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ONLY ON 3: Petrolino passenger hurt in crash that kills driver

READ MORE: Petrolino passenger hurt in crash that kills driver

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- She was one of the passengers in may's alleged huffing and driving crash in Wrightsville Beach earlier this year. Tonight Corine Silverberg is in intensive care in Raleigh after another crash that killed a man.

Police say Randi Petrolino and two friends were huffing dust cleaner while driving over the Wrightsville Beach draw bridge in May. Petrolino blacked out and hit a tree. All three were OK, but one of Petrolino's passengers, Corine Silverberg, was involved in another accident saturday night, and this time she was seriously hurt.

Raleigh Police say the 20-year-old Silverberg was a passenger in Louis Canino's car at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday. They were driving on Louisburg Road near Interstate 540 in Raleigh when police say Canino's car crossed the center line and hit support beams for a road sign.

Canino, 22, died at the scene. Silverberg is in the Neurointensive Care Unit at WakeMed in Raleigh. Another passenger, Ashley Waltman, is listed in serious condition.

Police say Canino was speeding, but it is unclear if alcohol was involved.

According to Wrightsville Beach Police, alcohol and chemical inhalants were factors in the May accident. Petrolino faces her second DWI charge along with seven other crimes in that crash, which add to an already extensive record.

Canino also had a lengthy rap sheet. He was charged with hit and run earlier this month. Last year, he was convicted of a drug charge. He has also been convicted of reckless driving, speeding, breaking and entering, theft and open container.

Police are still investigating Saturday's accident and may perform an autopsy on Canino to see if drugs or alcohol were involved.

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No one ever got a DWI for two drinks. The problem is the math. 2x3=6


wow.....carl. do you have a heart? your comments are sickening.

who are you to judge? who is Hailey Winslow to judge?

we are not perfect people. you are not perfect. your daughter is not perfect. Ms. Winslow is not perfect. we are not meant to be perfect.

we are all sinners....the lacking of compassion, respect, good manners in this article and in these comments is quite disturbing.

I mourn and rejoice in Louis' life today- for his friends and family. I pray for the other two young ladies involved.
but most of all i pray we ALL.........
Live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. 1 Peter 3:8

So, how were Louis's actions

So, how were Louis's actions compassionate and respectful of others? Sounds to me like he did what he wanted, when he wanted to and didn't care who got hurt.
As for your Bible quotes, isn't there something in there about "you shall know him by his fruits." Well, Louis's fruits are rotten. No one may be perfect, but there is a difference between my daughter and these fools. My daughter is trying to live right and she learns from her mistakes. Her mistakes include failing a math test because she didn't study enough, not killing other people while out on a drug induced joyride. Big difference.

I believe you have severely

I believe you have severely missed the point of the "compassion" comment. And you apparently lack some yourself. There is NOT evidence at this point that drugs had anything to do with what you have already concluded was a " drug-induced joyride." You point fingers and jump to conclusions like many who have commented already. Yes, there was a pattern of wreckless behavior and risk taking. But to think that Louis ever intended to hurt another? That is a conclusion that you truly are leaping to. Truth be known, no one knows at this point if this crash could have been prevented. And while he and his passengers may have made some unwise choices along the way, no one can say that Louis, nor his passengers, deserved what happened to them. May you never have a child or loved one in what could have been, as far as you know, an accident, have things so malicious and slandering written about them. And as far as judging Louis' character goes, you and everyone else seems bound and determined to draw your conclusions from his "rap sheet" alone. A rap sheet is part of the story. You are, however, unfairly leaving out the rest of his life. You have no right to draw conclusions based on his "fruit" unless you know more about him. And you don't! You don't (didn't) know Louis, much as I don't know you. While I'd like to say that I hope your daughter has better role models than you, I can't say that. I don't know you. I'd like to judge you after reading your "my daughter is better than..." explanation, but I can't. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you are a concerned father who is grateful that his daughter was not in a similar accident. But I would love to look you in the eye and tell you that YOU ARE IN THE WRONG to judge Louis as you have.

This is the heart of the matter: Louis was a best friend. Louis was a brother. Louis was a son. Louis was a neighbor. Louis was a cousin. Louis was a nephew. Louis was a lot of things - He was and always will be more than his “rap sheet” regardless of what they say.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your understanding and your compassion. There but for the grace of God.........

Has nothing to do with the grace of God

It has everything to do with not huffing dusting sprays, driving drunk, and acting like and idiot. This isn't something that happened because they were damned. It doesn't not happen to others because they are blessed. God has nothing to do with it! It has to do with cause and effect. Cause: drunkenness, drugs, illegal behaviors, etc. Effect: One dead jerk, one injured party girl, and one party girl turned potato head.


Carl, your seemingly thoughtful arguments unwound into a hurtful, wreckless, disrepectful, and inhumane "cause" and "effect" diatribe that I will not even quote. Please think before you write if you ever want people to take you seriously again.

And Carl, In addition to my prayers for Mr. Canino's family and friends as they mourn his loss, and my prayers for healing and recovery for his two hospitalized passengers, I will also be praying for you. In all sincerity, I will pray for you and your heart.

Another Thought

This was a senseless tragedy that could have been avoided if the courts would do their duty.

I pray for all of the families involved. I feel I have a unique perspective regarding this type of situation as my daughter was killed as the result of the actions of an impaired driver in May 2010. We need to realize that some drivers will not change their behavior and will continue with their irresponsible actions, both on the road and off. This gentleman, as well as the one who killed my daughter had extensive records. Where were the Courts?

The warnings were there.It was just a matter of "when".

In Mr. Canino's case he crossed the center line and struck guardrails.
In my daughter's case the driver crossed the center line and struck her head-on. There were no skid marks as she didn't have time to react and was killed instantly.

I believe public safety trumps the rights of those who commit these acts. I am not judging their soul or lifestyle, only their actions.

That is the only thing that matters.....

I have learned a lot since my daughter's death regarding how the legal system works. These drivers continually have serious cases dismissed. I have been told by those in the courts that the caseload is so excessive that these drivers fall through the cracks.

Our out rage and anger should also be focused on a legal system that allows these drivers to be on our roads. Any one of you reading this can have a loved one or family member killed by one of these drivers.
You pass them on the road every day.

As for what we can do, I can only say that my daughter's killer will go to trial in Brunswick County next year. I will insist that no plea bargaining occur and the killer have a jury trial. I will also notify all local News media as to what is happening during the trial and the ruling of the presiding judge. If they continue to release these irresponsible drivers they need to be held accountable. That is at the ballot box and through legal means if necessary.I will also work to change our laws to keep the drivers off of our roads and have them serve jail time if necessary.

Nothing will bring my daughter back. I will do what I can to see her death helps tighten these laws as well as see that justice is served to those who's life is devastated by these reckless drivers.

Are you with me?

Seriously, Thank you. The

Seriously, Thank you.
The only jerk is carl by a long shot.
I guess carl is an absolutely perfect person right? Never made a mistake, no regrets? Get over youself carl, no one cares for comments like yours.

Some people will never

Some people will never learn. She obviously makes poor choices when picking friends. It's too bad that she didn't learn anything from the accident in May. This time her stupidity might just kill her. My sympathies to the families of both young people.

Stupid people

I have found the people with the biggest mouths spewing crap about other peoples kids usually end up getting the surprise of their life when they find out what their kids are doing when they go out at night. I have seen it time and time again. Maybe someday you,ll be in the same position the Canino family finds themselves in and we can all sit back and talk crap about you dead kid.



Stupid people

Last three words should have read YOUR dead kid , this comment was directed at that moron Carl.