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ONLY ON 3: Local store kicks out family with service dog

READ MORE: Local store kicks out family with service dog

NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- The family of a Wilmington special needs child is angry and disappointed.

While shopping in Castle Hayne, the family was ordered out of the Western Shop. The problem? The owner would not allow their service dog, Ellie, inside. Even after showing the credentials, the family says they were forcibly told to leave.

Five-year-old Amanda Invancevich and her service dog, Ellie, are best friends.

"In the two years we've had Ellie, or almost two years, Amanda has blossomed," Amanda's mother Susan Ivancevich said. "She does so many things that she didn't used to do. She is now independently mobile."

Amanda had a stroke before she was born, damaging the left side of her brain. At six months old, Amanda was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and then she started having as many as 150 seizures a day. As a result the left side of her brain was removed and, for the most part, stopped the seizures.

"I look at Amanda every day, and I don't see a disabled child. I see Amanda," her mom said.

The Ivancevich family counts on Ellie to be both a protector and a companion.

"They're really close," Amanda's sister Katie said. "Ellie has helped the whole family with everything."

The Western Shop on Castle Hayne Road didn't see Ellie as a companion but as a nuisance.

"People don't want to put clothes on that the dog brushed up against, and they will. The dog smelled," owner Robert Bryant told us when we confronted him about the incident.

Although certified service dogs are legally allowed wherever humans can go, the owner of the store admits he asked the Ivancevich family and the dog to leave.

"Laws that I've got? I don't even have to admit the woman in to my store," the Bryant said. "That's my law."

Susan Ivancevich said she reached for Ellie's credentials, but Bryant refused.

"He said he didn't care what the law was," she said, "that it was his law and his store and get the 'blank' dog out of the there."

Susan, her daughters and a friend left the store. That's when the sadness set in.

"To be treated that disrespectfully by someone that you have a special needs kid," Invancevich said through tears. "He's gonna run you out of a store? I find it so frustrating that he can't see the amazing gifts that God gives you in these kids."

Ivancevich says if she does take any legal action, any money gained will be given to a charity that helps special needs children.

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Ignorant Shop Owner

It's hard to believe that in this time of economic struggles someone with a business would turn away potential customers... especially those like the Ivancevich family. I was shocked at the attitude of the store owner. You can bet that I don't plan on shopping at the Western Shop...I'll drive out of my way if necessary. I'm also passing word in case any of my "western friends" missed the article.

What an idiot !!!

I cant imagine how the Ivancevich family felt being treated the way they were by The Western Shop owner. I for one will never shop there again!!!!!!


Typical southern ignorance. When will idiots learn. I hope to see his shop closed up within the next few months. If you continue to shop at this store, you obviously tolerate this ignorant thinking of hate and intolerance.

This isn't...

a regional problem! Idiots abound as your comments prove.

He will pay for his ignorance. Hopefully you will too!

Go Back

This is NOT about North and South, it's people like you that show the ignorance of anyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Go back up NORTH if you don't like people who were born and raised here!!!!!!!!!! Ya'llllllllll

LEAVE the south. We

LEAVE the south. We certainly don't deserve someone as enlightened as you. Why do people like you come here?!!!

The Best!

Sir/Ma'am, It is with great honor to bestow upon you the honorary award for best troll. You have stirred more feathers than a firecracker in a hen house. You raised a 10 on the trusty troll-o-meter. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

Southern Ignorance

I am southerner, and I am not ignorant. You may want to step back a bit and look at yourself. This man made and idiot move just like you just did by labeling southerners.

No true Southerner would act that way

I was glad to learn that this idiot is not from the South. Typical southern ignorance... give me a break!
I have forwarded this story to some big Guest Ranches that have thousands of people from all over the country visit their Horse Ranches for riding. I'm sure they will forward this story. The best thing this guy could do is sell out to someone who respects people and their animals.
And I can guarantee you that a lot of the people that have come into that store were covered with horse hair and smelling like horses.

Looks like you stepped in it Warren Chinn!

BIG TIME! You may be foolish enough to post such an ignorant statement, but God help me if you're foolish enough to post your REAL name along with it. If so, then may God help you!!!

Being SOUTHERN has nothing

Being SOUTHERN has nothing to do with it.. this man is just need to put all of us southern folks in a class with this guy. I am offended by your remark and I also believe that your also suffer from Southern ignorance in that you are also ignorant if you think we all are like that, and if you do believe we are all this way then why do you live here? ...don't get me started on this topic....

Agree to a point

This man was ignorant and WAY out of line. That doesn't make it "typical southern ignorance". Such a comment only reveals your ignorance as you stereotype all that live in the area.

Southern ignorance? tell!!! What an intelligent statement that was? You MUST be from up nawth...

The owner of this store is actually from Connecticut, you blithering yankee idiot!

We here in the south tend offer hospitality until confronted by loudmouth, arrogant northerners that think they know everything.

RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Couldn't have said that

Couldn't have said that better myself, here here my Southern friend!!

