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Greyhound sold ticket to runaway teen

WILMINGTON -- How young is too young to travel alone? Greyhound sold a bus ticket to a 17-year-old Hampstead teen and now her mother wants answers. On New Year's Eve Ashley Ryan bought a bus ticket from the Wilmington Greyhound station and traveled to Florida without telling her friends or family. Her mother Julie said her daughter was not asked to show identification. Ryan said if there was a different policy required to buy a bus ticket, her daughter would have never been able to run away. Ryan said, "If they had required ID, she couldn't have gotten on the bus because she carried no ID with her." A Greyhound spokesperson said the company allows people as young as 15 years-old to buy a ticket and travel alone. Ryan said, "How many runaways could be prevented if the bus station would at least require an ID for a young looking person?" The Greyhound spokesperson said ID's are required to be checked at only some locations. Greyhound issued the following statement about teens buying tickets: "It's the parents or legal guardians who have to determine whether their children are mature enough to travel unaccompanied." But in the case of Julie Ryan, she had no idea her daughter bought a ticket until she was in Florida. Ryan said, "It makes me wonder how much else goes through the bus lines that could be stopped if they required identification." Ryan referred to the case of Cpl. Cesar Laurean, the Marine wanted in the murder of Lance Cpl. Marine Maria Lauterbach. He is said to have been spotted on a Greyhound bus in Louisiana. In the case of Julie Ryan's daughter, Ashley, there's a clear bottom line for Ryan. "It could have been prevented if the bus lines required ID," she said.

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Quit blaming others

There is only one person responsible for the teen that ran away....and that's the teen. Quit trying to blame others. Make the teen take responsibility for her own actions. Not all 16y/o drive and not all 16y/0 have a license. So what this mother is saying is that in order for someone to ride on the bus, they would have to get an ID card if they didn't have a DL. That is ridiculous. When I was 16 I rode a train several times from Florida to NJ to visit my grandparents. Riding the bus is no different.

always looking to blame someone else

Why do people always need a scapegoat. You need to be questioning yourself and what lead to the situation. I don't know the kid, but there must be a reason as to why she needed to go to Florida and wanted to get away from home. Now lets think about this, would you rather the kid purchase a bus ticket on a bus full of others who purchased tickets, or a young 17 year old female hitch hiking out on the open highway with sexual preditors, murderers, crack heads, and junkies just looking for the right victim, desperate to get somewhere and do whatever it takes. Now I know not every person that rides a bus perfect, but I think there is a better chance of being safe on a bus with people than out on an open road. Everyone needs to take a minute and look at the whole picture before finding a scapegoat like Greyhound, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Scott Norwood (Buffalo Bills wide right, yes he is their scapegoat), you neighbor, and anyone else you want to blame your faults on.....

Greyhound and runaways

I have to take the time to comment to this parent. If you had better control of your teenager you would not have to try and place blame on Greyhound. Your teenager ran for a reason, maybe that reason is you, maybe not. However the chips fall it is not the responsibility of Greyhound to police your child. One other thing...THAT CHILD WOULD HAVE FOUND A WAY TO GET TO FL, AND TRUST ME GREYHOUND WAS A GOOD CHOICE.

Re: Runaway

why is this mother blaming the bus station for her daughter running away? If she was intent on running away she would have, bus ticket or not. The mother should focus more on what is happening at home and in the girl's life that she felt the need to run away. To say if they hadn't given the girl the bus ticket she payed for she wouldn't have been able to runaway is ridiculous.


It seems that is the norm now days. She is determined, like so many others, to find blame elsewhere because she is a failure at being able to handle her child. The fact that she may have had something to do with her kid running away is something she just can't accept. I know many think it is the fault of the child and I don't disagree but could be one more step back in the process may reveal WHY she ran. I am sorry she ran away, I am sorry for the troubles their family must be having or had but the fact that Greyhound sold her a ticket has no true bearing on anything with regards to Ashley running away. Maybe she would have liked it better if she had hitchhiked to Fla..... Many more horror stories involved when runaway, much less a girl, decides to take that route!

