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Parent files criminal charges against bullying kids

The parent of a Cumberland County 7th grader said her daughter is getting bullied by classmates. She also claims the principal will not stop it. Twelve-year-old Allyson Inman claims several classmates make rude remarks to her daily, and one even touched her inappropriately. Now her mother is filing criminal charges against the kids she said are bullying her daughter. The Southview Middle School principal said the school conducted an investigation about Inman's complaints. Cumberland County sheriff's detectives said it will take about a week to investigate her complaint and file charges.

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certainly says something too. When one does not stand up for oneself, one is then subject to being taken over. World War II would have been decidely different had some nations chosen to stand up to Adolf rather than appease him. Might Cold War have been avoided had Patten been allowed to continue his eastward march rather than halt at the river to allow the Russians to grab territory? Korea might have been markedly different, and who knows perhaps Cold War might have been avoided, had McArthur been allowed to cross the Yalu River. History repeats itself. Unfortunately, there are agressors. One can either stand up to that challenge; or roll over and assume a fetal position. Or have your Mommy step in; but one day Mommy might not be there. And how will Junior compete in the business world, or the world at large, if Mommy fights his battles and he fails to learn to respond to challenges?

Quite True

those who can stand and deliver. Those who can not run to Mommy crying and she gets the counselor in an uproar. Twenty years later, Junior still needs a counselor to make the most basic decisions he might face.

As kids get older, I

As kids get older, I agree...they have to learn to take care of their own problems. But not in elementary or even middle school. And with the way things are now, you get into a fight at school you get suspended for 10 days. Get into a second fight and you are long term suspended, meaning you are done at that school for the rest of the year.

You never fight at school!

You find the bully away from school and do whatever is necessary to extinguish his interest in bullying you. It can be very therapeutic and beneficial for the bully. I never again goofed on stutterers after Caeser D'Agostino busted up my lips and gave me a great shiner. Thank God I went to school at a time when the nuns would stop the fight, take us to the gym, and have us put on the gloves. We're raising a nation of pansies....and I'm being temperate in my language. There's a far more descriptive word for it.

Common, what if the bully is

Common, what if the bully is quite a bit older than the victim? Oftentimes bullies have been held back and are older than their classmates. My nephew was attacked on school grounds by a boy that was three years his senior. This boy took off his belt and struck my nephew several times. My sister bypassed the school and went straight to the police. Situation taken care of. Also, things have changed much since you had kids in school. If your daughter was in school today, she would most likely have to not only deal with rude jokes, but also mean e-mails, internet ridicule, and maybe even embarrassing photos sent to classmates' cellphones. This kind of harassment is commonplace today and most children can't handle it on their own. It's time for adults to stop turning a blind eye to bullying.

Was the situation really taken care of...

...or has Chapter II simply not played out yet? Oft times the bullying gets worse if the bully thinks that the victim won't stand up for him or herself, and brings in outside assistance. I'm not saying that in severe cases, parents, school employees, or even police don't need to be involved. Most bullying, however, will end if the victim sets the bully on his or her butt. Some kids do it physically, some do it intellectually and through humor. A person has to decide what works for them in a given situation. If our kids are now incapable of accomplishing that, then I'd suggest that WE did it to them. Kids were far better off watching John Wayne and Roy Rogers than Sesame Street and Barney. We learned to stand up for ourselves and what was right.


I thought long and hard before 'wading' into my son's battle with his bully. My husband and I tried everything we could think of to help him deal with this issue, even going so far as to tell him to stand up for himself and push back. We assured him that even if he got in trouble at school he would not get in trouble at home as long as he was taking up for himself. However, my son is a passive aggressive person. He won't stand up for himself. He is a larger kid who is afraid of hurting others if he loses control of his anger. But this child wasn't just taunting him with words, there was physical activity involved and I, as a parent, would be remiss in my duty as his mother to stand by and do NOTHING! I agree, children need to learn to deal with certain situations on their own. But when my child begins to wet his bed and have panic attacks at just the thought of going to school then my intervention is required. I want my children to be strong adults and to stand up for themselves and not let others walk all over them. At the same time, there will be occasions where I need to stand up and say 'Enough is enough'!

Bullying is done not only by students...

I find this article quite interesting after a phone call I just received from a friend of mine that has been substitute teaching in New Hanover Co. this year. She indicated how upset she was at the way the TEACHERS talked and discussed the students. This was at an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. We just finished a conversation, not related to this article, in regards to this. How can you expect students to show respect to one another when they don't even receive it from their teachers? These were comments made in regards to students hair, clothes, etc. I think there should be an internal investigation on all levels in regards to bullying...


I pulled my child out of school until the principal took a more proactive stance against the child who was bullying my son. I left messages at the school explaining why he was not in school and if I did not receive a call or more was done I was going to the school board and the superintendent regarding the matter. I also mentioned going to the media as well. When the principal heard this, measures were taken to insure my son's safety and stronger disciplinary actions were taken against the other child. Parents, don't stand by and wait for the school system to do anything. If you don't stand up for your child, no one else will!!!!

My hat is off to the parent and children

CHOAS to the parents, children for standing up and doing something about bullies. It is wrong. Schools should think next time they say they don't have any money. Stop this kind of stuff you won't be sued. What a brave young lady for telling someone to start with. kids are scared to tell this kinda of stuff. I have had the same thing happen to my child with special needs. My kid sat in a classroom with 28 other kids and two teachers, And a girl punch my child in the leg 19 times with a stick off the play ground. Nobody said or did anything When I told the school to let the parents of this child that I will press charges things starting changing. It is a shame that it has to come to that. but, that is not what we got to school for. and Parents start teaching right from wrong at home. Kids live by example. I found that girls are just as mean as the boys. So look at both sides. GREAT GOING KID FOR STANDING UP AND TELLING.


I wish I had done this when my child was being bullied. The school administration and resource officers and staff need to take a more proactive act inorder to protect our young people from bullies as well as believe them. Bulling is not the victums fault! And should not be treat as such. Bullies can be everywhere. Look for the less obvious and there are your worst bullies.


I wish my parents had done the same thing when I was young and the target of schoolyard bullies. Bullying that is not stopped causes its victims to take matters into their own hands on some occasions, which is the reason for at least some school shootings.