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Perdue cuts pay of state employees, teachers

RALEIGH -- North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue has cut the pay of all state employees and teachers by half a percent. Perdue signed an executive order Tuesday that says employees will receive 10 hours of flexible time off in exchange for the loss in pay. She said says the move will save $65 million this year, although that's relatively small compared to the $3 billion budget shortfall the state now expects to see this year. Perdue said in a statement she also has identified ways to close the remaining budget gap. She said that will include more special funds, tapping the state's Savings Reserve Account and using federal recovery dollars. The Democrat said the economic crisis has forced her "to make difficult decisions." (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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take the money from the lottery earnings

If the ad is right north carolina educational lottery has made over a billion dollars. So take it from the lottery. Is there a web sight to see how the money from the lottery is divided out. Its called the north carolina EDUCATIONAL lottery. Pay the teachers. Or we could see the world becoming like the movie idiocracy. Plus it is very hard to send your children to schools were the teachers are only doing what they are payed for. which is now even less.

All state employees are suffering! Not just the teachers!

Almost every one of these "complaints" are coming from teachers, and you're NOT the only one's suffering! The NC department of correction is the second lowest paying job in North Carolina. The d.o.c. and the teachers are "suppose" to be in this together as state employees. Apparently none of you remember the combined campaign the state set up for us. Yet all I am reading are a bunch of selfish people crying about pay cuts! What about all of the ones who are without jobs! One of the biggest problems with the world that we live in is that we don't care about each other anymore! Not until there is another 9-11-01! Stop your self pitty! At least most of us are able to still bring food home for our families with the money we are making from the state.

totally agree

You are right. That was the so called education lottery is supposed to be for. According to a news article posted last week, 99.8 million has been put in a dedicated state fund to help with class size reduction, pre K initiatives, public school construction, and college scholarships. Since March 2006, 825 million has been generated to date, for these programs. For the next fiscal year ending next June 30, there is 385 million in profits to be used. My question is: where is the rest of the money and why isn't it being accounted for?


And I remeber something about most of the proceeds from Safe Light are supposed to go to the schools also. Where is all this money really going????

State money

There are a lot of public educated people that believe red light cameras and lotteries would be intended specifically for schools. All it should have taken would have been to look at Florida's education lottery. What a bunch of stoops.

Pay cuts

I can't afford to loose money like everyone else, but will welcome a cut in pay before a total loss of full time work. Seems to make sense. If you haven't gotten loaded down with debt, a mere .05% is not too much to give.We all need to make a sacrifice to get through these tough times. Quit complaining, can't change what's been done today but wait till elections, change can happen at the polls. Get rid of the spend thrifts.

watch the decimals, dear

.05% is not the same as .5%. Judges and some others were asked to voluntarily give up .05% of their paychecks. Teachers automatically had .5% deducted from checks. Now that we've lost that money, they're not done. Originally it was proposed to reduce the school year by 5 days. At that rate, I would have lost $625 but gained days off. Then it was 10 days. I'd have lost $1250 but gained days off. Now they're not reducing the year. Instead, they're going to reduce teachers' salaries by a proposed 10%. If you're curious, I'm a 9th year teacher making about $38,000 a year. Ten percent of that is $3800. Compare those numbers before you ask me not to complain. At the end of 30 years, I should be making what most of my peers made right out of college. I'm not in it for the money, true, but I do have bills.

Pay cuts

As a state employee (and the wife of a teacher)and a mother of 2 a .05% pay cut is worrisome and a sign of what is to come. As things are going, we should be prepared for further cuts and perhaps even loosing one or both of our jobs. I refuse to be OK with a pay cut when we are both already underpaid. A .05% pay cut is limiting us to such a degree that we will not be able to take our annual trip to see the grandparents. I don't think it is right to assume that this is "mere" for everyone, although I am happy to hear you are doing alright.

Pay cuts

Why is it that we cut teacher pay but then ship in a bunch of interns to get paid $8.25 an hour for 2 months. Sounds like another good place to cut the budget prior to teachers and other workers taking a cut. Also, if Bev is really the democrat she says she is, then why doesn't she cut more of her salary so she can spend it on the state. Yeah, I doubt she would do that. Greed is running rampant.

I will Never understand Why

I will Never understand Why Teachers always separate themselves from regular state employees until something "good" happens then they want to be grouped in with everyone else. As far as our pay reduction, just suck it up! There are a whole lot more people that would just love to have a job. I just hope & pray we will all survive and continue to be fortunate enough to have a job. Of course, we all desire more pay, benefits, and job security; and hopefully, we will all get through this. Teachers, how would you like to be asked or told to stayover another 8 hours after already working one shift--& this could happen at the last minute of your first shift!! Also, how would you like to work every other weekend and most holidays?!


