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UPDATE: Pit bull attacks 13-year-old on way to school bus

READ MORE: Pit bull attacks 13-year-old on way to school bus

4/19 UPDATE: Vincent Marchese is home today recovering from his bout with a pit bull Friday. His family says they will file a Dangerous Dog Report against the pit bill and his owner.


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A 13-year-old on his way to the school bus was attacked by a pit bull Friday morning. The attack occurred around 7:30 on Angel Island Road in the Monterrey Heights neighborhood of New Hanover County.

Vincent Marchese says the pit bull jumped the fence and chased after him, biting him in the leg. Marchese had surgery on his leg at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. He says he'd be scared to walk by the home again if the dog was in the yard.

"They should put it to sleep," said Marchese, "or at least do something with it so it doesn't hurt anybody else."

Neighbors say they've seen children taunt the dog before, but they could not say whether or not Marchese was involved. Marchese says he never bothered the dog.

New Hanover County Animal Control says there are no prior reports of the dog running loose, but the pit bull will be confined for 10 days, which is a standard practice for all bite incidents.

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A dog life is more important than human life?

I dont know why WWAY continues to do these animal stories..everytime the consensous is in majority for the dog?? The dog bit a hunk of meat out of a 13 year old CHILD!!! You crucified the Western Shop Owner and now you are attacking a child! I dont know any of these people so Im not an aunt, uncle or mother of this boy but I will tell you this, if that was my child that had been injured I would have taken a gun to the dog myself..I dont care if he provoke the dog, the dog itself has anger conditions that will set him apart from regular dogs..Im sure everyone has read or know someone who was attacked by a pit bull..these dogs are very agressive and to have this dog unchained where CHILDREN..and let me emphasized the word again..CHILDREN catch their school bus at..I mean the posters on here actually think the dog was justified in almost killing that people should be put down too if you think that way..Please tell me when it became that a animal that licks his own behind on a daily basis is of higher value than a human!!!

If you

If you had heard reports of the CHILDREN and other witnesses you would know that the dog was provoked. Secondly, if the animal had ever attacked anyone or even appeared threatening Animal Control would euthanize the animal as you and this unfortunate boy's family would like to see. I would bite someone if they repeatedly poked me with a stick and I'm not a pitbull. Finally, if you did shoot someone's pet they would lock you up on a felony cruelty to animal charge. I hope many children will walk by you cage and harass you perpetually.

lol i totally agree with

lol i totally agree with this.


If you knew what you were talking about you would know they do noe euthanize for that.But you don't.And you can legally shoot a og in your yard if you see your life is in that measure of danger.And a person to for that matter.

Well Margaret, do you have children?

I dont think so because if you did you would understand while I as a parent would say that if anything harm your child, you would go to the end of the world to keep it from happening again including using the gun as I said ..if you do have children, you would mean to say that you would just chalk it up as a lesson learned while your child walks around with a scar and mental insecurites for the rest of their life? Or maybe you think your pitbull/dog is your child which proves why you have some mental issues going on within you..these are animals..not humans..there is nothing that will justify an animal attack on a CHILD!!!

Well i guess i have mental

Well i guess i have mental issues because i damn sure treat my dog like family. Call me crazy or call me smart, take your pick. True they are animals, with feelings and natural instincts just like humans. But in actuality, they are better than humans because they are loyal, protective, intelligent, etc.

I do have children and I've

I do have children and I've taught them to be repectful and intelligent, they would NEVER approach private property and aggrivate someone elses animals. It's called teaching your kids to be smart...seems to me alot of parents are missing out on that one!

I love this. Glad to see

I love this. Glad to see there are still intelligent people out there lol cuz i was losing hope reading her statements.

Yes I have children and a

Yes I have children and a dog. Would you be able to tell your children you shot their beloved pet because the Marchese's didn't teach Vincent not to taunt unfamiliar dogs? My three year old knows that. Or would you threaten to murder the dog's owners as the Marchese's are now doing? Please don't question my mental status, you gun-wielding ingrate. It's a shame what happened to Vincent. I say that sincerely, knowing him from the neighborhood. I hope he has learned his lesson. Life always deal with uninformed weirdos such as yourself, so I'm not concerned about that :)

The weirdo is you!

How can you write those comments and say that this was a lesson next time since this dog has tasted HUMAN blood when he attacks another child and possibly kill that one, you will chalked that one up as a lesson learned as well?..Im so glad you dont have have not the least kindling of the nurture of a mother and what extremes she will go to protect her child to exemplied my reasoning in shooting the dog..I hope you never have to experience something or someone harm a family member close to you because then we will see if you claim that as a lesson learned..this is a CHILD we are speaking probably was the same person that was videotaping the incident or even after the incident you went and gave the pitbull a nice treat for knawing on a child's need prayer!! and let me ask all you dog lovers on the panel..if the police came up on Vincent being attacked by the dog while it was happening, what do you think they would have done?? Bang Bang!!

