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Fears surround Front Street construction

READ MORE: Fears surround Front Street construction
Wilmington City Council has some big plans for improving downtown, but some business owners are worried they will not be around by the time the work is finished. “As a small business owner, in this economy, I've had enough challenges this year,” said owner of Daughtry’s Old Books, Gwenyfar Rohler. Front Street construction improvements were originally scheduled to start in October, but downtown business owners said they would not survive the mess during the holiday season. Rohler said, “I found the city of Wilmington very receptive when I talked with people and explained my concerns.” The start date has since been pushed back to January, with the project expected to take six to eight months to complete. The city will install new sidewalks, lights, and traffic signals, while CFPUA will install new water and sewer lines. City of Wilmington spokesperson, Malissa Talbert said, “The whole point is to get visitors downtown and then to get them into the businesses for our merchants.” But owners say they are skeptical of the timeline. “January through April is not going to be as critical a time for us, but I am concerned about them staying on schedule,” added Rohler. Owner of Momentum Surf and Skate, Hunter Ford said, “I'm concerned that they're going to get in and they're not going to get the bid in on time and they're not going to start the project until the second or third week of February, and then they're going to take ten months to do it.” To help keep the work on track, the contract includes plans for 16-hour work days and a $2,000 a day incentive if construction is finished early. “Once you get started, you want to get in and get out as quick as you possibly can,” Talbert said. Business owners hope that is the case, but they can't worry about it too much – They have got a business to run.

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Another hallucination

Where did I say or even imply that there was a crime problem during the day? Was that comment about being like a Transylvania cemetary and having to be gone by **SUNDOWN** really all that confusing? Half of you rocket scientists hate me for things I never wrote...


OK your right you did say sundown,but most shops are closed by then so crime shouldn't be a reason for not shoping downtown.Also most crime is much later than sundown.

Ive got one Common, and as a

Ive got one Common, and as a Man with 2 children (aka a straight man), you couldnt possibly argue with this one. The scenary! The steady flow of CFCC hotties! I will often stop downtown and walk around just to check out the 'goods'. Argue THAT ONE BUDDY!!!

Don't forget

Don't forget about the PPD scenery as well!

Best answer yet

Ya got me! I can't argue against that point. However, when I sit at the New Liverpool deli watching them pass, I can't help hearing Springsteen's "Glory Days" playing in my head.


Reading through this thread surprises me. For one, someone briefly mentioned "what northern state are you from?" As if 1. It's a crime depending on where you were raised as a child and 2. Someone "from the north" has invalid opinions just simply because they have lived "in the north". Another thing that shocks me is that people claim there's nothing downtown that you can't get anywhere else. Why would these shops still be in operation if this were true? There are several fun stores downtown, especially in cotton exchange that are unique and different. Do you really want to go to a store to hear screaming children, huge carts and bins full on things you must dig through and think "hmmm, I suppose this will work"? Once in awhile it's nice to go downtown where parking is free on the weekends to stroll by the waterfront and visit some unique shops created and run by people trying to make a living like yourself. Sure we all make trips to Walmart for the essentials, but that's not always the place to be!


LMAO!!! How right you are!