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Gas prices increase again

If you thought gas prices couldn't get any higher, think again. According to Triple A and the oil price information, the national average price of a regular gallon of gas jumped to more than four dollars for the first time ever. Wilmington's gas prices haven't hit four just yet. Triple A says gas prices have gone up an average of about thirty three cents a gallon since this time last month. Analysts say that's almost a dollar since this time, last year. By the end of the week, analysts say the average could hit $4.15. "Half of my paycheck goes for gas, and I don't know how we are going to survive,” said Jerold Antonucci of Wilmington. “If you're not rich nowadays, i just don't know how we are going to make it." In North Carolina we're below the curve, with an average of $3.92 a gallon. Gas in Wilmington averages $3.90 a gallon for regular gas.

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American Lifestyle

If you are speaking of drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, it would be a very unwise idea to do so. It would only extend the US oil supply for 2 years, and it would cause great damage to the wildlife in the Refuge. Instead of seeking more sources to drill oil, we need to invest in alternative energy. Oil is expected to run out by 2050, and in the meantime, we need to find a replacement for oil. In a way, this gas price increase is good. It shows Americans how greedy we have become, guzzling down millions of gallons of gas a day, adding to the price increase. We make up a small percentage of the world's population, yet we consumer over 30% of the world's resources. Americans have it pretty good. Maybe it's not the price of gas that's the problem- maybe it's the fact that people have bought gas guzzling SUVs. Quit complaining about high gas prices and actually be grateful for all that America does for you.


What are you smoking? If the oil in Alaska would not last more than two years, then why would a large oil company even want to get in there and drill? It wouldn't be cost competitive. So go back and check your facts jack (or talking points rather.) America is still the 3rd largest producer of petroleum. The government is why our oil costs so much and the liberals in government want to increase the taxes even more. Don't even think for a minute that the oil companies will pay one red cent of those taxes, you will. By the way, I teach in New Hanover County schools, so my pension is heavily invested in the oil companies stock. Never would I even try to hand a line of crap-o-la like this to any of my students.

Reply American Lifestyle

So, it is okay with you that we pay higher prices at the pump, until alternative sources are developed? What are the alternative sources???? Nuclear Energy for electricity would work, but the Democrats voted that down. By the way France has used Nuclear Power for years with no problems. Ethanol for gas??? It is very expensive, making a gallon of ethanol takes more energy than it makes. If it were not required by law, exempt from many taxes and subsidized by government, corn ethanol would disappear from fuel tomorrow, because it is expensive, it cost Americans at the pump, and when buying more expensive food. The first steps towards biofuels have already caused a spike in food cost worldwide, yet the amount of ethanol produced is equivalent to only 0.6% of the world's oil consumption. While we pursue alternative sources of energy (most are plain silly, and the practical ones will take decades to implement), we ignore the most practical and immediate source of energy we have: oil right here at home. As for gas guzzling SUVs, yep that's what the average person could do, get more economic vehicles to drive. But what about the guy that needs his truck for work? What about the truck drivers that deliver the majority of the goods in this country???? what about Fire Trucks, Ambulances, UPS, farmers that can't drive smaller vehicles??? America is a great counrty, but we need to be sensible about the approach to problems and not create more along the way. That is not complaining, that is using common sense. So I ask you again, what are the alternatives to oil at this time, that are affordable and sensible to implement????


First, here we go again pointing fingers at those "gas guzzling SUVs". IF YOU DRIVE A CAR AT ALL you are JUST AS MUCH to blame. Mow your yard, use a weed eater...JUST AS MUCH to blame. All the greeny weenies scream to the top of their lungs, but never seem to have answers. It's easy to point fingers and play the blame game...harder to user your brain to help come up with an answer...EVEN HARDER to exclude YOURSELF from the problem...because most likely...YOU ARE PART of the problem....just looks better when you point down the street....something my 5 year old does when she gets in trouble.

Living in Alaska most of my

Living in Alaska most of my life, ANWR has always been a big topic. I am in agreement with you about alternative resources..resources don't always have to come from the ground, they can also come from how much you know about about just weening ourselves from this oil fix and getting out on our own feet? It doesn't take much to change, ride a bike, ***CAR POOL***, or invest in a moped, be more creative for your health, your wealth, state of mind and the soil you live on.

Great damage to the wildlife?

Yeah, we heard the same thing when they started exploratory drilling on the North Slope. We heard it again when the pipeline was proposed. NONE of the Chicken Little predictions came true. Not a single species has been impacted by the current petroleum recovery efforts. The caribou herd is twice the size it was forty years ago, and the pipeline was supposed to make them extinct! The area set aside for drilling represents less than 5% of ANWR. I do not understand this fanatical belief that we must NOT increase petroleum production while we are developing replacement technologies. It makes no sense at all, and is based completely upon the Democrat/enviroloon obsession to destroy America as a superpower.

I think you covered it...

[quote] based completely upon the Democrat/enviroloon obsession [/quote]

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less

American Solutions, Sign the petition!!!!!! Very Well said. At least they are suffering too. It's sad that those we elect only seem to serve the party or power base after they use our money and votes to get elected.

It was the Reagan admin that

It was the Reagan admin that halted oil shale development in the 1980s due to tumbling oil prices...

Actually, no one officially halted it

The industry lost interest. Oil shale is not an economical source of oil when prices are below $50 (+/-) a barrel. The same holds true regarding old, "tapped out" wells in East Texas and the Permian Basin....even in placed like Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. It costs so much to get oil out that oil prices have to be high to make it economically viable. Now that oil shale is a viable source, we are finding too much of it blocked to development. The same thing holds true of the coal beds in Southern Utah.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Intelligent Replies

I am very glad to see that there are many folks that question the reasons that we, the public, are given for this present/coming crisis. The big picture is this; the oil companies run this country. We have had the technology for a carburetor that gets 100+ miles to the gallon since the 1950's. The technology was supressed by the powers that be by buy-outs, "suicides" of the inventors of the technology, etc... We sent men to the moon in the '60s. 40 years later, our cars are no more efficient.(!!!) What can we do about it? Vote? If you think that any of the presidential candidates aren't influenced by big business, I have some magic beans I'd like to sell you. Corporate greed is here to stay. I wish it were different. For those of you that want to be proactive about your future; cut the fat in your budget,plant a garden, and reduce your debt if you can. Things aren't likely to change real soon. Be good to your neighbors here in Wilmington, we're in this together.