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Greensboro girl bitten by shark off Topsail Island

READ MORE: Greensboro girl bitten by shark off Topsail Island

TOPSAIL ISLAND, NC (WWAY) - A 13-year-old Greensboro girl is recovering from a shark bite in Topsail Beach. Doctors think it was a six-foot bull shark that took a big chunk out of Carley Schlentz's ankle.

"I felt like something grabbed my foot but then it got really sharp and it wasn't letting go so I pulled away and by then it had already bitten me twice," Schlentz said.

She was swimming in four feet of water Friday afternoon when a family swimming nearby spotted the shark. At first, she thought someone was pulling her leg.

"I pulled it out to see what it was and it was actually really bad. The ligament was like spread out and you could see it," she said.

Schlentz has about an eight-inch and a four-inch cut on the top of her left ankle and had to get 60 stitches. She'll be on crutches for a couple weeks until the wound heals.

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Really? They should all be

Really? They should all be caught & killed? You are a moron. Do you have any idea how that would effect the eco system?

Why don't we also kill all

Why don't we also kill all the bears near hiking trails? What about this, let's get a posse together to eliminate all snakes around neighborhoods. To suggest that ALL sharks should ALWAYS be killed in the surf is ridicules. You should feel stupid for even suggesting that.

You are ignorant. Stay away

You are ignorant. Stay away from the ocean. Sharks have lived in the ocean for millions of years and deserve respect.

I read on another site that

I read on another site that the incident occurred around 1:30PM.

SHARK!!!! what was it last

SHARK!!!! what was it last year a gatetor now a shark well the lawrence clan will be at topsail for our annual 4th july guess i bette bring one of my big guns glad to hear the little girl is allright

I saw the 1:30 pm time, but

I saw the 1:30 pm time, but I think that was an article from 2002.

Just about all of these

Just about all of these comments are ridiculous. Regardless of what we see sharks are present throughout out the entire day. Yes they feed at certain times but they have no intentions of eating people that's just stupid. Clearly once the shark realized it wasn't being harmed or what it was after wasn't food it fled or the girl never wouldn't made it out of the water, and people would be getting eaten on a daily basis

I agree with you

Many of the comments I have read are indeed ignorant. After all, people are invading the sharks' habitat. What gives anyone the right to kill something just because it is acting according to its instincts? Because humans have the responsibility to look after the Earth, it is our responsibility to be knowledgeable about the places we choose to visit as guests. On that note, my family and I have rented a beach home at Topsail for a week very soon. I know very little about sharks, and I was wondering what a beachgoer such as myself should know/do in order to reduce the possibility of making myself a possible target for a shark? I realize there, of course, are no guarentees about anything, but information that could educate a responsible beachgoer would be appreciated.


To "Lorna", who posted about what he/she can do to avoid a shark attack... be sure to take off your ham necklace before entering the water(LOL!)!
As for everyone else... I find it astonishing that apparently NO ONE who has posted here has even the slightest command of the English language! One poster said in response to another poster, "Your ignorant...". My reply would read, "His ignorant WHAT?" A nation of idiots.