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If you build it...

READ MORE: If you build it...

Nothing says spring like the crack of the bat at a baseball game. That sound could soon be heard along the riverfront in downtown Wilmington.

Wilmington has had two failed attempts to bring minor league baseball to the area, but with the passion of one downtown developer, County Commissioners say this time around the idea could be a home run.

"We think a baseball stadium would be a great municipal activity for the community," said developer Chuck Schoninger.

On two separate occasions Wilmington has tried to host a minor league baseball team. Both times the teams struck out. New Hanover County Commissioner Jason Thompson says one big reason they failed was because they couldn't serve alcohol at their field on UNCW's campus.

"So having to go on a college campus, we started with one hand tied behind our back," Thompson said.

Since then minor league baseball teams have been in the on-deck circle, but no developer was willing to build a stadium on riverfront property until now.

"This is a perfect time in a down economy to plan and execute ideas like this," Schoninger said.

Schoninger owns 35 acres along the Cape Fear River and says a baseball diamond would be a gem for the city's entrance.

"This is our front door of our city," he said, "and this would be a heck of an ornament on our front door."

Said Thompson, "You can imagine hitting home runs into the Cape Fear River. There's just something magical about that."

But Schoninger needs support from the city, county and possibly the state to build the $18 million facility. Thompson says that might be possible.

"I'd say we're as close as we've ever been," he said.

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I vote for fiscal responsibility

We don't need TWO stadiums, and we already have one.

BTW, don't slight dingy old Jacksonville. It's currently the fastest growing city in the state, even if they don't have "classy-looking streetscapes," whatever they might be.

They sound expensive. We have no money. Does living within our budget mean that we can't be a "first-rate city?"

Can we be a second-rate city with really low taxes? Sounds good to me!

I think one of the main

I think one of the main idea's is that this would factually boost the amount of business coming downtown. When you take your family to legion stadium, are you going out to front street brewery to eat??? Are you taking a nice walk along the shops before or after the game? surely not on CAROLINA BEACH ROAD. This stadium would boost business from fat tonys all the way down to elijas.

also, this is the atlanta braves talking about bringing a real minor league team into town.... not the seattle meriners.

can somebody also please fill me in on what this is looking to cost each individual taxpayer? is it based on anything, or just a flat rate for everybody?