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Fatal motorcycle accident near Cape Fear Community College

A Cape Fear Community College student is dead after being involved in an accident on his motorcycle this afternoon. It happened at Front Street and Hanover Street, right near Cape Fear Community College’s downtown campus. Witnesses say the motorcyclist was speeding through the intersection. There is no word on the condition of the driver of the SUV the bike collided with.

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The rider who was killed...

The rider who was killed was Chris Belk... He is a dear friend and family member.

motorcycle wrecks

dont know really what happened here ,but iam a curtious driver ,and here lately i have had motorcycles riding to close to me and flying around me and cutting me off,so they need to be more safe and respecful of others takes two to make it work safe

Why not just look twice?

It always seems to be the motorcycle riders fault. Almost every time I have seen a wreck in this town the motorcycle rider gets blamed for speeding or "flying down the street". It's stupid. People just don't seem to pay attention to us, and the best excuse is always speed. It's dangerous anywhere you ride, but 99% of the time, a rider knows that they are coming to a dangerous intersection, and looks out for other people/cars. And you can't always depend on the witnesses for honesty in a motorcycle crash situation. Do you know that a few months ago, a wrecker failed to properly secure his load, and when it fell off it hit a guy on a motorcycle. The guy on the bike was issued a ticket for "failing to avoid an accident", even after the driver of the tow truck admitted that it was clearly his fault and "the guy on the bike had nowhere to go." A witness said the driver of the bike was "riding at speeds in excess of 70 miles an hour behind that truck." 'Then how fast was the tow truck driver going?' should have been the next question. Yeah, we drive fast when we can get away with it...who doesn't? You've never gone over the speed limit when there wasn't a cop around? It's always dangerous and inconsiderate when a motorcycle takes off fast from a light, but when a old Mustang with deep dish wheels dumps the clutch and leaves you behind, it's awesome to watch. I don't want to get involved in any kind of online argument or anything of the like, it just needs to be known that there are as many bikes out there as cars and trucks, and attention needs to be paid. When an accident happens the proper actions need to be taken to determine who is at fault, not just some witness who has no training at how to determine how fast a vehicle was traveling, telling the police and news media "that guy was flying down the street." I do not know who it was that got hit, but my deepest sympathies go out to his family & friends.

Gee, why not destroy your own argument?

"Yeah, we drive fast when we can get away with it...who doesn't? You've never gone over the speed limit when there wasn't a cop around?" I don't. Oh, I DID when I was eighteen and was dopey enough to think it was cool, but once a person grows up, speeding just because "you can get away with it" loses its fascination. (Of course, grow up is the key term, there.) In your tale about the wrecker, the motorcyclist SHOULD have been cited for following too closely. Had he maintained the proper interval he would have had plenty of room to stop. (Motorcycles can stop in a much shorter distance than an auto, which is why you should never tailgate a motorcycle.) And yes, the wrecker driver should have been cited for failing to secure his load. It will be up to the investigating officer to decide who was at fault in yesterday's wreck. I have no idea....but if the witnesses are correct and the motorcyclist was speeding, it's painfully obvious he didn't "get away with it" this time. I DO know that if I had a dime for every time a rice-burning crotch-rocket went by me at 25mph over the posted speed, I could probably buy the rider a brain.

Could you not have enough

Could you not have enough respect to not harp our friend if he made the mistake of speeding yes, that is his fault, but my lord take it easy on him. He was a great friend, and everyone makes mistakes you cannot tell me you have not gone over the speed limit. you dont have to rub it in everyones face that he is gone because he "didn't get away with it this time" Its a hard time, and like everyone said its over quit trying to put the blame on everyone else you werent there to see the accident so you do not know what happened. And with your whole GROW UP speach... he was a great young man with a good head on his shoulders like i said everyone makes mistakes. Chris You were and still are truely loved and missed!

I totally agree with you!

I totally agree with you! and i tried commenting on this story yesterday but for some reason wway did not post my comments. i stated about how these kids ride these crotch rockets as fast as they can possibly go. the other day while traveling on 421 a group decided that they didnt want to wait any longer and actually GO THE SPEED LIMIT that they were gonna pass inbetween me and the car in the lane beside me. i just dont understand why people that ride these crotch rockets think they are above the law, well the speed limits and laws are there for a reason, to keep people safe. I just wish that people would learn to slow down. It is a sad tragic accident. i pray for the families of both the SUV driver and the young man killed. I hope this is a lesson to others. Slow Down! Go THE SPEED LIMIT! May he Rest In Piece



So Sad

God Bless his family, this is sooo terrible I was in class when this happened and a kid in my class said a red bike just ran into a car going 70. This makes me so sad. I didnt even know him but my heart goes out to his family this is sooo terrible. I cant believe this happened today right in front of campus. I just hope people will take note of this and be more aware that they need to take driving seriously.

Fatal Motorscycle Accident

This young man was my friends son and I ask that all of you stop and say a prayer for them as they go through this tramatic time in their lives. Please every one, stay off your phones and drive carefully, especially around a campus.

When God takes a young soldier home

Christopher was a member of the United States Army National Guard who was to report for duty on December 1,2008 in support of his country. He was a well loved and very personable young man of nineteen, who in an instant was taken from us. His mother, father, brother, sisters, grandparents, remaining family, and friends are going to miss this young man who was known as "Bubba" to his family.

I was outside when this

I was outside when this accident happend, the driver of the motorcycle was speeding very fast, and im sure the driver of the SUV did not realize that the motorcycle was coming at him at the speed his was coming. So do not blame it on the driver of the SUV he is going through a tough time to just knowing what has happened, so don't say that the driver should have not turned in front of him, because those motorcycles can pick up speed in a matter of seconds, and accidents like this can happen in a matter of a second. Just pray for both the victim and the driver whom is also a victims family.

You are exactly right. I

You are exactly right. I ride a cruiser, although not very often anymore in this town, and have come to find that a lot of accidents that involve crotchrockets, the rider was speeding. I have several friends and have told them over and over again that they need to slow down. They never listen...and neither do their friends that I make comments to. I know those on sport bikes like to speed that mean they are always at fault. But it is somewhat difficult to judge the speed of a bike and when one is going faster than the speed limit your reaction time is a lot less.


Please please please for the sake of the family and friends of Christopher, don't criticize "crotchrockets" on his R.I.P. page. This young man died from an accident, and all you can write is about how reckless they drive? If "crotchrockets" driving concerns you so much make your own website about how badly they drive, do not write it on a website about how much this young man meant to people. My best friend was one of the sister's of Christopher. So for the sake of her and the rest of the family please stop arguing about how motorcycles, crotchrockets, or whatever other name they have on this very loved man's webpage. Please be considerate.The family looks at this page too, you know.

First of all, my sincere and

First of all, my sincere and heartfelt sympathies to the family of Mr. Belk, and to the other party involved in this tragic accident. Secondly, to eandn, this isn't an RIP page. This is a community news site, where you're going to see all sorts of comments, which is appropriate in this setting. I wouldn't recommend the family and friends read here, unless they are prepared to deal with what is said. It would make more sense for those who wanted a dedicated RIP site to make one soley for that purpose, where they can expect to have control over what is said.