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Differing views on school uniforms

READ MORE: Differing views on school uniforms
It is that time of year again. Parents and students are shopping for all those back-to-school necessities. But, while some will be shopping for the latest fashions, others will keep it simple, with school uniforms. While some parents and students stock up on the latest back to school fashions, others, like those who attend Rocky Point Primary, get ready to dust off their uniforms. Some parents like the idea of uniforms. They say they help prevent competition among peers. Uniform supporter Carol McLean said, "I liked it because everybody was equal and they all looked great in them. I thought." Other parents worry about the costs that comes along with them. Sherri Beaman, who opposes uniforms, said, "…because it limits your choice of clothing. So you have to pay a little bit more money to get nicer clothing that's not ill fitting." Whether they like uniforms or not, kids and parents will have to be ready for the start of school. For those that do not want to spend top dollar, there are ways to save. If you are willing to go through the racks at your local Salvation Army or childhood consignment shop, you might be able to find uniform dress code pants or even a solid color polo. However, if your child is not comfortable it presents a whole other problem. Pender County School Board Chair Tom Roper said the uniform program was designed to fit every family's budget. He said since beginning the uniform program at Rocky Point a few years ago, the staff has had only positive comments, and parents are yet to complain to the school board. Eleven schools in New Hanover County and two in Pender County currently use a uniform dress code. Roper said that some schools have set aside money to help parents purchase uniforms. If you need assistance, contact your schools principal to find out what aid your school offers.

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School Uniforms

Those who support school uniforms have to ask themselves why do they favor them? Is it strictly the economics? Are they opposed to others who dress as they wish, and by doing so, express their identities? I favor dress codes, particularly those which are established for the goals of decency in dress and for safety. But uniforms belong to the the military, and are a reflection of foreign governments who control students completely in a state dictated socialist society. China and Russia come to mind. Keep the uniforms out of our schools and encourge creativity, on which our education system should be based, and be proud of. We do not need to copy the systems of other countries to be great.


I have NO IDEA where YOU work..but where I work...I HAVE A DRESS CODE...I have to wear certain types of clothing, a UNIFORM if you will...PERIOD...I wear it if I want a job. It's not mean, it's not is a code that presents a professional look in the office. I AM opposed to how some dress as it is just plain out SILLY. Boys don't know how to pull their britches up, girls dress like hookers and their parents just DON'T GET IT...unfortunately...those of us who CAN make a proper decision on what is proper and NOT proper to wear to school are punished because of parents who have NO COMMON SENSE when it comes to how their child should dress. It's like child can wear what she wants, WITHIN MY RULES, at home, play, church, etc...HER JOB until she gets out of college is SCHOOL...that is all she is required to do...LEARN. With that..she must dress appropriately for that environment. If you want to express your it off of school time...time to express your identity ISN'T at's a place of learning "EXPRESS" yourself.

Gee, Freedom Fighter, I

Gee, Freedom Fighter, I guess it's too much to expect kids to develop creativity outside of clothing... Seriously, the uniforms are no big deal, and they don't stifle individuality or creativity. That comes from within, and there are infinately more interesting and productive ways to express it aside from baggy drawers ands teeny tops.

I agree with you. What is

I agree with you. What is so creative about kids when they all dress the same.

Guest1234, you have a very

Guest1234, you have a very superficial concept of "creativity". And these kids ALREADY all dress alike; same grubby, ill-fitting clothing from the same stores at the mall. Putting a standard in place with these uniforms doesn't limit a child's potential to be individual and creative. Rather, it encourages creativity to be developed in a more tangible, constructive way when the kids can think about something other than having the latest "fashion".

You misunderstood me. The

You misunderstood me. The kids already dress alike. It will either be school uniforms (which I approve, as I have a child in a private school) or girls wearing very short shorts and boys wearing baggy shorts/jeans that show their but. My point is and I feel that I did not make it very clearly is that if a parents argument against school uniforms is based on limiting a child's creattivity they are wrong! The children already dress alike now!

Thank you for clarifying.

Thank you for clarifying.


we need to keep enforcing the uniforms for our school children. forget the styles and newest items, its their education that is at stake, not their dress code. students are easier to track in schools if they are in uniform dress. and in a disaster situation. think about it. grow up parents and think of what your childs real needs are, not their name brand clothes.


smh......If uniforms are the only thing these parents are ever concerned about, you are blessed.......I