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Healthcare rally takes part at Hugh MacRae Park Sunday

As the battle over health care reform rages on in Washington, community members continue to fight for health care here in Wilmington. Many local organizations, including Cape Fear Citizens for Health Care and RISE Community gathered at Hugh MacRae Park Sunday urging citizens to get involved and support reform. Supporters say that the time for change is now, and that health insurance reform is a big problem that is going to require a big change to fix. “I understand the concern. It's a huge problem. It's a huge issue,” said Allie Nardella of RISE Community. “And so it is going to require a great change, but it's a change that needs to happen. We really need to do this now, and again, what are we waiting for? If not now, when?” The event featured live music and food. It was part of the kick-off for the National Hands Across America for Healthcare campaign.

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Actually, the reason we're even talking reform is all fiscal projections conclude the present system is unsustainable. And, I was at the rally. I'm not fat and don't criticize others. I'm also pretty sure I bench more, hit harder, run faster, farther, jump higher, shoot straighter, and think more clearly than someone clouding an important social issue with fat jokes. Have a nice day.

Hey, I fully admit...

...there are lots of thin Socialists. As a matter of fact, a gaunt figure seems to be the eventual destiny of most people in a Socialist society. (Except for the fat-cat oligarchs, of course) Pay for your own healthcare. It's your responsibility, not mine. I'll pay my own way.

Commonsensenotc, I have been

Commonsensenotc, I have been watching your posts for some time, and have noticed the level of your hostility increasing, and your observations becoming increasingly irrational. Frankly, I am worried about you. I assure you that when healthcare reform is in place, you will be able to afford your meds once again! Let's stick to the issues, instead of your adolescent-like rants.

When healthcare reform is in place?

Let us hope that never happens. If it does none of us that pay our own way will be able to take care of ourselves anymore because we will be spending too much of our own money to support the deadbeats that WON'T get off their butts and take care of themselves. Do Not get ugly with common just because he has the nerve to speak the truth. And yes, maybe if they lost a little weight they wouldn't need so much healthcare. But, as guesty said, that would mean taking responsiblity for themselves.

Common has a good point. If

Common has a good point. If people were taking better care of themselves, they might not need doctors as often. Maybe their physical condition wouldn't make their premiums higher and they could afford their own health care. I think the place to start is with people taking responsibility for their own health. Why are we so afraid of telling people that? Why is it "adolescent-like" to tell the truth?

Hey, the government has done

Hey, the government has done such a great job with social security, why not give them healthcare too. What's the worst that could happen? The gov't screws up and people die? Hey, small price to pay for the other 2 percent of americans to get health insurance. Be aware that this isn't just tax dollars they are screwing with here. If the gov't messes this up, the consequences are going to be greater than we can imagine. I will not have that on my conscience. Therefore, I will not support gov't run healthcare until they can first prove they can run their current programs.

So...if you think I'm irrational...

...but you keep reading my posts.... ..what does that make YOU?

..what does that make YOU?


Entertainment value only...

There are several here you can count on....

Social programs are good

I think that the people that have jobs and can afford the finer things can at least help keep alive the other people that stand under the flag. If they don't want to help, lets take up a collection for the "I don't wanna pay taxes" crowd to share a compound in Montana without TVs or computers so they won't have to be so outraged every time they look around.

What do they do?

"I think that the people that have jobs and can afford the finer things can at least help keep alive the other people that stand under the flag." Okay. What do those people without jobs, who can't afford the finer things do? Right now the upper 50% of this country's population pay 97.3% of all personal income taxes collected. What, exactly, do the rest of you do? What is YOUR responsibility to this nation? The money I make is not "our" money. It is my money. You have no claim to it. Go out and get a job. Start paying your own way and stop being a sponge.

You have forgotten

Common, you know this group won't do anything for themselves, they need the government to do it for them. They won't lose weight because they would require taking personal responsibility for themselves.

I Pray You Never Are in Need

Hmm-- Overweight? Granted, I could have held my stomach in, but I was more concerned about the sense of community and humanity in which I was sharing. I'm 5' 2 1/2" and weigh 112. I pay for my own health care, along with working for over 40 years (I started working when I was very very young). This is just a little bit of sardonic humor, but the people who group, label, depersonalize and demean and toss nasties and epithets probably are so bitter they might not understand there is humor in the world. They also wouldn't understand the idea of caring, concern, and compassion for others less fortunate than ourselves and acting to make the world a better place for those others in addition to just for ourselves. --And, sometimes those of us who currently consider ourselves fortunate may suddenly be in need (due to no fault of our own making). This level of hate and vitriol-- might lessen if those who spout it could understand (and possibly have even learned from childhood) that they could still prosper even when others prospered at the same time. I learned to share my candy bar at an early age-- and in fact, I learned that some times other kids would even share their candy bar with me when I didn't have any candy. This comment probably won't help people whose fear, anger, hatred clouds their sense that people should be treated with at least as much concern for their well being as many folks treat their pets. --But there's always hope.


