

Now I get it!

You own a towing business too!! Maybe if you lower your prices you will get some business. Stop bitching!!

i have no doubt.

that this is what actually happened .

cop arrives on scene notices kids messing with shark after looking determines they were toying with something that was basically dead which incidentally he doesn't feel like moving up ,so he tells them to move it .

kids move it out of fear ,but get mad cause they had to move it and that they had gotten caught so to cover their tracks they tell what happened but conveniently left out the part where they were playing with a basically dead shark .

You are all wrong

The cops at Carolina Beach threaten the teens all the time with arrest without reason so why you would think this is any different amazes me. They run off teens and young adults from the boardwalk stating they are loitering, search them with no cause, etc. This incident is just one of many that shows we need to do a revamp of the entire police department.

My 20 year old son was at the scene and can assure you they were not playing with a dead shark - they were trying to get it into deeper water so it could live.

i highly doubt that

i highly doubt that accusation

Sounds like

something fishy going on here.

CB PD is a joke

i have been watchin the cb cops for a while and they are more crooked than the kids, they harras kids everyday all day threating them to snich and do things or theyll be arested they, do everything iligal someones seriously needs to start seeing there bogus ways they are cheaters and liars and they think because they have a badge they can do whatever they want..