How many runaways would then

How many runaways would then hitchhike. That could have a very different outcome. The kid ran away. Maybe energies should be directed towards something else and not Greyhound.

Why are you blaming

Why are you blaming Greyhound for your daughter being a run away? If the greyhound bus station hadn't sold her the ticket she would have gotten it another way by asking someone else to buy it for her. Or she would have hitch hiked a ride. Stop blaming other people and solve the real problem that you are having with your kid. She ran away for a reason find out why and address it. Stop blaming others when you point your finger at someone else remember you have 3 more fingers pointed back at you.

Not the bus line fault

Blame, Blame, Blame always someone else fault that our kids are the way they are. Taking the bus is alot safer than hitchiking which is what would happen if she couldn't have gotten the ticket. She was going to leave one way or the other.


Take this statement, "On New Year's Eve Ashley Ryan bought a bus ticket from the Wilmington Greyhound station and traveled to Florida without telling her friends or family. Her mother Julie said her daughter was not asked to show identification." And then ask yourself how can the mother be sure of this. After all her daughter didn't tell her she was running away either! This is a mom on crack wanting to blame anyone else but herself for driving her daughter to run away. Look lady, is the pervert hanging out near the bus station, looking for young vulnerable chicks running away going to ask how old she is? DUH! You need to be slapped upside your head and put in jail for being that clueless a mom to NOT know what the hell is going on with your own daughter! Stop putting blame on everyone else to make your own child-neglecting self look better! SHAME SHAME SHAME!

Look in the mirror

Please, how is this even news. I parent can't run her own family, keep track of her daughter and wants to blame a bus company for this. This is ridiculous. Look in the mirror and be mad at yourself, not at someone else.

being realistic......

The CLEAR bottom line {to correct Ms. Ryans way of thinking} SHOULD BE; your kid is "your" responsibility. And why was she running away?? Others can "help" you to raise your kids due to your inability to solve problems you have with them; but don't expect them to care, raise and keep an eye on them when you child decides to make decisions on their own. Even if you do come up with a good reason (I suppose there might be one...) for your kid running away, welcome to the real world lady! People grow up and start making their own decisions......good or bad ones. Part of life! Secondly, you are asking a bus line that: rarely ID's anyone (many customers don't even have one [for numerous reasons!]); hardly ever checks passengers/luggage for unsafe/unlawful/dangerous items being carried/transported; and provides extremely inadequate protection for its drivers while they drive with the lives of up to 55 people in their hands!


How about the parent taking a look in the mirror and knowing more where her child is instead of blaming someone else. Just another case of a parent not doing their job but blaming others instead. Heres an idea, how about you sit down, have dinner with your child, talk to them. Find out if they are doing well and maybe you will know if they are having thoughts of running away. Heres another idea, find out where they are going when they go out. Have a curfew and have them check in from time to time. Know which friends they will be out with. You need a license to drive, you need to be a certain age to vote, rent a car, but we need some regulations to be a parent. Take some responsibility!!!

runaway teen

Do you really think your child would not have been able to run away if the bus station hadn't sold her a ticket? Most 17 yr olds do look old enough to buy their own bus tickets. How is it the ticket masters job to ask for ID and police everyone who wants a bus ticket? Instead of blaming a company for selling your daughter the bus ticket she asked and payed for you should be asking yourself what is wrong at home or school that caused your daughter to want to run away! The problem is with your child not the person who sold her a bus ticket. She would have ended up hitch hiking to run away and really been in a mess. Anyone who wants to run away can find a way to do it. Stop blaming other people who have nothing to do with your family's issues and figure out what is going on at home that caused her to feel the need to run to Florida to get away.