There is a differance between me SHARING what I have with others, if and when I can, (and I have no problem with that. In fact that is one of the many things that makes this country great). and the government Taking my money by force of law/legislation and giving it to someone who has done little if anything to earn it. When I was a child I shared my toys with other kids and they shared with me and we had fun. At the end of the day they took home what was theirs as did I. So, I ask you, why do I need government to help(force) me to "share"(charity). You said..."This comment probably won't help people whose fear, anger, hatred clouds their sense that people should be treated with at least as much concern for their well being as many folks treat their pets."...the reason I might treat 'my pets' better than other people. Is because other people are not my responsability, but 'my pets' are. "Guest with Manners" , I don't expect you to be responsible for my health, if I need help and you want to be charitable and help out, I and my family will thank you. But in no way, shape, or form should you be forced to do so and neither should I.

You wonder why there's so much hate?

Are you really that naive? You are talking about taking what is mine and giving it to lazy, inept, life mismanagers who have earned nothing. What is the difference between a thief in the night who tries to break into your house and rob you, or a group of legislators who decide to steal your money and give it to the suckers, sleazebags, simpletons and Socialists who elected them?


I work over 40hrs a week, I don't have cable, a cell phone, nor do I have internet at home. I can't afford health insurance due to the fact I had cancer and it's considered a pre existing condition. The cost are almost doubled. I'm not asking for a handout I'm asking for help. Reading some of your post has hurt me, knowing there are people without hearts out there.

I HURT you?

I can live with that, because sometimes the truth hurts. There is no reason why other people should pay more so that you can pay less.

People who can't help

People who can't help themselves, yes. People who won't help themselves ,no. There is a difference. I can bet more than half of the people screaming "I have no healthcare" still have cable, internet, phone and go out to eat at least once a week. But, you have no healthcare. Sounds like someone needs to prioritize. Healthcare is not a right, it is not listed in the constitution. period.

There you are wrong

Under ObamaCare, overweight individuals will have to lose weight or benefits. Say good bye to those Big Macs and chocolate shakes. ObamaCare is not all it's cracked up to be. If it was he and his family would agree to enter this program and give up their current health care. For that matter so would Congress. Nope, if you smoke, limited or no coverage. Overweight, lose it or limited or no coverage. Like Alcohol, stop it or limited or no coverage. The Plan literally requires enrollees to change their lives and become more healthy. Until they do, limited or no coverage for certain conditions. And don't forget, beginning at age 65, counseling on how to end your life.


It is horrible isn't it? Obama wants america to become healthy......what a bad man.... The last sentence, now that is just plain ignorant....Death Panels, please.....You probably also think Sarah Palin is intelligent.....

So, how is this option going

So, how is this option going to give "unhealthy" Americans more incentive to be "healthy" than any other? Obama's plan does not make America healthy, but rather increases the size of government, takes away the rights of individuals, and creates a country that will be permanently dependent on the government. The government can't handle Medicare, Medicaid, or VA as we speak- so how would this be any different? I do not understand how anyone believes that it is the responsibility of others to take care of them.


The plan gives people an alternate to private insurance.It doesn't take your rights. The Patriot Act now, that took your rights.....

In addition to what Tom

In addition to what Tom said, I also believe that any type of government run health care will finish bankrupting the country or drive all of our tax rates through the roof. My sister works as a medical biller for Medicaid and Medicare. You would not believe the cost of everyday items that could be purchased off the shelf at any pharmacy or department store that carries general health care items. It is comparable to the $600 commode seat. Because the government is paying for it, the cost is astronomical. You think the cost of medication is high now? Wait until the government starts paying for all of it. The drug companies will have a field day. One thing people cannot seem to understand is this is not FREE health care. Someone down the line will pay for it and that will be all of us taxpayers.

Instead of...

the HCB8675309 or whatever the number this bill is, they should nick name it the Golden Cyanide Pill Bill. Cost you everything then kills you.


I'm sure they overcharge everyone not just medicare. I also think its called affordable healthcare. It it wasn't for all the greed maybe more people could afford insurance. This isn't just for the lazy "liberals". I'm also sure there are a whole lot of fat Fox News watching Rush listening cons.out there.


Maybe if people thought as much about healthcare as they do their cell phones, cable tv and expensive cars among other things, they would buy their own health insurance and quit depending on a handout.

So true. People have

So true. People have trouble finding the money for things they need but they can always find the money for something they want.


I know I would have a whole lot more money for what I want if things I needed weren't so expensive. If taxes and insurance didn't take up 40-50% of our incomes, we'd have more money to get the economy going. Is healthcare a right? Should healthcare be a capitalistic venture? Should our govenment run healthcare? I say no to all three. The current system is not sustainable, and the proposed sytem is flat wrong.