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VOTE 2010: McIntyre bucks national trend, wins eighth term in Congress

READ MORE: VOTE 2010: McIntyre bucks national trend, wins eighth term in Congress

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- While Republicans claimed a sweeping victory by taking control of the the US House of Representatives Tuesday, Southeastern North Carolina's seat in Washington will remain on the Democratic side of the aisle. Incumbent Mike McIntyre won an eighth term in Congress. During a victory speech in Lumberton Tuesday night, McIntyre expressed gratitude for his supporters.

"Our commitment is for you, the people of Southeastern North Carolina," McIntyre said. "That's what we'll go back to Washington to fight for: the people of Southeastern North Carolina and your values."

McIntyre's Republican challenger Ilario Pantano conceded during a speech at the Blockade Runner at Wrightsville Beach earlier in the evening. Pantano, a former Marine, told supporters he would be back to fight another day.

"In the end we achieved a mission," Pantano told WWAY. "We got a conservative majority back in the Congress. That's what we really needed to do to save our country."

Pantano would not commit to running again in 2012, he did leave the door open. In the meantime, he thanked McIntyre for his continued service, but said he and his supporters will be watching the Congressman "to make sure he stays on the straight and narrow."

As McIntyre heads back to Washington, he called for unity within the 7th District.

"We want all people to work together. We welcome everyone," McIntyre said. "I've always sought to work with Republicans, Democrats, Independents. So I hope all of us now can say, 'The campaign's over. Let's work together.' There's too much at stake for our country and Southeastern North Carolina not to do so. We're ready to work together.

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we're taking over anyway!

fight northerners all u want(don't understand why) but we're taking over anyhow!!! Get used to it! Bada-Bing!!!

The Union will be back.

Mike you might of won your race but your party lost the war. Lets see how you handle your next term without Nancy. Lets see what you do for your district now.
Long live the UNION.

House cant pass anything without the Senate and President's vote

umm..legislative government 101..The House cant pass any legislative without the Senate and President putting their stamp of approval on it..If this had been the republicans winning the Senate, yeah, I would say you the Republicans won the war, but we Dems still control the Senate and the President can still all yall won was some nice cushion seats in Congress..Nothing accomplished!!

Nothing accomplished...

...except stopping the Socialist agenda bent on destroying America as we know it. For example, Obumbler has already pronounced Cap-n-Trade dead.

The House controls the purse strings. That's a very powerful tool. Anything can be DE-funded.

You can no longer break a filibuster in the Senate, even when the Maine RINOs Snowe and Collins join the Socialists. (In two years, look for Snowe to be unemployed!)

Yes, we also realize that our job is only half done - 2012 starts right now, and even more of the wealth redistribution loons get voted out in two years. We're getting back to an America where your life is what YOU make it, not what the government says it can be.

A successful person voting for a Democrat is like a woman inviting a known rapist home for a few drinks - really naive, poor judgment, or just plain stupid.

Republicans have amnesia..

We're getting back to an America where your life is what YOU make it, not what the government says it can be..

I find it so ridiculous how all you republicans have amnesia and dont remember the entire 8 years you all had the country in the worst economic crisis in America's history..You were controlling the House, Senate and Presidency and what did yall do but run this country into the hole..You say getting back to America where your life is what YOU make it? Funny I thought we were already at that place because before Obama, foreclosure on houses were at an all time high, jobs were being sent overseas, we were fighting two wars that had no justification in the first place..where were all you tea partyers and republicans then when America needed you or when the stock market crashed below 10,000..hmmm? were you waiting on the country to finally get back on its feet and then you want to claim your hypocrisy..or is this just about a black president, plain and simple..because if not, your party is the biggest hypocritical mumble jumble I have ever witness..good luck on having a leader who dosent even know geography 101..

Ignorant statement

One would have to assume you didn't like Bush because he was white? The fact that we dislike Obama has nothing to do with his color cupcake. We are allowed to dislike him because we are not fond of his policies. Is that difficult for you to understand? Hmmmm so you feel 9/11 was not enough justification to go to war? I think there are many that would not agree with that statement. It's okay not to like Bush, and it's okay not to like Obama. It has nothing to do with color, but then really you are a hypocrite and won't undestand this.