The average teacher works well over 40 hours a week. We put in the average work day with the chidren but we have early morning duty or for me I have to set up each morning and get there at 6:30. I stay late and make the appropriate phone calls, example, set up interpreters, why did your child not come to school today, IEP, PEP, trainings... Have you been in a classroom lately??? On average there are 3 children in each classroom that has some type of emotional, behavioral, or learning disability. When a teacher plans he/she has to take into account all the different types of learners and skill levels they bring to the table. Differentiated instruction, sounds nice but takes a lot of work if you are truly dedicated to your student's success. Try teaching in a classroom where every 10-15 minutes something has set someone off. You have to stop teaching because they have taken away your instructional assistant to stop the chaos. Then you might have to find someone in the hall to watch you class because the situation may have esculated and you have to wait in line for your principal because they have removed your assistant principal. Now during all this time of dealing with a behaviour issue you have lost time for that lesson that day and EOG's are just around the corner. Your children are so far behind because you have been a referee and not a teacher. Oh did I forget to mention they are increasing the class size so lets add one or two more of those children that need that extra attention. Wonder why teachers are stressed about having their pay cut???? Because we are busting our bottoms for 180 days to give these kids a fighting chance and our worth is measured from a child's ability to pass a standardized test. I invite anyone in my class. not a day because heck anyone can handle a day. Spend a week with me. A real week, from the time I enter to the time I leave the school, which can sometimes turn into a 12 hour day. Then tell me that I should not complain about pay cuts, required furlough, and lack of respect...........

obviously, you have no clue

I work well OVER my 40 hours a week. I am at work at 7 to stand duty and work until 5 every day to work with clubs and be available for meetings. In addition, I work just about every Saturday for saturday school and late nights 3 times a week just putting together a yearbook. I well work over my hours. Summers? What summer, I end up having to attend this workshop, that meeting, and this production of practices for NO, don't say we don't do over time!

suck it up?" Are you

suck it up?" Are you kidding me. Obviously you are not a teacher. As far as asking to work 8 more hours after a shift. At least you get paid for your additional 8 hours. I am at school everyday 1 hour before I have to be and 3 hours after school, not to mention the 2-3 hours each night and on weekends. I think I have worked my 8 hours! Try working with 21 kindergartners everyday teaching them to read a level 6 book and writing 5-7 sentences on a given topic. And let's not forget being their doctor, their parent, their counselor, their referee, their friend, and oh----their teacher. You would not last 10 minutes!!!!!! Do not get me wrong I love my job! I am just sick of people like you putting it down. Do not forget it was a teacher that taught you how to read and write!

As a teacher talking to

As a teacher talking to others about this, I have included ALL state employees in my discussion. Overall state employees as a whole make less money than other professions. But to tell us to just "suck it up" is ridiculous. Other states have put a freeze on hiring, but have not decreased the pay of current employees. As an educator, I do not feel that North Carolina values education and it is a shame. Teachers are told we need to work to close the achievement gap, yet they take money away from More at Four, which is geared towards lower income families receiving education for their preschool age children, which has been proven to help close the achievement gap. As far as your comment about being asked to stay another 8 hours after working one shift, I have never met a teacher who only works their 8 hours, then gets to leave, go home and have their own life the rest of the evening. I daily work 9 - 10 hours at school, and then come home to do more work here. We are often working on the weekends to plan and create things for our classroom and students and are spending our own money as well, because the funds for "extras" have never been provided. So no, I don't think I'm better than anyone else as a teacher, but I also don't think education is valued here or that most people understand what a teacher's day is like.

pay cut

I am not a teacher or state employee but I think what is happening to all state employee's is an outrage! However, North Carolina schools have saved money and Bev just took it away. My children all go to school and they are our future and that is why the teachers and parents are so upset. My daughter's school had planned to use the extra money to give the students more incentive to stay in school but now that money is gone and we has parents and teachers have to raise money to accomodate for books and learning supplies. Do not give teachers a hard time about this cut, I know several teachers and they work more than 8 hours a day and they do spend alot of their own money they receive from teaching and put back in their classrooms for learning and student incentives!

Are we appreciated?

I am a 12 year teacher in Guilford County and am furious about the way the pay cut was handled. I understand the reason for it, but the timing is awful We have known for almost a year our budget was short. Why now on our last paycheck before the summer? I have heard Bev Perdue will in fact take the pay cut, which for her comes to $700. But when you take into account that she does not have to pay for food, car, and other expenses that we have to pay, it doesn't really matter to her, since we the taxpayers are paying that for her. Also, I find it interesting that she issued a Proclamation making the Week of May 3 - May 9 teacher appreciation week and to let parents and area businesses know so that they can support us in some way. But the Proclamation was issued on Wednesday, May 7. Oh, I am sure the community will be able to show its appreciation on such short notice. It is hypocritical to "Appreciate" us just 2 weeks after cutting our pay. And then, it is like she gave us an appreciation week and took half of that, too!

