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Perdue cuts pay of state employees, teachers

RALEIGH -- North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue has cut the pay of all state employees and teachers by half a percent. Perdue signed an executive order Tuesday that says employees will receive 10 hours of flexible time off in exchange for the loss in pay. She said says the move will save $65 million this year, although that's relatively small compared to the $3 billion budget shortfall the state now expects to see this year. Perdue said in a statement she also has identified ways to close the remaining budget gap. She said that will include more special funds, tapping the state's Savings Reserve Account and using federal recovery dollars. The Democrat said the economic crisis has forced her "to make difficult decisions." (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Not Bad

I agree... as a NHC employee, a .5% pay cut seems like a gift, compared to what we're dealing with! 1700 employees are bearing the brunt of our county's multi-million dollar short-fall.

Smart Politics

Thats a great idea. Lets cut back on teachers pay even more, so we can have more good teachers walk away from their jobs. How about these suits look into their own pockets for a change rather then cutting back everyone else. Honestly when was the last time we saw a cut in any kind of political position? I understand there is a great degree of responsibility that comes with the job, however that same responsibility should drive them to take paycuts from the higher paying jobs they sit in, then to take away from the schools and the people who voted them in. Maybe what they want is children not to be able to read anymore, I suppose that would cut back political advertising costs a lot. Hey then they can buy another 3 houses, a new Lexus each year, and get some more tax write-offs with that extra hard earned money. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is politics done right.

teach outside NC

You said it exactly, the last place budget cuts should be found are in education. My God, education is the foundation to everything. They're increasing class sizes through hiring freezes which encourages graduates to teach in other states than NC. When I began college I planned to teach in NC. Now there are hardly any teaching jobs because of hiring freezes and layoffs, and the state is decreasing teacher's pay. I graduated last month, and guess what? I'm still working a retail job, and I have not had a single interview to be a teacher. Even if I have to go to Mississippi, which is about the only state that pays teachers less than NC, I'll do it. At-least they appreciate, welcome, and hire teachers there. Teachers give soooo much...I could have easily chosen a different major in which I would make more money and had an instant job. But I have chosen to teach because that is what I want to do. North Carolina does not appreciate that though, so I definitely plan to go to a state that will appreciate me for what I do. But since our politician's children don't go to public schools, it doesn't matter to them. I grew up in one of poorest counties in this state, so I know all about a poorly funded education. Hello! We're going in reverse here. What's next? One room school-houses with high school grads teaching the class because no college grads will stoop to that level of pay???


someone please help me to understand... I thought that the NC "Education" lottery revenue was allocated to go the NC schools. They are advertising over 1 billion was made from the sale of tickets. Where is this money going or should I say who's pocket is it going in if our schools are having to cut back and lay off teachers and assistants.

I think that what needs to

I think that what needs to be questioned with the lottery is this... yes the lottery provides schools with money, however why is it that the schools are then penalized and money is subtracted elsewhere from their budget? Why even bother giving them money? I'm really thinking twice about supporting the lottery. Where does it really go? And as for the pay decreases.... Bev you should be ashamed! Why not make sacrifices with your higher payed officials rather than kicking those that can barely meet their bills now? And the same goes for the homeowners insurance increase! What are you thinking?


I agree with you. I don't understand it either. I thought the lottery money was going to be strictly for education. At the school my nephew attends, they have to share books. Can you believe that. Not enough books for every child. This is beyond ridiculous. He has to do his homework off of copied material the teacher gives him because he does not have a book. Whoever is benefiting from this money that is supposed to go to education, I hope they can't sleep at night. Our children are being shafted because of someone's greed. It's time all teachers and teacher assistants take a stand and voice an opinion. Politics should never be an issue of intimidation to keep your mouth shut whenever our children are suffering because of our silence.

Why do they have to cut the

Why do they have to cut the teachers pay? Aren't they the ones helping our children?? Why can't they cut the Senator's pay or the Governor's pay? Or any of the other people who are in the political field???

Fine Print

I like how the memo they sent out says that the cut exempts elected officials. I'm sure her "tough decisions" would be a little tougher if she were actually affected. I bet she could stand to live off about half of her salary. Just throwing that out there.

While I am thankful to have

While I am thankful to have a job at all, it is depressing to have your pay cut on top of your insurance going up and your local supplement being questioned as well. It seems like there could be another group in which to cut some from as well as teachers.

It's a shame that teachers,

It's a shame that teachers, the people that make future doctors, lawyers and public officials, are forced to take a pay cut. These folks are among the lowest paid out there for what they do. Thank you greedy people for putting us in this position.

Overseas teachers are one of

Overseas teachers are one of the highest paid professions as well as doctors. It sounds like someone has it right!!

