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Internet sales tax to take effect in North Carolina

There are new taxes for those who live in North Carolina and are users. North Carolina state legislature enacted a new tax last week that affects people who buy and sell on Users are subjected to the sales tax when they purchase items from Amazon. It also affects businesses who use the website to sell their own materials or services. One local woman who uses the site to sell her online art classes received a letter from Amazon stating the new law. In response, she wrote a letter to the state's senators describing how the tax will dramatically affect her business. Other local online businesses who are Amazon associates should expect to receive the same letter.

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Internet Tax in NC

Yet another new tax approved by our NC government. I guess I'm not surprised at anything anymore. Tax and spend is the order of the day.

local gov't is in trouble due to reduction in tax base

This tax issue is obviously volatile, and because we have such vested interests in maximizing our available money, it is easy to get inflammed about proposals that seem to take more of it.

But really - when we purchase without paying tax on the internet instead of buying local, we deny our local government the taxes that would have otherwise gotten collected to pay for police, fireman, teachers, road repair and you name it.

When we bribe big boxes like Walmart and sporting goods giants and others to come to our community (instead of a neighboring one) by contracting with them to let them keep the taxes they collect as a gift (to "pay for their building costs"), we destroy our tax base when we don't give the same privilege to small local businesses that are owned by local property owners. And then this puts those small businesses OUT of business too often!

It is all the same - we treat local tax like it isn't worth anything. And bargain it away. And gut our local support systems. But then go to Europe where they pay even MORE tax than us without the huge military expense. But of course they get medical care and so on. Go any other civilized nation and see their taxes and you see ours are smaller even with our humongous military budget.