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Emotions high at Monkey Junction annexation hearing

READ MORE: Emotions high at Monkey Junction annexation hearing
Inside and out, one by one, opponents of the proposed of annexation of Monkey Junction made their voices heard. City Council chambers were packed with protesters. Monkey Junction property owner James E. Dykes said, "I think the City Council needs to vote on whether or not the residents want to be part of the city or not." Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said, "It's always a controversial issue, and as cities become more urban in nature, cities annex." The opponents were certainly heard when it came to the inevitable tax increase that comes with paying city taxes. Monkey Junction resident Laura Triece said, "It's immoral for them to be doing this to young families, and older retired people on fixed incomes at this time." "We're being annexed simply because the city of Wilmington wants to increase the funds and money for the city of Wilmington," said Lewis Sasser of Monkey Junction. The session overflowed with emotion, to the point that two people were arrested and charged with disrupting an official meeting. The men were escorted out of the room by police. Council did not vote on any annexation yet. The annexation vote is scheduled to take place at the City Council meeting on May 5th, 2009.

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and what are they?

What city utilities do I use that I don't pay for? The sheriff department provides coverage, the county provides fire protection, I pay for private trash pickup, the county provides both water and sewer service, EMS is provided by NHRMC, any road use I pay fuel tax for road construction. Guess you might be able to get me for park use since my family and I use Halyburton Memorial Park.

The point is noone wants or

The point is noone wants or needs your city resources. you need us worse than we need oyu.

You Did Real Good Monkey Junction People!!!

Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who wants to be part of a city that the police have to throw a protester down the stairs and have sharp shooters on top of buildings? Give me a break. For those of you who have been annexed, has your life changed for the better? Yep a bitter pill to swallow when you are annexed. For those of you that think people that live in the county should not have moved close to Wilmington if they did not want to be annexed. A lot of us when we moved or grew up here were not close to Wilmington. Only greed and land grabs made us close. Good for the Monkey Junction area for being so loud. Many have tried and just been bulled over. This time the bullies are getting pushed back. What's wrong with that? It may not make a difference whether they are incorporated but how long does City Counsel want to have police escorts to their cars after their meetings? Annexation is wrong and should be outlawed.

Wilmington Police Department should be ashamed of their actions

The man was not handcuffed. He looked at them and asked a question. The police officer pushed him down a flight of stairs. At the very least, this should be probed by the media. I don't want them patrolling my neighborhood. I'm happy with the law enforcent I recieve from the Sheriffs dept. I'm happy with my trash service. I'm not happy being force fed this city takeover.

In response to "the point is..."

AMEN! SPEAK the truth, brother!