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Do you think it's appropriate for Deb Butler to use a transvaginal ultrasound wand in a political ad against Sen. Thom Goolsby?

Yes, it's a key reason not to vote for him
51% (712 votes)
No, it's a tasteless gimmick
45% (635 votes)
Don't know/Don't care
4% (49 votes)
Total votes: 1396

Big Brother can visit men too!

If women are forced by Big Brother government to submit to transvaginal ultrasound before an abortion, men should be required to have the same instrument used on them before a doctor is allowed to prescibe viagra. These instruments can go in any orifice and can explore for any tumors, growths, or other anomolies that could endanger a man's health, or pose a risk to sexual intercourse.


I am a father of four girls and I can't believe that in this day and age someone would try and do this to them. My girls bodies belong to them and they should be the ones deciding how to handle them. i pray they never find themselves in this position, but I sure don't want that Thom Goolsby having in say in it. I gotta vote for this Deb and I don't even know her, but she's clearly brave.

Not a Gimmick!

That is the first time I've seen this piece of medical equipment. Here's the thing, I think. Women and their Dr.'s use this "tool" for legitimate medical procedures, with the woman's consent. Thom wants this "tool" to be used on women without their consent! It kind of sickens me!

Deb's Magic Wand

To demagogue this issue and overstate the law's intent shows Deb's true colors, probable ideology and political practice. The law never FORCES a woman to have a trans-vaginal ultrasound and she likely knows this. She is using fear and lies to try to depict Senator Goolsby in a false light. She has no shame. And what's she doing with a vaginal wand in her kitchen anyway???!!!

You're dead wrong, and

You're dead wrong, and probably deliberately so. The law does indeed force a transvaginal probe onto women. The fear and lies are on your side of the issue, not Butler's.

Typical uninformed liberal.

Typical uninformed liberal.

§ 90-21.85. "Perform an obstetric real-time view of the unborn child on the pregnant woman."

Hey, MoronErl.... would you

Hey, MoronErl.... would you want something involuntarily shoved in any of your private places?????

Erl, you are probably a

Erl, you are probably a geezer living some kind of fantasy that life was so much better in your "day". You are the uninformed sycophant who has drunk the koolaid spewed by the tea party. Maybe your children or who ever you are depending on should consider limiting your access to the internet.

Do not vote for Sen. Goolsby

This is not fear. Senator Goolsby will pass this into law if R/R gets Obama/Biden 2012 and we will not worry about cruel things like this one. Also our poor children will be able to have More at Four, free lunches and food stamps with our President Obama.

Don't forget

About all the other "free" items the government passes out. Free cell phones, medical care, housing, day care and so many more. It all comes free from the government, not from us working fools that pay taxes.


hey, you "working fool". do you, or any of your friends send your kids to public school, especially while you are off being "working fools"? well, as a homeowner in NHC, most of my property taxes pay for your, and your friends' mouth-breather offspring to attend those schools. i, however, home school my kid. he has never utilized anything from that system, yet i pay for it. on top of that, people with NO children pay for it..and actually, more of my money goes to that, than your money goes to any "entitlement" program for the poor. maybe you should make an angry post about those awful children, leeching off of those of us that work, so that people like you can have free childcare all day. is reality is reality and I think a strong, powerful effective ad.

visual aids

part of being a good leader is to teach. part of being a good teacher is to use visual aids. why is everyone up in arms about Butler's ad? all she did was display the medical instrument that women who face this decision will be forced to have inserted into their vagina. if Goolsby was willing to vote for the forced invasion of a woman's vagina, he shouldn't be crying foul that Butler provided a visual aid for the legislation he supported.

Deb is right

If Goolsby can vote on requiring a transvaginal test for women, why can't Deb Butler show folks exactly what he voted for. That is honest and evidently Goolsby and his party just don't want to discuss this in public.

Great ad!

Great ad!


What a ridiculous question. Its a medical device not a dildo.

Deb Butler's ad

Of COURSE this ad should be aired!
If you think this is tasteless, wait until Ghoulsby's Goons follow you into your gyn office to monitor your most private decisions.
Butler is making sure women understand what's at stake here, the lengths to which Ghoulsby has already gone to degrade our rights. If you don't like the idea of being a transvaginal probe rape victim, vote this SOB out of office.
Butler is a courageous champion of ALL the citizens of this county, not just Ghoulsby's teabagger bullies.

facts are difficult

Facts are difficult for many right-wingers. They want to have these things used on women without their choice. Women should have nothing like this done without exercising free choice. If it offends you to see it on tv, first grow up, then vote against it being forced on upon the body of a free entity, even though she is a woman. Try to consider women as having equal rights to men---I know that might be hard for folks who are followers of Goolsby, but just use your imagination.

Deb Butler's ad

While I am sure there are many parents & grandparents who had an uncomfortable time explaining what a transvaginal probe is, this is important for women now & in the future, including those children who are now asking questions. Bravo, Deb Butler!

So called conservative

So called conservative politicians always seem confound themselves and us when it comes to what they consider the priorities of government. They're all for big talk on reducing government but are more than willing to expand it in these busy body efforts to control social behavior.

Deb, thank you so much for

Deb, thank you so much for standing up for women. I continue to be amazed that women's health is up for debate. We are being targeted and we need women like you to represent us. Thank you, and please don't give up! I am a college senior and I appreciate having a role model like you.

If it can be a law, it can be an ad

If anyone thinks it's ok to force this upon women, then it can certainly be an ad made to show folks what it looks like and give them an idea of what women are being forced to do. If your in favor of the rule then you certainly can't oppose this.

poll concerning Deborah Butler's use of an vaginal wand in ad

I continue to be AMAZED that even as issues concerning women's most personal healthcare choices & laws that spell out specific invasive procedures to be performed on women are brought up by men in public, political & legislative arenas, women who then oppose those specific, invasive policies & procedures are deemed inappropriate, 'unladylike',nagging,rude, complaining, mean-spirited -actually, there is a dictionary full of words that are used as veiled, subtle & manipulative posings meant to put women 'in their place'.
If, indeed,a private, often agonizing choice & the attending procedure is going to be argued in the public forum, the specific details involved are part of the discussion.


Abortion is a difficult and complex issue most often related to unwanted pregnancy. Sometimes it's a health issue. Circumstances differ, but I believe the last thing we need is legislators involved in the decision making process of someone having to to make a difficult decision like this. So, yes, I think it's appropriate for Ms. Butler to graphically point out that Mr. Goolsby has, by his votes, imposed his will on another in a way that is totally inappropriate. And, by the way, that mandate is also unfunded to assist those it controls.

What's next? Mr. Goolsby and his peers could decide that in order to buy a double cheeseburger and fries one has to be weighed, their body mass index calculated, and buy an annual permit. Obesity is reportedly a critical health issue in the US. The legislature needs to stick to it's knitting...roads, schools, tax reform, and governance for the welfare of the citizenry rather than imposing their often bigoted will in areas that are none of their business.

Very well put!

Very well put!

turn about fair play

It is just as fair for her to use the vaginal wand against him as it is for him to get involved in women's issues. It boggles my mind to hear men telling women what they have to do with their own bodies. How about telling men they can't take Viagra?



I know!

I can't believe how barbaric the republicans are becoming! Get them out of the barrel of women's healthcare. So glad Deb Butler has the guts to point it out. Go Deb!

YES! One of the best

YES! One of the best politcal ads I've ever seen.

I would rather see a

I would rather see a transvaginal, ultrasound probe on TV than have it forced into my vagina. Thank you, Deb for standing up for women!