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Mother of Slain Transgender Child Will Speak at UNC-Wilmington

WILMINGTON--Sylvia Guerrero, Mother of slain transgender youth Gwen Araujo, will speak in recognition of National Coming Out day inside the Lumina Theater at UNC Wilmington, Sunday, October 12th at 6:00pm. As a mother, Guerrero has endured unthinkable tragedy, yet she still finds the strength to make a difference in the lives of others through her advocacy work. Since the murder, she has become a prominent figure on the national scene advocating for tolerance and equal rights for people who live the transgender lifestyle. Her daughter's story has been made into a movie by the Lifetime television network. "Diversity is often defined in black and white, particularly here in the South," said Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith, UNCW Multicultural Center coordinator. "This story and the event built around National Coming Out Day for gay and lesbian people will serve as an eye opener about the many aspects of diversity. It is a reminder that hate crimes are still very much an issue in the new millennium." Guerrero's talk will be followed by a question & answer session as well as a brief panel discussion with members of a Wilmington support group for transgender people. Scenes from the critically acclaimed documentary "Transgeneration" will also be shown. The National Coming Out Day program is sponsored by the Multicultural Center, UNCW Presents in conjunction with OUT Wilmington.

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The Scariest thing

is what is inside us but can't dare to admit, hence it is what we despise and often hate the most. FYI: The 100% man or the 100% woman, does not exist.

I agree with you. Being

I agree with you. Being gay.....that was his cross to bear and no one else's business. Tricking a normal man into thinking he was a woman was not okay. I'm not saying he deserved to be killed ,but he was playing with fire. Some people find being gay to be sick and morally wrong, so you don't trick someone into participating in such a lifestyle. Look for some of your own kind to have sex with.

Very well put

Very well put. Very well put indeed! As far as a coming out day, I wish they would have a "crawl back in your hole day".

wow. wow to every comment

wow. wow to every comment left on here. i don't care either way. just wow.

I'm with

I'm with

Guest..Rapper....You are

Guest..Rapper....You are evil....I hope and pray you never have to deal with a situation like this..Prays you never lose a child...

People see evil in people

People see evil in people and things in which they don't agree. The Guest Rapper is one of those people who sees evil in homosexuality. We don't have to accept things that our own ethics and morals condemn. However, no one has the right to take the life of that person they disagree with. Tolerence is something that has been lacking on both sides of most issues. The gay pride movement isn't requesting tolerence, they are demanding validation from people who have a different moral view. The death of this young human being was a tragic event in the life of his mother and the parents of those who killed him. There are no winners in this situation. But just because people have a moral disagreement with homosexuals and transgender doesn't make them evil.

You are wrong

I see no evil whatsoever in homosexuality. I simply provide an accurate appraisal of the case, and see trickery and deception as contributing to this young MAN'S murder. There's nothing wrong with being gay. There's nothing RIGHT about convincing a straight male that you're a woman when you are concealing the fact you are not.

Corrective education

I met a fellow with precisely your point of view two years ago. He insisted on calling me "Young MAN". Fortunately, being a sometime 200lb scaffolder, I was quickly able to correct the, er, accuracy of his appraisal. It is not what lies between our legs that makes us what we are. A man who has lost his tallywhackers to a landmine does not cease to be a man. Instead it is that which lies between our ears that determines what we are. Or, perhaps, that which isn't there.

It's neither

It's what is on your birth certificate, until you have a court agree to change it. That mean ol' reality really stinks, huh?


Reality doesn't stink, thank you. I have a driver's license that shows I'm female. I never have to produce it because the world accepts me as female anyway. No court order required... It's all very well taunting me from a safe distance, isn't it? My long arms won't quite stretch 4,000 miles to give you one upside the earhole, so I'll just say this... I've been more of a gentleman than you'll ever be.

Taunting you????

Whoa! Is paranoia a natural byproduct of this dual-sex condition? Perhaps you need to go through with the surgery. That's the second post in which you refer to your physical prowess and propensity for violence. Could it be excessive testosterone? You can threaten me all you wish and accuse me of being no gentleman. I simply state facts. If the truth bothers you, that does not alter the fact that it is still the truth. After all, of the two of us, I'm not the one who lives in an imaginary fantasy world. (BTW, "board warriors" neither intimidate nor impress anyone. Big yawn, sweety!)

Not Uncle Dimbulb

I simply state facts. That you do not. Something does not become fact because you assert it to be so.

Dearest Lizzy

Interesting to note that Edward received a post mortem NAME change, but guess what his birth certifiacte still says, to this day? Male, because California will only amend birth cerificates after full reassignment surgery. That's the way it is in almost every one of the United States. Most states haven't even addressed the issue. I know of no state that will allow amending the birth certificate without sugrery. I fully understand that the EU is far more liberal. The UK's Gender Reconition Act lets you be formally recognized as a female after simply living as a female... ...but this isn't about YOU. It's about Edward, and the law in his state is quite clear: He was born and died a male. The nonsensical post-mortem name change simply made him a "Boy Named Gwen." Hugs-n-kisses, Uncle Dimbulb (BTW, name calling is about as impressive and convincing as making threats. We should stop corresponding. After all, I get irritated with your failure to comprehend American law, and your mascara is likely running after you have to deal with my constantly pulling you back into reality. We're both wasting our time.)

Farewell then

So, you are blessed with a trammelled mind. Off-piste is not for you, clearly. We'll differ, then. Some of us are built to follow laws, others to enforce them, and a few of us to devise them. If the law says it's a swan and it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, then what is it? It doesn't take a genius to answer the question correctly, but it does require more than a scintilla in the cranial void. Adieu.

Telling the truth is evil?

What did he say that isn't factual? That's a large portion of what's wrong with this country today - we can't stomach the truth.

What's wrong with this

What's wrong with this country today is that someone can be brutally beaten to death because of how they express themselves, and the best thing that anyone has to say about it is "oh, they were deceptive, they had it coming." It doesn't matter what you think of gender identity or homosexuality - which are, by the way, two completely different topics altogether involving two different sections of the brain. The most sacred right of the American people is the right to express themselves. This person was expressing self, albeit in a bit of an unorthodox way, and was doing nothing to encroach on the rights of anyone else. Then, this person was clubbed to death with a blunt object. How can you not see anything wrong with that? And go ahead, rip out your Bibles and preach at me, but this country was founded on the notion that unpopular ideas and expressions would still be protected. If I'm not mistaken, "Thou shalt not kill" was one of the commandments, and "Thou shalt not be transgendered" was not. The Bible also says that eating pork is a sin and that women should be submissive to their husband's desires, but you don't see those ideas governing our society anymore. As for me, I mourn the death of Ms. Gwen. Yes, I said MISS GWEN, because that was HER identity and I think that we owe every human being the decency of a little respect for their sense of self. May SHE rest in peace. I invite you to join me in showing a little bit more condolence. However, if you would prefer to keep telling yourself that "people who are different deserve to be killed," well... Whatever helps you sleep at night. My two cents. ANNA