Pay cut for State Employees

I am very frustrated with our Government. Please take the time to search the internet for a copy of the executive order no.11. I don't mind contributing my part to help the economy to keep from losing jobs altogether; however I feel that if we are in this together then NO ONE should be exempt. Please see section 2 which states (2)That this plan does not apply to those STATE OFFICERS whose salaries are protected from reduction by Article III, Section 9 and Article IV, Section 21 of the Constitution." (taken straight from the website). Are these not the ones who have contributed in getting us in this mess to begin with? Also take a look at their salaries...probably higher than yours!

My husband is a DOC worker,

My husband is a DOC worker, he doesn't make that much as it is. They are short staffed and over worked. He asked his Lt. last night about the 10 hours, and the Lt.said when he found out how they are to use it he would let him know. In an already struggling economy, I guess we (the little people) are to starve and go homeless.

Where is the Billion Dollars?

So why is there an ad on televisioin touting the fact that one billion dollars was raised for NC educatioin via the lottery? Where did that money go????

Article is in-correct

You might want to go READ the actual Executive Order. "Perdue signed an executive order Tuesday that says employees will receive 10 hours of flexible time off in exchange for the loss in pay." This is in-correct. We, State Employees, must take 10 hours OFF WITHOUT PAY, in addition to the .5 pay cut. The 10 hours is "not in exchange".

Let Mrs. Perdue know...

if you disagree with this decision! What comes next?? Email address:

.05% cut for teachers

I'm at teacher...if having a pay cut of .05% (ave. of about $200 per teacher) means keeping our jobs, no "big whoop!" Way too many unemployed people in this country to worry about $4 per week cut. We could all use a 10 hour furlough after the EOG's anyway!

$4 per week paycut? That

$4 per week paycut? That would be fine, if it was made in $4 increments, but the entire amount is coming out of one check. The last check before summer break. The last check until the end of August. $4 a week we could do. $200 at once--no.

yeah 10 hours that we can

yeah 10 hours that we can only use when the students are not in school, otherwise it's coming out of our pockets to pay for a sub.

teacher pay

The governor has passed a bill that will cut 0.5% of all state employees' pay now through June 1. In return, she has promised 10 hours of flex time. Teachers have no days that they can leave work to use this "flex" time. I would think that she (Perdue) would know this better than anyone else. She was a teacher!!!!!

!0 Flex Hours

What good does it do to give teachers 10 flexible hours off? If a teacher takes a day off from school the school system has to pay a substitute to fill the teachers class. This forces teachers to take teacher workdays off that many of us vitally need to prepare for future lessons. This is ridiculous. I have an idea...why not cut taxes so we have more to spend which would increase much needed revenue to the state?


The 10 hours CANNOT be taken while students are in school. I'm not sure what time that leaves other than workdays, which I actually use for work. Awesome job, Bev.

I think we should ALL take

I think we should ALL take the SAME day off! Shame on you Beverly Perdue. The wording makes it look like we are losing pay, but gaining something. We are actually losing twice- not gaining anything. Being forced to take off what would be a paid workday --and not get paid or get much needed work completed! We are already expected to be “Highly Qualified”, (spend our own money making sure we continue to stay highly qualified), are held accountable to make sure that each of the students in our over-crowded classrooms is not only performing at or above grade-level, but is prepared to pass the ever increasing state mandated assessments. We provide multiple individualized accommodations daily for all students including those with special needs and those who have disruptive behavior disorders, work extra hours after school and on Saturdays to help students that have too many absences or are at risk of failing, we are assigned to committees and have extra curricular duties, we make sure our students are well fed and have enough exercise, we must provide ways for students to learn positive character traits and we must enrich them with global awareness, ETC!!! I'm sure that Beverly Perdue, back in her days of teaching, never experienced anything even close to the overwhelming accountability we have to manage daily. How many more kicks can our guts take?

cutting teacher's pay

i am the husband of the teacher for 3 years. by the way Bev Purdue,i lost my job after 15 yrs of service with one company, now your taking MORE money out of my wife's and my pockets.....thanks Bev Purdue!!

flex time

My understanding from the article in the News and Observer, it's not really "flex time"- it is a REQUIRED 10 hours state employees MUST take WITHOUT pay, in addition to our .5 loss in pay. So we're not really receiving anything in place of the paycut- its a lose, lose situation. Thanks Bev.

I agree

I was a teacher too. They cut my pay by .5% AND made me take 10 hrs of Furlough. Why should we be cut twice! I was a more at four teacher in the public school system and my family qualifies for services. If I had a four year old child, we would qualify! What's wrong with this picture!

Gov. cuts teacher pay

My entire family teaches. I tried to tell them what was coming. In fact, I asked them....who in Raleigh...dem or rep had ever...ever supported the teachers....none except when they wanted their vote. AT least the reps have been honest about it!!