Missed the point

I am the mom. I went to Greyhound in Wilmington when I learned my daughter may have bought a ticket. Someone wrote she was not a runaway then? She had been reported missing 4 days earlier. Not only would they not look at nor allow me to post the missing child poster, they told me a 13 year old could ride and no one required ID. That was alarming! They do require a name. It took a search warrant from the Wilmington PD to confirm she bought a ticket. They wouldn't give them the information when the PD was looking for her! They keep a list of names of ticket purchasers (in a computer database if I'm not mistaken). What training would it take to match the name given to an ID? (Orlando area law enforcement said Donald Duck had ridden there on Greyhound.) Of course she could have left town anyway. I do think if they had asked for ID it would have been one more point for her to stop and say "What am I doing?" That was not my point! If it bothers you that your 13 year old child could walk into Greyhound in Wilmington and buy a ticket and give any name and ride anywhere he could afford to and then you have to wait for a subpoena to find out, you would be concerned. Not all Greyhound stations are the same. The Savannah, Georgia station was very helpful and resulted in a driver calling us and confirming where she went from there. And thank God and Greyhound they provide tickets home through 1800RUNAWAY.

In the case of refusing to

In the case of refusing to let you put up posters or help you out in any way, that was very unprofessional of them and, in all likelihood, a problem with the staff at that particular station. But, it is unfair for the rules to change for a small, dysfunctional minority of riders. I know many people aren't familiar with the concept of young people who need to make long trips on their own, but I think other posters covered that area quite well. When a teen is hooking up with a 30-something, if she can't get to Florida, she'll find someone similar right across town. My uncle went through this with his step-daughter. She waited a year and then moved right on in with him, anyway. Why? Because she was looking for love in all the wrong places, as all too many young girls do. But why do they? That's a matter for counseling. Something is being left out of this story, I think. But since the girl has already run away once, I would try to find a local org that deals with that and see if they can find her a counselor for free or on a sliding scale, if need be. But definitely, there is something wrong, and the root of it is not with Greyhound, and they have nothing to do with it.

I can tell you how you can

I can tell you how you can prevent her from catching the next Greyhound: go into the woods, break off a sturdy switch, and tear her behind up.

bus ride or hitch

runaways will do anything to get out of town. better she rode the bus than take a ride from a stranger.

Yeah, it's all Greyhound's fault!

Yet another example of displaced blame and shirked responsibility....

Sorry Mom...

"Ryan said if there was a different policy required to buy a bus ticket, her daughter would have never been able to run away." >...but you fail to understand that your daughter was determined to run away regardless of how she did it. Thankfully, she didn't attempt to "hitch" to Florida as you know what can happen to young girls who hitch-hike. Instead of lambasting Greyhound and their policies on ticket sales, why not delve into the reason your daughter headed out of town. There appears to be issues your daughter needs to deal with and also needs to understand that running away won't solve whatever problems she has.

Something to consider

While mom does seem to have a valid point, is it odd to anyone other than me that she appears more worried about dealing with the bus company than the daughter who chose to run away in the first place?

Dealing with it

How I'm dealing with my daughter isn't the point of the story. How can you tell in that brief story how worried I am about ANYthing except the bus policy? I simply emailed WWAY and others about my concern about 13 year olds and criminals being able to ride at will. They asked me to do an interview. No we're not going to stop crime nor runaways but, as I stated in another response, if they're going to type in a name, how much trouble to type in a name that matches some form of ID? Nobody said picture ID, some companies will take a piece of mail as proof of ID, and a parent can show ID instead of a minor child. Are there going to be people who get around this? Of course there are! From some of these comments, I think I must have looked STUPID on the tv. And who said ANYTHING about suing the bus station?

Just a note on criminals and

Just a note on criminals and busses. The reference in the original story about the Marine stated he was "seen" on a Greyhound bus. The authorities knew about the ticket four days before he disappeared. He was questioned and released. When did he become a criminal? Please be my guest and show up at any public venue and point out the criminals and minors. My child did not get home after getting on a school bus, thankfully he returned home. I never questioned anyone but myself for the reasons my son chose not to come home.

Scapegoat Greyhound

She should be asking her daughter the hard questions and not pawn it off onto Greyhound. Your daughter would have runaway with or without Greyhound

so blame greyhound

I think it's sad she's blaming Greyhound for her child running away. Fix the issues at home and maybe your kid wouldn't decide to run away.

Oh please!!!

This woman actually has the gall to blame GRAYHOUND for her daughter's disappearance?? Where was SHE -- the PARENT -- during this time? Much easier to place the blame on a bus station attendant than take parental responsibility, isn't it ...