The last two years of Bush's

The last two years of Bush's term we had Democrats controlling Congress...remember that? What got done then? Absolutely nothing. Also, Obama has spent more in TWO YEARS than any of the previous presidents COMBINED! And where has it gotten us? A 9.8% unemployment rate. Thats roughly 30 million people out of the job. Trillions and trillions in national debt. Spending 2 BILLION dollars on this middle east excursion he's taking this week. Gee, he sure does seem to be spending alot of tax payer money to go on his lavish vacations he seems to be taking every week. We also got this "great health care package" shoved down our throats, when the majority of the people DIDN'T WANT IT. The cost of that alone is astronomical. Most people are for less government intrusion in their lives. Foreclosures are at an all time high...don't even get me started with that...and the bank bailout! That's just a few things (out of MANY) that have been done wrong in this country since the Democrats have taken over.

Oh, and the Tea Party has been around for years, but ignorant people like you think they're destroying America and because of those false accusations they don't get very far. Tea Partiers are for less government and more individual freedom, AS OUR FOUNDING FATHERS INTENDED IT! Yes, that means our country was founded on conservative ideas. We got away from the British because we were tired of taxes! Now it seems like a repeat of history with all this B.S. "carbon credits," and people making over $250,000/yr being taxed more. And for what? Because they are living the American dream and working their hardest? Any president who is for distributing the wealth is a president I don't support.

Also, the stock market never crashed (except for in the 20's) so get your facts straight. And stop playing the race card. Democrats playing the race card...its really getting old. Stop making excuses and listen to the people. Democrats have not listened for the past two years. Proof? Tuesday voting. We, the people, gave control of the house to Republicans, who we think can do a better job than what Dems are currently doing.

I urge you to stop watching MSNBC, a channel full of political liberal hacks who are so biased they can't see straight. I love how they fired one of their best guys because he personally contributed to the that channel is nothing but Democrat central why on Earth would they fire him?

First, I'm not a Republican

I'm a Libertarian and voted for McIntyre, as well as two other Democrats.

Second, you apparently don't understand that the wave of conservativism sweeping this nation is a direct result of Bush's eight years followed by two of Obumbler. "No Child Left Behind" is just as unconstitutional as "Obamacare," and blowing billions on Medicare Drug Coverage is just as fiscally reckless as blowing billions on any of Obumbler's wealth redistribution schemes. What got the Republicans in the most trouble in 2006 and 2008 was abandoning fiscal responsibility and spending money like drunken sailors. (And a hapless Commander-in-Chief who had no desire to win either of the two wars you mentioned.)

However, the deficit has more than tripled since Bush left office, foreclosures haven't yet peaked, jobs continue to go overseas and will keep moving overseas (your hero is in Korea, getting ready to sign a trade deal), and we have a higher national debt (raw) than ever in our history....

...and we have a man at the helm who despises individual achievement, wants to punish undividual financial success, and has no focus regarding anything beyond his desire to destroy the American way of life.

So you just go ahead and think that Tuesday's result was because Obumbler is Black - if playing the race card is your only ammo, you're totally outgunned.

I so agree to that, let's

I so agree to that, let's see if Mike puts us more into debt now that Nancy is gone., i bet we still have our taxes raised, unemployment up, and no SSI/SSD cost of living increase, and no new jobs


HA HA HA ! Now please get all your trash off the side of the road.

You will be pleased to know...

...that the only people I saw removing signs today were picking up Pantano signs.

byebye PANTANO

PLEASE crawl back under your rock or better yet go back to NY. You didnt pull the wool over everyone's eyes. Thank God.

You're right

Fleecing SE NC is Mike's Job. Dirty politics kept the career politician in office. Let's see if Mike keeps any of his promises this time around. Hope he does since he's no longer a "Nancy boy."