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Parents say school bullying pushed daughter toward suicide


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Bullying is a big problem in many schools. Sometimes it pushes young people to take their own lives.

A New Hanover County teen has threatened suicide because she cannot stand the torment from her classmates. To protect the girl from more bullying, WWAY is not publishing any names. The parents of the girl tell WWAY their daughter has been mocked, called names, and even pushed down the stairs by her classmates. They don't think the school is doing enough.

"She was being picked on in a class to the point where she finally stood up and said she could not take it anymore and that she wanted to kill herself," the mother said.

It's been about two weeks since Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi took his life after he was bullied. The local mom is afraid her daughter will be next.

"I have talked with my child, talked with her everyday," she said. "I give her the reassurance that she is pretty, she is loving, she is a nice person, to keep her head up and walk high."

The upset mother said Holly Shelter Middle School suspended the 11 students who bullied her daughter, but the tormenting has not stopped. She said she talked to the school resource officer, who she says told her he did not have enough evidence.

"Don't have enough evidence to press any charges of the young ladies that pushed my daughter down the steps," she said. "So as far as I know, a slap on the wrist to me, an in-school suspension for a couple days is not enough for a punishment. Zero tolerance means zero tolerance. One time. That's it. That's all it takes."

The New Hanover County School Board could not talk specifically about the case because it violates privacy laws, but administrators say the parents need to take the matter up with them.

"If a parent doesn't believe that the school has done what they need to do in investigating it fully, we have someone down here that will investigate it," Assistant Superintendent Rick Holliday said. "We investigate claims of bullying all the time."

The parents have their daughter in counseling and are discussing other educational options. They say if the bullying continues, they're considering transferring her to another school or putting her in private school.

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If you strike a child

If you strike a child you teach them only to strike. Read the studies and learn that violence begets violence. Spanking was made illegal for a reason. It IS physical, and psychological abuse to spank a child. Furthermore, studies have shown that a child who is spanked will engage in violent acts as a child and adult and have aggression issues. Take your rage out on something else. Prayers to the family.

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi. I

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi. I was spanked and I have never been a violent person. Your quoting liberal "child experts" whose kids turn out to be some of the worst. You bring spanking back into schools and you will see a level of respect not seen in a long time. By the way, there is a difference in "spanking a child" and "beating a child". A huge difference.


Amen! I'm sick of these whimpy liberals with all their live and let live flower child attitudes! If anyone did a little research on timelines, and look at when crime, and the decline of decency and morals actually started going thru the roof, it's directly related to this BS belief that spanking and discipline was the reason for violent behavior! This is not only ridiculous, but ignorant! If the consequences are not equal to the behavior the behavior will continue! Anyone who claims to be Christian and reads the Bible cannot dispute this! Spare the rod spoil the child! Theses bullies know they are protected by this liberal society! They know they will not get any more done to them than a vacation at home for a few days! Tell me, if you knew as an adult you could get away with a crime like assault, and all that would happen would be you had to be on house arrest for a few days, what would you do? Come to think of it that actually does happen...this is exactly why this country's going to hell at the speed of light! No suitable consequences for crime on any level. When I was in school in the '70s bullies weren't tolerated the way they are now by schools, teachers, or students! People are whimper now! No one stands up for right anymore because it's not politically correct! I'm glad my children are grown and out the public school system, for more than one reason. But I'm scared for my grandchildren and all children who can no longer depend on the very people who are responsible for defending and protecting them from these bad apples who have spineless whimps for parents, or even worse parents who are bullies and encourage the behavior! Shame on this society! Judgement day is coming!


I was spanked, my parents were spanked and my child was spanked. NONE of us have ever been violent or involved in any violent acts. None of us have aggression issues. How many people do you know that were spanked (NOT beaten) as children ?

The fear of knowing i could get a spanking in school certainly kept me from acting out. I must add I never received a spanking in school but I knew it could happen. There are a few kids that need it cause their parents wont.

As a matter of fact

I know MANY families who didn't spank and beat their children. All turned out very well mannered and behaved. Probably due to good breeding and parenting, so sorry you and your family never learned how to do it the right way where you aren't abusing your children.

About spanking, it is still child abuse

none the less. There are much better ways to parent a child without taking out YOUR frustrations on them. Maybe you and your family didn't know how to do it but it can be done. Go hit the books.


Prayer has nothing to do with this issue. Bowing your head to an imaginary friend does not stop you from being bullied I can assure you. I quit praying when I was thirteen and I can assure you it didn't cause me to become a bully or be a victim of a bully.

New Hanover County Schools SLACK w/ protection

New Hanover COunty Schools Board members have never wanted the "bad" publicity that comes with bullying therfore it is hush, hush.
Deputies CAN'T deal with it, unless they see it happen, THEn they STILL have to get school officials. They need to let LEO do their jobs, and instead of these saddlebag old hags try8ing to run the school (Won't mention her name at Hoggard in admin) they always push the blame on someone else.. HOWEVER.. IF it were their child, you can bet something would be done about it.
My children have never been the targets of bullies, however it makes both them and I SICK when someone is targeted. YThis story speqks VOLUMES about the type of children which must be raised in the Holly Shelter District.. SICK.. And the problem, is THE PARENTS.
Had my child been suspended for bullying, they STILL would NOT be able to sit down. I cannot believe society tolerates such crap, and parents, you should be ashamed. Your lack of action in dealing with your children at Holly Shelter according to this story makes me SICK.
I hope this parent does release your names to the media so we can see who the pathetic parents of the year are.

Many years ago...

when my youngest son was a student at Bellamy Elementary, he was "jumped" by three boys in his class during recess one day. When I talked to the Vice-Principal, she told me "We have a no beating" policy at Bellamy. I told her that I have a policy with regards to 3-on-1 beatings...My son had my permission to kick the sh*$ out of each of the boys if she didn't take action against them. And if he did as a result of her inaction, no action would be taken against my son.

Bennie Bryant, who sat in on this meeting with the V-P simply smiled and reminded the V-P that my son was bigger than any of the other three boys and that action needed to be taken that day before the other three were hurt.

Of those three...two failed the fourth grade that year and one moved away before school was over for the year.


My grand daughter was bullied at North Brunswick High School last year. When she went to the vice principal she was told she was "to sensative". To sensative when she was surrounded by 4 larger boys and 2 girls circling her. It improved after her grand father went and spoke directly to the principal telling him that he was responsible for our grand daughter from the moment she stepped onto the school bus till she stepped off the bus at the end of the school day and NOTHING had better happen to her...
Mom continue to fight for your daughter and tell her to be strong and tell you everything that happens...Keep good notes and names!!
God Bless and Good Luck


I had to switch schools when I went there because the administrators would do nothing to stop the bullying I was subjected to while there, this was back in 2000. Apparently nothing has changed there.

Thank you!!

Thank you Linda!! I was starting to worry about the public perception of this very real problem. This world doesn't need another example of horrible, insensitive behavior.