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Pierce jurors watch video of chase

READ MORE: Pierce jurors watch video of chase

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- An emotional day inside the courtroom in the trial of the man accused of murder in the death of a Wilmington police officer. Today the jury watched more than 20 minutes of the dash-cam video of the pursuit Feb. 18, 2009, that led to the death of Ofc. Richard Matthews.

Jurors paid close attention to the video. The most obvious emotional reaction in the courtroom came from Matthews's mother. She wiped away tear after tear as the video played on.

The prosecution continued to argue its case that Pierce's actions caused Matthews's death. Matthews joined the chase, but died after crashing into a tree, trying to avoid a box in the road.

As the video played pierce also showed signs of emotion as he sat quietly in his chair glancing at the video from time to time.

"I feel for (Pierce)," said Tim Williams, who worked with Pierce as a trash collector for the City of Wilmington. He came on his only day off this week to show support for his friend, who he says is facing some tough allegations.

"He was already in custody when the officer was coming to the scene," Williams said, "so it's a raw deal."

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1. He should do time for the

1. He should do time for the 2 guns.

2. He should do time for the drugs.

3. He should do time for reckless driving.

Nothing else. You cannot convict a man of a crime he did not commit. He did not kill this police officer. This case is NOT ONLY about this individual criminal and this individual trial. This is about the precedent it sets if he is found guilty. It will open a can of worms that one could only image.

What about these

Maybe not, but you can pile up a crapload of legitimate charges that will put him away for a very long time!!!

What about:

Resisting arrest?

Reckless endangerment of the PUBLIC by motor vehicle?

Failure to stop for a police officer when commanded?

There are an array of other charges that could be levied. The man is a convicted Felon, possessed a firearm, possessed illegal drugs and had to be pursued at high speeds by the police. He is dangerous, had malice intent and total disrespect for the law and the well being of other innocent citizens. The man is a criminal and always will be!

I would personally vote to lock him up in a dog cage made of razor wire for the next 50 years on those charges alone!!!

ill agree with all of those

ill agree with all of those charges you added, but to murder a police officer is a completely different level of person. You may want to generalize, but just because you are a drug dealer does not put you on the level of a cop killer. It just doesn't.

But he DID commit it

Do you understand that under the felony murder doctrine, if a cop shoots an innocent bystander while you are robbing a bank, YOU can be charged with that person's murder?

Mister Pierce's actions indirectly caused Officer Matthews' death. Had Pierce not been trying to evade capture, Matthews would not have been racing at 100 mph to assist, would he?

Time to Man Up..

It is nice to pick and choose what you want to be responsible for. No excuse for his high speed run from the police. End of story. He put more than just that one police officer in danger. Anyone else on or near the roads that night was endangered. Had anyone else died due to his irresponsible and dangerous actions, he'd be liable for them too. If it was your family member that was affected, I'd bet you change your point of view. Its time the excuses stop and people take responsibility for their own actions.


I can put my place in both parties shoes, I've been dealing with corrupt cops for a long time and I can understand how the officer family feel also. but THE OFFICER WAS DRIVING WAY TO FAST AND IT DOESNT MAKE THE DEFENDENT GUILTY. Would the defendent be guilty if a Deer ran out infront of officer? Same difference! it's just all about RACE! Reverse these people and see would the white man be on trial. NOT AT ALL. SEEN IT ALL DONE B4

Oh Please

when all else fails, throw out the race card. If you've been watching the news, it's evident the judge has set a more than fair environment in which the accussed can receive a fair trial.

Why is it you weasels always throw out the race card when you know things are not going your way?

Society is so stacked in your favor already.

His past convictions do

His past convictions do matter, because it shows that he hasn't been dealt with properly in the past...Tax payer money is having to be spent repeatedly to deal with him and to keep him locked up. You probably think he should't have been arrested to begin with? You wouldn't be batting for Pierce if Officer Matthews was a member of you family. "It was a high speed chase that got out of hand" a situation caused by Pierce's actions.

i totally disagree if you

i totally disagree if you are being chased and an officer dies during that chase i believe you should be charged with it, if he didnt run the officers wouldnt have had to chase him, he should sit in jail and think about what he did!!!!!!!!

Do you really think

Do you really think if he would have stopped this would not have happened? First, it's my understanding that the officer wasn't actually chasing him, but responding for back-up. Second, (and it will be interesting to see if the defense brings this up at the trial) this officer was going thru some personal problems and was on edge anyway .... the police department in this town has some cowboys ... they will jump on the accelerator with complete dis-regard for public safety ... why do you think some of them get into law enforcement in the first place? It's not like there is any real minimum requirements for the job ... Just because somebody goes thru some training and gets a uniform and a shinny badge, doesn't make them or their judgment superior ... It's a real shame that these few continue to keep a black cloud over the rest of the department.


you have no idea what you are talking about. yes he was responding for back drive fast for that too. put yourself in the position of the officer who needs the back up, you would want it there as soon as possible. thats what people like you dont understand. cops look out for each other. putting there life on the line to assist another.
no real requirements? lets see you do it
"some training and a uniform" its a shame you think so little of the police. i would be interested to see how you would respond in an emergency. just remember...if you are ever in danger, the first person to help you will be police/ much trash as you talk about them...they will still put themselves in danger for you. its sad you aren't more grateful.