Im am so with you. Its not

Im am so with you. Its not like EVERYONE brings there dog in his store...this is just one dog and this child NEEDED this dog. I work at Mailbox Express, and people bring there dogs in with them all the time, we also have treats to give out to them...I will never walk foot in this store...i mite have dog hair on my cloths..Its called the "western Shop"..most of the people im sure that go into his store have dogs. This is the most crazy thing i have ever heard someone doing...

Typical southern ignorance.

Typical southern ignorance. When will idiots learn. I hope to see his shop closed up within the next few months. If you continue to shop at this store, you obviously tolerate this ignorant thinking of hate and intolerance.

If the above is the way Warren Chinn feels about Southerners, then he pretty much runs in the same circle as the idiot at the store.

reply to Warren (not verified)

Hey Warren, here's a news flash for ya! Southerners are not all cast from the same mold. We are not all ignorant! Not all Southerners are jerks just as not all Northerners are meanie-wienies like you are! Have a nice day:).


Maybe we can stop recreating the civil war and stick to the subject at hand. The owner, regardless of his origins, was cruel. Cruel and seemingly proud of it. I read a lot of the comments posted on a lot of these articles and often I wince at the thoughtlessness and callousness and cruel and apathetic attitude of the public opinions and quite frankly it scares me. I am so happy to see that most people are rallying behind this little girl and her family. It is a breath of fresh air and I say we picket that store. Silence is acceptance and this buisness owners behavior is beyond was hateful and bullying and very very telling.

What a Jerk, maybe everybody

What a Jerk, maybe everybody that has a special needs child, or anybody that has a child period should boycott this store and lets see how his law can stand zero cash flow. Some people don't think before they do things and realize how it will hurt someone else. Please Mr. business owner step back a minute and think about the little girl in this case and how here parents will try and explain that she did nothing wrong but was not allowed in your store.

Family With Service Dog Asked to Leave

Wow. With this store owners attitude, I don't think he'll have to worry much longer about people "wanting to buy clothes that the dog has brushed up against"...he's probably not going to be in business much longer. It's all about karma. I can guarantee you I will never set foot in the place.


Hopefully this man and his store will see a heavy decline in business. I will make it easy for this man, he will not have to worry about me or any one I know having to be told to get out of his store because I will never be going back. Just sad.

Well...... if this story

Well...... if this story breaks your heart. Then...... you should not ever go to the "Western Shop" on Castle Hayne Road.

I saw this story on the news

I saw this story on the news this morning. It was absolutely disgusting how these people were treated, and when the owner was interviewed, his demeanor and attitude was arrogant and hateful. Yes, he as the owner, has the right to determine who comes in his store, but we as the customers have the right not to shop there. Stand up for injustice and show this man that his attitude towards service dogs will not be tolerated and that you will take your business elsewhere. When voices aren't listened to, money will talk volumes.

What a jerk!!!!

What a jerk!!!!


As a member of the horse community I frequently shop at the Western Shop and I also know the Invancevich family from local horse shows.I recently purchased my daughters show clothes and boots for the new season at the Western Shop and I wish I could return all of it because I will never set foot in that store again based on this mans actions and words to this family.What a shame this man does not understand the disability act or think that it does not apply to his store.I hope the local horse community will take a long hard look at where they shop and remember how this innocent child was treated.

The owner of this shop has

The owner of this shop has done nothing but personify the typical ignorant southern stereotype that the rest of the country get a chuckle out of. How unfortunate that he will most likely lose his shop in the end. Not only will he be sued by the family with this dog, but now that this story has broken, other patrons will avoid his shop just for general principal….so as not to be associated with the weak minded. I wonder if any of the owners “laws” include humility?

reply to western shop=souther trash?'s statement

You said, "The owner of this shop has done nothing but personify the typical ignorant southern stereotype that the rest of the country get a chuckle out of". Here is an APB (All Point Bulletin) for you: I am laughing my *** of at you because you just showed your ignorance by not knowing that ignorant people are all across the world. The south has nothing to do with this story. Then about his shop, yes he should loose it because he must pay the price for his own actions and i am not talking about no dollar signs. Although, in my opinion i do think that no one should step a foot in that store. The price that he should pay is doing time because that was a federal offense that he committed and yes the family should go after him.That type of behavior should not be tolerated at all. He went against the ADA and now let's see exactly what Uncle Sam says about that! I hope that one day he will experience a little bit of the hurt and humiliation that she experienced. It is not like she asked for this to happen to her and then for a mean and rude man to not let them in the store!!! Then just maybe one day he will see just how mean, rude and arrogant he was to that family, and apologize to them for suffering humiliation and the mental anguish that she must be going through. It is hard enough to deal with it some days but to rub it in her face the reason why she has a dog by not legally letting the dog in his store. He must have forgot where he lives at and i am not talking about no geographical location but what country he lives in.

or humanity!!!!

or humanity!!!!

Due to your comments about

Due to your comments about the store owner personifying "the typical ignorant southern stereotype", I feel inclined to tell you that it is stupid uninformed people like you that give Americans a bad name, grow up and move on...the civil war ended over 150 years ago, dont share your opinion if you do not know what you are talking about, it is embarassing and a huge waste of everyones time.