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Do you think North Carolina should secede from the Union again?

58% (390 votes)
38% (255 votes)
Don't know/Don't care
4% (24 votes)
Total votes: 669


It's not just republicans, there are millions of democrats who also have had enough of Obama and didn't vote for him. Look at the total states Romeny won but because of some elite electorial votes we have a president we have had enough of. He is ruining this great country and a lot of us want it to stop! one way or another. all but a few states would still be together. only a few would be left to wallow and cry by the time Obama finishes another year.

Okay let's get something

Okay let's get something straight. The reason Obama won was because of the Latino vote mostly in California with 55 electoral points alone. With 93% of voting blacks voting for Obama you can't say it wasn't racist! People are tired of working hard for what they have and then having so much taken by taxes and given to people that are capable of working but aren't . I know this wont change anyone's mind as to what side they support , but its the truth! This election was decided by people with a vested interest in the candidate promising to provide for them with the US credit card.