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NHC high schoolers given dress code

There will be some sharp-dressed students in New Hanover County high schools next year. Students in public high schools will have to adhere to a new dress code in the fall. Each of the 4 high schools will have their own specifications, but all students will have to wear collared shirts and khaki pants or skirts. Clothing with rips or tears will not be allowed. Oversized or extra- tight outfits are also off limits.

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Dress Code

It is not necessary for parents to go out and purchase 5 pairs of khaki's all at once. When my children were young and in school, "designer jeans" were "in". As a single Mom I was unable to buy several pairs and could afford only one pair for my daughter. That meant doing wash several times a week so she could wear her favorite jeans and be part of the "in crowd". I wish the school would have had a dress code. It would hae saved my daughter alot of teasing about always being in the same clothes. Children can be cruel. At least with the dress code, everyone would have been in the same clothes, every day of the school week!

Do you realize what you just

Do you realize what you just said, you expect a child to wear the same pair of clothes every day? Do you wear the same clothes every day? You should think about your words before posting it...

Dress Code

Unfortunately, now that the dress code has been enforced, everyone will just have to deal with it in a sensible manner. I have two kids in private school and two in public. The older two have to wear kakis & polo shirts and have never had an issue with that. You can wear any sweater or sweat shirt over the shirt in the winter as long as there are no logos etc. As for the cost, well there are plenty of second hand stores with perfectly good kakis and shirts available and also Ebay!! Not forgetting that most schools have swap uniforms days etc during the year and that is how I get my kids clothes. I have more trouble with my 2 youngest kids in public schools wanting all the "cool clothes" so it's costing me way more to buy their clothes than it is for private school. My older two are on academic scholarhips so that's why they are there. Lots of countries all around the world have uniforms and dress codes and it works well for them and kids seems to do better. Kids love clothes and always want the best and coolest which actually turns out to be quite expensive these days. When you play any sport you may need a uniform (within or outside of school) and everything costs a lot but kids have no trouble with that so this dress code thing will take getting used to for a while but once the novelty wears off, it really works out the best. I believe that when you have a uniform with the name of the school, it shows pride and you should be so happy to be at that school. Look what happens when kids go to College, most will buy T-shirts, shorts, sweat shirts etc with the name of their College to show that they are going there and are proud to be, so why not have the same for all schools and just be happy to be there!!!


Now maybe we can get on with the business of learning. Our youth need to get over themselves and be thankful we still have free schools in the good old USA! What a spoiled, self-indulgent, self-absorbed generation. We need to bring back the premise that children are to be seen and not heard. We live in an age where young people only think about themselves, and that instant gratification is the only way to go--the more the better. Get off the cell phones, the internet, stop texting, respect your parents and teachers. Oh, by the way, we still have books in the library. God help us.