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Conflict resolution added to elementary curriculum

READ MORE: Conflict resolution added to elementary curriculum
Most of the time schools focus on teaching students reading, writing and arithmetic, but soon a different skill set may be added to the curriculum. Mike Corleto -- known as Mr. C by the students at Supply Elementary -- is bringing a new focus to elementary education. "We are doing conflict resolution," Corleto said. "We've just completed the anger management of the curriculum and we are going into the classrooms." Corleto is working with the Mental Health Association of North Carolina to bring a new program called "Healthy Minds, Healthy Children" to elementary students across Brunswick and Pender County. "It's a pilot program and we hope the kids are going to be able to use it for the rest of their lives," Corleto said. The program has five parts: social skills, anger management, self esteem, conflict resolution and stereotyping. Corleto said, "We're trying to do some prevention and get the children to use these tools either in the home, or on the playground." And it looks like his classes are making an impact. One student said, "He teaches us how to control our angry." This lesson focuses on anger management. Corleto said, "With the conflict resolution program we have three tools we've enacted. It's called ACT. A means get away, C means calm down, and the T is for talk about it later." If the program is successful Corleto says the Mental Health Association will likely be given another grant so the classes will be available again next year. Mr. Corleto plans to have the Healthy Minds, Healthy Children lessons reach at least 1,000 kids this semester.

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You have my full support, and I would like to join you.emmylou knows how. What WSN did to you is one of several reason's I left. Maybe someday the people of SENC will have an objective paper with good reporter's.

Preacherman please read

Dear Preacherman, I cannot tell you how very sorry I am. Your writings are much more important than I can tell you publicly. Please let us know where you will be writing. There is much I need to say to you, you have no idea. If you contact sean he can put you in contact with me, if you are comfortable with that. Please let me know where you will be posting. I had no idea all this was going on.

There is a forum called that posts your comments instantly.


ROCKS my socks. The best darn idea anyone had was to open this site up for comments. I bet they have more hits daily than ever. Its on my to do list first thing when I get online. Keeps my brain active...LMAO

WSN haters

FREE Preacherman, Sean, and the rest!! -100 Karma points for Ryan (what ever that means)


Great, so flo and emmylu are going to bring their garbage over here.


I believe that WWAY has the potential to become more widely used due to their less restrictive posting policies. I detest censorship in any form.

Forums and angry people

There is just too much hating going on over at the star news forums, signing up there is like asking for a trampling by the old-timers of the forums. I recognize some of these names and some of these are the nastiest of the bunch. Maybe that is why they got kicked out anyway. 'Bout time. Karma is a b*tch ain't it?

Eventually, WWAY will be

Eventually, WWAY will be obligated to enforce their comment policy as well, Emmy. Censorship is a necessary evil, I'm afraid, and there is no getting away from it. I hope you lot plan on joining the discussion at the WSNF this evening at 5pm. It is a good opportunity to sort this once and for all.

wway forum

I didn't know that one of us made a mistake and asked spangles to join in!

LOL, as it happens, Hilly, I

LOL, as it happens, Hilly, I don't have to be asked. Public comments welcome, and all.

it already goes on

I've had a number of my comments not posted, so the censorship is already going on.

With idiotic comments like

With idiotic comments like yours i agree there should be limiting to the amount of garbage we should be exposed to by you

I like to hear

I don't always agree with guesty but I usually enjoy what he/she has to say.

don't read

Feel free to skip right over anything I post. I guess you like to live with the blinders on.


I feel ya Guesty, half the things I've been trying to get through to LVD over this NAACP thing have not been posted...and they were damn fine.

Interesting observation....

At first I thought that guesty might be too paranoid about being censored, because it's been my feeling that occasionally a post just drops through the cracks.... ...BUT... ...if you were censored while posting about the NAACP convention, there might be something to what you and guesty are saying. My post regarding the NAACP convention never made it onto the website, and mine only dealt with the fact that **everyone** in the accompanying picture was unbelievably fat! I simply made some comment about the National Association of People Who Eat Excessively and Never Exercise. I wonder if this one will make it....?


I agree. I have had several not posted myself. I do not say the F word nor call people the B or W word like I have seen on many other posts here. Apparently the race of the person you are commenting to has a lot to do with it. Wouldn't that be a sort of racism on its own when the white people can not post what they want?


Hello fella character's. Shocked me to see ya moved on up to the east side.


Great, there goes the neighborhood....

Conflicts at the StarNews

Seems to me that this should have come along a long time ago. Ryan Tuck at the Star News has totally cut off the Star News Forum there because he could not manage a little conflict resolution. Dude has his panties in a wad and won't let anyone log into those forums anymore. That's why I will stay with the forums here at News 3 WWAY because it is so much better than the Star News. Somebody needs to send Ryan Tuck to these classes and maybe he can get a handle on these things.


Stay over here, I'm running the show over at WSN now--if I can only get Marheth to leave. Just kidding---Got room for me?


NO, go away Indawindigoes

Hey, Inda

Indawindigoes.... Is that *In the wind I goes* You mean like a fart ???

must be

He/she does seem to be full of hot air, just like a fart.


Hello there, Flo. So you have been put out from Ryan, too? What is up with this. I was hoping for a discussion at the Star on bringing the main ones back. It appears that the forums are fixing to die over there, yes? Sigh........well, Have Emmy come along over here with you, then! And tell PM the same!

StarNews conflict

Flo, I agree. I quit posting on their website a long time ago. The only problem with WWAY's is that it takes forever for what you post to be shown for others to read and respond. I have posted on here before and it take over a day to show up.