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Local woman: My drink was drugged

READ MORE: Local woman: My drink was drugged
WILMINGTON -- A New Hanover County woman says she has no doubt someone slipped a drug in her drink while recently out in downtown Wilmington. Rape prevention educators say this is a real threat locally and it's happening more often than it's being reported. Courtney Ryan set out for a fun night out with girlfriends. It didn't turn out that way. "My friend went to the bathroom and I just remember her coming back and handing her drink back to her and that's the last thing I remember of that night," Ryan said. "The next thing I remember is waking up Sunday morning and I was still not normal, I still felt drugged and I went into the bathroom and I was sick." Ryan remembers turning her back on her drink only once throughout the night, which she thinks may have invited someone to make a move. Her husband Kevin picked her and friend up downtown and at first just thought his wife was extremely drunk. Kevin Ryan said, "She was unresponsive, had no equilibrium, loss of all motor skills, lost the ability to community effectively." Ryan says drinking has never caused her to act that way. She said she had four drinks in the four hours she was out. "The what-ifs could happen to another girl, and that's what scares me the most, anything can happen and it's really, really scary." Rape prevention educator Shemekka Miles said, "It's prevalent and it's here and it's real and more people need to get an understanding of what's going on and the dangers of it." The Coastal Horizons Rape Crisis Center had six suspected or confirmed drug facilitated rapes reported to them in November and December of 2007. To help prevent this Miles is working closely with several downtown bars. Among other things, bouncers and bartenders are trained to place coasters over unattended drinks. The Reel Cafe is one of the establishments on board. Reel Café bartender Jay Jenkins said, "Just looking out for the groups of ladies and things like that, so they can go out and have a good time and not worry so much about that and help educate them as well about not leaving your drink unattended." While Ryan was one of the lucky ones -- and was not assaulted -- she doesn't want what she went through to happen to anyone else. "Just because something sexually didn't happen wrong to me, doesn't mean I still wasn't violated," Ryan said. Ryan is so concerned about this incident she created a blog for people to anonymously write in about similar situations:

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If she had 4 drinks in 4

If she had 4 drinks in 4 hours and had not eaten good lord that would have caused her to be loopy. I used to go to bars and have a good time but learned to always eat and drink moderately...Sounds like this young lady may have an alcohol problem.......Drink ginger ale It looks like alcohol but the results will keep you aware of whats going on... I hope this isn't a regular thing especially if you are married....

You must not go out much

4 drinks in 4 hours is nowhere near enough to get you messed up, unless you are extremely tiny, or the drinks are like 16oz hard drinks. Most people drink 4 drinks/hr out downtown, and get way too drunk, but if this lady is telling the truth, she must have been drugged. I have a female friend who blacked out, very similar to this while out one night, she swears she was drugged.

guest123, are you serious?

4 drinks in 4 hours? Come on, unless she was drinking straight grain alcohol, there's no way she'd be loopy or experiencing what she did. You think she has an alcohol problem? Some people just make me laugh. I'm glad you can discern she's an alcoholic by one news story. Posters on here just kill me. Just because you're married you are supposed to sit home all the time without having any type of social life? Have fun with that. My husband and I both go out with friends and every now and then I do have a "girls night." There is nothing wrong with going out for a couple of drinks, but there is something wrong with someone spiking your drink. This is a great cautionary tale for anyone who goes out.

Exactly how big a loser do you have to be.... rely upon roofies instead of charm and sex appeal? Well, let's hope that Ryan and her friends have learned to stay out of that swine-pit known as "downtown."