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Law enforcement: Lil Wayne concert not a threat

WILMINGTON -- Local law enforcement officials say a controversial concert scheduled at New Hanover High School this weekend is not a threat to public safety -- but some parents aren't convinced. Rapper Lil Wayne has a criminal record and publicly admitted to being in a gang. He is expected to draw thousands to New Hanover High's Brogden Hall on Sunday. But some young fans -- like Samantha Kilpatrick's 14-year-old daughter -- will be staying home. Kilpatrick said, "I'm not allowing her to go. It's too dangerous." Kilpatrick isn't the only concerned parent. The president of New Hanover's PTA expressed her disapproval to NewsChannel 3 -- especially given the school's recent problems with purported gang violence. New Hanover County Sheriff Sid Causey said, "Certainly that concerns us, but again our intent is to keep the peace and whatever happens, we'll act accordingly." Causey says everyone who enters Brogden Hall Sunday -- including Lil Wayne and his entourage -- will have to pass through a metal detector. Deputies will patrol both the inside and outside of the building with help from the Wilmington Police force. But for parents like Kilpatrick, that's still not enough. "I don't care how much security they have stationed out there, anything could happen and I'm not willing to risk her life on that," Kilpatrick said. The school board heard many concerns from parents and did considered canceling the concert. However since it couldn't be proven it would be a threat to public safety, the board couldn't break the contract with the promoters.

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Yeah Right

If its not a threat then why will WPD and the sheriffs office be all over the place around that area that night? Do they that many extra units in for say UNCW basketball games? Gimme a break the ratio of cops will be way up around this concert cuz they know "thugs" don't know how to act.

A concert, sure!

But the attendees should be limited to the students from all area schools, and then those that make the grades and requirements to play sports or other extra activities. They are the one that work hard, or harder than others, and so should be able to reap the rewards of what they sow. They should be given a chance to get somewhere that the ones that don't work for anything should not. It don't take a brain surgeon to see this is a system that rewards the ones that want to be better people. And excludes 99% of the riff-raff that would cause trouble in the first place. That would end the discussion right quickly would it not?


The New Orleans rapper is also due back in court on October 31 to face drug possession charges from a 2006 arrest in Atlanta. He fathered a kid at age 14. Man what a role model !!!!! Nice huh?

lil wayne comment

Lil wayne may not be everyones favorite. And he may do things that are not right in the law eyes. And somethings probably will go down at this concert. But I will put money on it that Lil Wayne want start the beef. So the school board should have found a better place to have this concert. So hopefully WPD can keep things under control. But to all parents if you feel a bit shady about letting your children go don't let them go take them out shopping or something keep them safe. Also one last thing to the comment Das Weibstuck made you have your own beliefs but having a kid at 14 does not make you any less of a man or stop you from being a role model (b/c my husband was 15 and he is the greatest father)


I don't think its just me who believes that a man is not a man at 14 years old. It is sad that 14/15 year olds are having children, for them and the innocent babies. Maybe your husband is a great Dad, thats great and rare.

Do they have a crystal ball?

What the school board essentially told the parents that object to this concert is, we don't care what you think. God has been replaced with evil. The lyrics of this thugs songs are a threat to the minds of the young folks listening to it. And to hold such a vile concert on school (our) property is a slap in the face to decent people. Public profanity is against the law.

You're bringing God into

You're bringing God into this?

Why not

Religion isn't allowed in schools but this crap rap is. God's word is good, this stuff is from the devil.

Thats why

That's Why things are so messed and getting worse. We've taken GOD out of EVERYTHING!!!

AMEN...AMEN...AMEN...A lot

AMEN...AMEN...AMEN...A lot of people have griped and complained about "GOD" in school, but truthfully...he alone is the only reason that we exist in the first place. As we continue through these seasons of life, it is becoming more evident that things spoken about in the bible are coming to pass. JESUS HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow. This topic really gets off hand. Lil Wayne is a person like any other who makes some mistakes. He was born into a different environment, where violence and drugs were all around him. He came out of that world straight to success! He is an entertainer, who makes music of the kind he was born knowing. Just because you people dont like rap doesnt mean its bad. Because believe it or not, there are people who dont like rock or country! He is a good educated man who made some mistakes. and listen to all of his songs. I know some sound bad but most of his songs have such a deep meaning that your brains obviously cant comprehend it! Im outta here. Raise your kids. But dont teach them something is bad cause its different. Thats called predjudice.

I agree with you. This is a

I agree with you. This is a crying shame bringing this to our kids of New Hanover County. All anyone has to do is Google the rapper to find out about his police records.