Not just teachers!

I was greatful that some of the comments noted that all State employees are working for 10 free hours over the next 2 months. Teachers and the NEA get most of the press, but they are certainly not the only ones affected by the Governor's brilliant plan. Take the furlough in addition to increased insurance and no raises (as far as I know there is no merit raise for anyone besides teachers) including cost of living, we are working for less money then ever before. The State has never given cost of living raises that come anywhere near inflation so the longer you dedicate yourself to the employer, the less you make. The State could never be a private business. It would be shuttered in a month. Also, don't forget your favorite Congressmen who are supporting this. They will have to vote on the final budget. Send them an e-mail and see what you get. I got one no-response at all and 2 very condiscending, "we all have to sacrifice" form letters. The final slap in the face was the letter from our dear Bev telling us how she was going to make sure "North Carolina pays it's bills" by letting us work for free. Guess she doesn't care how the employees will pay theirs!


I think that it is sad that our governor is cutting the pay of our educators, when we (the educators) do not get paid what we should be in the first place. This state is in need of great teachers but we lose a lot of our graduates to surrounding states because they take care of their educators better than North Carolina. The pay rate of Virginia and South Carolina are not even comparable to the salary rates of our state. That is very discouraging as an educator.

No desire to teach for NC

VERY good point. After 4 years of taking out student loans to pay for my edu, I finally graduated. But my degree means nothing since I cannot find a teaching job because of hiring freezes. Now this pay cut makes teaching seem an even less promising career in NC. I have a friend in GA who also just graduated. His education was paid for in full by the state because they realize they need teachers. Also, he has a teaching job waiting for him this upcoming school year. Plus, the pay is better there. I have decided that I have no reason to feel the need to give back to NC. I'm definitely looking for a teaching job in a state other than NC.

I would LOVE to see a

I would LOVE to see a teacher strike

Striking is not the answer.

Striking is not the answer. I grew up in the Chicago public schools in the 80's when the teachers would strike every year. We wouldn't start our school year until October, but we would lose all our holidays, vacations and end up going to school until July. It's not good for the kids.


They cannot strike in NC. It is against the law..

What are they gonna

What are they gonna them? Nurses and doctors in WV weren't allowed to stike either, but they did....and it worked out for them. Someone will always tell you what you can and cannot do, but nothing says you have to listen to them

As a student

As a student I STRONGLY believe everyone should go out and support not only current teachers, but the teachers and professors our parents and grandparents had. EDUCATION IS the single MOST IMPORTANT thing anyone can offer a child. && people wonder why their are soooo many kids that "fall off the path" if we spent more on teachers, they would most likely want to teach a little better and a little more

How much of a pay cut is

How much of a pay cut is state government willing to take?

You Backed Her

I do believe NCAE-NEA backed her all the way. I guess you got what you wanted..

So much for the "education" governor

Has anyone looked at next year's budget? Guess what part gets the 2nd biggest paycut?? Teacher pay! In the revised proposal 26 million $ is cut from educator pay. And they wonder why this state has trouble recruiting and retaining quality educators? Of all the surrounding states, NC is the lowest paying, they just raised health insurance fees and they are now taking money from their teachers. Gee, if I was a teacher would I want to work in NC. I went right over the state line to teach in Virginia where educators are respected and appreciated. Oh and by the way my cost of living here is less than what I was paying in NC so you can shove that arguement you know where. Until NC begins to cut unneeded spending, cuts "pet projects" from their budget, cut money spent on standardized testing and cuts money on the revolving door curriculum policies that they spend so much money on every 3 to 5 years, they will never be able to afford the best teachers. Which means they will have to settle for what they get. I guess they don't care about that because none of the legislators send their kids to public schools!

What irritates me is that we

What irritates me is that we are asked to shoulder the load for their mismanagement of funds. Why are State employees being singled out as the only ones who have to give back? Here's the answer... It was easier for her to take back State employee's pay b/c there would no appeals. It could be done but the average Joe would fight tooth and nail if she tried to get at their money. What most people believe is that we will just lay down and take it. It would be more fair to take $5 from every tax payer in the state, that would equate to more than enough to erase our budget problems while asking everyone to contribute, not just public servants. Hope she enjoys her 3 years in office because educators in this state will be supporting someone else next election. Maybe we can finally vote out a Dem. and change things in this State for the better.


I have been a teacher for 21 years. Year after year I see millions of tax payers money being spent on standardize testing for grades 3-12. Actually it probably adds up into the billions! Is this costly testing really necessary every year? Logically I think money could be saved by cutting some testing out.

tax money spent on testing

I have been trying to find out how much money our state spends on standardized testing each year. I'm beginning to think this is a secret. I think this needs to be in the newspapers and on the six o'clock news and tax payers would be upset and maybe things would change!!! If anyone knows the answer to this question please let me and others know!