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Debate on offshore drilling continues

READ MORE: Debate on offshore drilling continues
With the price of gas at an all time high, people are looking to Washington for a solution. In the U.S. alone, we consume nearly 21 million barrels of oil in a given day. To help alleviate the problem, President Bush has proposed lifting the offshore drilling ban for oil and natural gas. North Carolina is one of the states against lifting the offshore drilling ban. The state is worried that drilling offshore will hurt tourism on the Carolina coast. The beautiful Carolina coast is a sought after treasure by tourists all over the country. According to some, that could all change. UNCW Environmental Science Professor Roger Shew said, "Up there it is pristine. There is a lot of beauty in the area, however, in areas adjacent to that, you've got to go in and find out how much is there, and is it even beneficial to go out and prospect." President Bush has proposed to congress that the oil drilling ban be lifted off our coasts. Some want the drilling to start right away, and begin bringing those gas numbers down. Environmentalists are concerned about oil spills and pollution. Harry Simmons is Mayor of Caswell Beach, and while the town itself hasn't discussed any plans to drill offshore, he has thought about it. Simmons said, "We certainly don't want to see them do it without a major effort on environmental impact and what kind of impact it might have on the tourism industry here in Southeastern North Carolina, or anywhere on the Carolina coast." The federal waters start about three miles offshore. If you are standing at Caswell Beach, and look northeast, you can see Bald Head Island in the distance. It is about three miles offshore. "We surely don't want to see oil derricks off the shore, anything that needs to be done here needs to be out of sight," said Simmons. "You can have tanker spills anywhere. The question is, do you want to have that be seen offshore?" But for professor roger shew offshore drilling is not the only answer. "This is a large, potential source of oil. It's oil shale, and it's available in the western part of the U.S. Before we can get it to the crude oil form we need it in, it will pose a few environmental issues like using a lot of water, and strip mining." Whether North Carolina is for or against offshore drilling, it all boils down to utilizing the resources we have right here in the Unites States.

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Drilling is a step

But the biggest steps are to allow the building of new nuke plants and refineries. The French are doing it, almost all of their energy needs. But the liberals won't let the USA build better nuke plants, safer ones. So it isn't a BUSH problem like they make out. We could have all the oil in the world, but without refineries we cannot do squat with it. We have more oil than th middle east, but the environmental liberals won't let us get it. Higher taxes on oil companies will be passed down to the consumer. So forget that. Even liberals like Ted Kennedy won't let wind energy happen off his Ken., Maine house. What a hypocrite! That isn't a BUSH problem.

guest avio

I agree with you. I do not agree with President Bush on several issues, but he has gotten a bum rap by the left wing liberals. All of our problems are not because of him. This is because of the reasons you stated. I can only imagine the misleading allegations that will come against Senator McCain from the democtatic left wing. The millions of dollars Senator Obama has and is promised by special interest groups are going to be used to slander him. Senator Obama is finally showing his true colors and the double standards the democtatic party has. We are now beginning to see the power and influence of money in politics in Washington. It is just more of the same. Our government is up for sale to the highest bidders. It is unreal at the amount of money that it takes to BUY a president these days. You don't get this kind of money without someone expecting something in return. If Americans want change...stop throwing their money at politicians and start investing it in finding ways to be free from foreign oil.

Drill NOW, its safe and the

Drill NOW, its safe and the only bring down the soaring cost of energy!

Please Drill in NC

Start drilling now so the future price of gas will not be $20 a gallon. Its not the only answer but it is the major source of the solution until new technologies come online to provide for all of our energy needs. Drilling takes years to produce and for every day we delay the price of oil and food will continue to increase to the point we will not be able to afford to drive to work or buy food to feed our kids. The US needs to strive for energy independence by ALL means availible to us. That means drilling for oil offshore NC, putting up Wind and Solar Farms, utilizing Nuclear Energy, requiring new construction houses to use Solar Hot Water Heaters, etc... There is no single answer to the energy crisis we are in, and it will take a combination of everything to resolve the current crisis. With gas currently at $4 a gallon and milk over $5 a gallon how much tourism do think we are actually going to have in the area? How many "Good Paying" jobs does the tourism industry really provide for All of the coastal residence. Minimum wage jobs are not "Good Paying". Platforms can be placed starting 15 miles offshore and not been seen my the naked eye. This will not affect the tourism industry. Also platforms have been proven to be fish magnets and will help to restore the fisheries in NC back to their former glory and increase the tourism numbers! Good jobs for the residents will be provided to support the industry.Helicopter pilots, Boat captains, Engineers, Fabricators, transportation specialist, Surveyors, Chemist, Technicians etc...... Oil will be transferred to shore via a pipe line so there is less of a chance of a spill than there is now. ( The biggest source of oil spills comes in the transportation of oil, not in the production. Remember the Valdez? It was a TANKER, not a platform). This is a WIN WIN for NC if we allow drilling offshore. Tourism will go up and local residence will also have a better economy, and a larger tax base and fuel prices will decrease. Look at Hurrican Rita and Katrina, no oil spills from the offshore platforms because they were shutdown and evacuated.

If you're opposed to off shore drilling...

...fine.....but stop complaining about the price of gasoline and get used to paying $4, soon to be $5 per gallon. One of two things MUST happen - we either increase global supply or reduce global demand. (Not even Superstar Barack can repeal the law of supply and demand.) It's absolutely embarrassing that the President of the United States has to go, hat in hand, and ask the King of Saudi Arabia to increase oil output when pig-headed, obstinate politicians in this country refuse to do the same. People like Harry Simmons need to stop "thinking about it" and start researching it. Offshore drilling has been remarkably clean since the Santa Barbara Ship Channel blowout in 1969. That was a long time ago, and we've learned a lot about how to drill safely in the interim. "Drill here, drill now, pay less."

Off shore drilling

I can't help but focus on the statement in the article " North Carolina is against off shore drilling". I'll tell you as a North Carolina native that North Carolina is not against off shore drilling. The ridiculous liberal government is against it, but not the majority of people. Only the foolish people say it will affect tourism in our state. These people do not do their own research, but rely only on the word from the media who rely only on the word of socialistic enviromentalist. I believe every American should find it in his or her own heart to do what is best, which is to conserve for America. But, one of the best things we can do for America is use our own resources, and find smarter means of energy.

off-shore drilling

If you stand on the porch/deck of a beach side residence, on a clear day, you can see about 5 miles off shore. No matter which coast, the oil exploration would be at least 50 miles from shore. By the way, the Chinese are preparing to drill within 60 miles of the Florida keys.