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Judge: 90 percent of Brunswick County court cases drug-related

READ MORE: Judge: 90 percent of Brunswick County court cases drug-related
BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- One Brunswick County judge estimates 90 percent of the cases that come through the courthouse are drug-related. That's why she wants to get a special court called a "drug court" up and running. The purpose of a drug court is to offer rehabilitation and other alternatives to serving time behind bars. The seven-person team spent last week in Los Angeles getting special training on how to run a drug court. Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis is spearheading the effort and has wanted to start a drug court for more than ten years. The program would focus on treating people with substance abuse problems to both help them recover and -- most importantly -- to reduce the number of crimes that are committed because of drug use. It would not be an easy program. Participants would have to appear in court every two weeks, maintain a curfew, get at least a GED and a job, go through drug testing and more. Defense attorney Jason Disbrow said, "The problem currently in most counties without a drug court is that we're not treating the individual. An individual's placed on probation, although they may get some type of substance assessment and may get some type of treatment, it's not nearly as intensive enough." The drug court would be a 12 to 18 month-long program. The drug court team is waiting to hear back about state and federal grants for the program. The members hope to hear back by the end of April and have the program up and running by late this summer. Meanwhile, New Hanover County has had a drug court for about ten years. Its coordinator says it has been a big success. It currently has 51 active clients and is saving taxpayers a lot of money.

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not just brunswick

just asking, but has it ever been an issue in the presidential election. They may make a brief statement about the issue and then it goes aways like so many others things they speak about!

It takes a judge who can see

It takes a judge that can see the big picture to get something like this moving. She has brains, and the will to take this task on. Wish her the best and hope it is a positive thing for all of us. She didn't get to be a judge because she was shy or ignorant. She's got brains and we need more of this.

no crime

If I were king ( I like the sound of that ) I would do away with all morality crimes . One would still be requried to act well in public . For example liqure is leagal but drunk and disorderly is unacceptial . If one wanted to buy drugs regardless , liquor , pot , pain-pills , cancer drugs or whatever , one would only have to go to the drugstore and order what they wanted , or needed .

And if I were king, good

And if I were king, good spelling and grammar would be required of all my subjects when posting to public forums.