I do have children and a dog

I do have children and a dog and personally know Vincent, actually. It is a shame what happened. Let me ask you this? Could you tell your children that their family pet who has shown no signs of aggression needs to be killed because this kid's parents haven't taught him how to behave around unfamiliar dogs? Yes, you may do that just like the Marchese's who have now been sited for threatening to murder the owners of the dog. Ridiculous.

I do have children

I have raised 2 wonderful children (who are now 25 and 22) around "bully" breeds, rotties, danes, boxers and yes pits. They were taught at a young age not to tease or torment any animal or person because the consequence is, they will do what is necessary to protect themselves. They were taught to not run up to other animals (which, amazingly happens to my dogs - who are very friendly - almost on a daily basis). Dog owners of every breed need to take the time to teach their dogs manners and make sure they are well socialized. The same should be said for parents. Take the time to teach your child about approaching and dealing with other dogs before anything happens. As a responsible parent and dog owner, the time invested in teaching both was well spent.


You are correct, you can't justify an attack on a child. But you can't justify the lack of parenting when the child doesn't have respect animals enough not to taunt them. You think that kid laying in bed is going to admit to taunting the animal? He's a scared little boy, which is much different from the way he was acting when he taunted the dog. It's true, eye for an eye isn't the best idea... but this kid got what was coming. Live and learn. And don't sue because of your own ignorance.

Please engage your brain before typing

Do you think dogs have the ability to reason that a threat shouldn't be attacked if it's a child? The child proviked the dog, the dog attacked. THE DOG WAS IN THE RIGHT.

BTW, shoot my dog in my yard and I can 100% guarantee that I will be standing trial for shooting you.

amen to that.

amen to that.


So you would take a human life over the justified shooting of an animal that has mauled someone..thank you so much for proving my reasoning in my comment..go get some counseling..its evident you dont regard human life at all..

I don't have children, but I

I don't have children, but I was one once. There is always the neighborhood dog on the chain that would bark all the time and you would get it to chase you until his chain clotheslined him. We just weren't unlucky enough to have the chain break and cry foul.

In my neighborhood children run wild through yards and have no respect for property boundaries. I was raised not to enter anyone's yard without their permission. Maybe poor, poor Vincent missed this advice from the parent(s). But life is a great teacher. How many times will a kid touch a hot stove? Well, the stove burnt him; see if he touches it again.

Thank you Human Life vs. Dog

Agree Agree Agree!

Well said!!

Well said!!

Confinement is the problem, not pit bulls!

Just thank Jean McNeill head of New Hanover County Animal Control for anti-tether legislation! Way to go Jean, another accident that could have been avoided if the animal was tethered in it's OWN BACK YARD!!! STUPID HUMANS!!!

You want to tether...

You want to tether (chain) your dog so it can be attacked in it's own yard and have it's body ripped to shreds? The anti-tethering law was the best thing NH has done!


Had the dog been properly CONFINED, this NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!
If the owner had the OPTION to TIE THE DOG up behind the fence he so easily JUMPED, this whole situation would have been AVOIDED.

Punish the DEED, not the

Punish the DEED, not the BREED.

How many children???

How many children does the OWNER of the dog have? Would it not have been more convenient for the dog to attack one of them? I believe this young man terrorized the dog, and tormented it enough that the dog attacked. I say leave the dog alone. The boy needs his butt busted like my folks would have done me for messing with the dog.


And what evidence do you have to suggest that this is the case?

Where are you even hearing this?

thats a beautiful dog

i just watched the 11 o'clock news, that dog was beautiful!! he didn't look mean and vicious to me. he looked cool calm and collective! and did everyone hear that; there is NO way that patron is going to get put down. i need to get in touch with the owners so i can get me a puppy. i know his offspring will be a great watch dog/ protector lol! i cant believe he wasn't trying to bite through the fence so he could attack the camera man lol. i think a aggressive dog would be at least barking but he wasn't doing any of that. so lil boy what did you and your lil friends do to him to make him bite you? was it that you kicked him maybe, was it that you was throwing rocks and other objects at him maybe, was it you shaking HIS fence maybe, or so many other thing you might have done to him. i know one thing i bet you wont kick him again lmao.



the breed of the dog

the breed of the dog shouldnt even be braught up in this case people think the worst when the name pitbull is mention,what needs to be said that any animal wild or not can only take so much abuse,befor they fend for them selfs.and next if the dog is able get off the property of his owners,well that is a issue that needs to be delt with the owner,you dont just go killing animals cause the owner dont take care of them....ive probly have had 11 pitbulls in my life and they all were babies..."lap dogs".....I LOVE THE BREED ITS NOT THE BREED

au contraire

I have a Pitbull. She's more likely to pee on your foot than bite you. She's a perfectly happy dog around cats and children and anyone who doesn't yell at her. They can be whatever they are allowed to be. Just like children... if there is no structure in the kids lives, they act out and do what they want. And a child can do as much damage as a Pitbull, though maybe not in the same manner. If the dog was harmed by the kid, I'd shoot the kid. If the dog bit my kid for no reason, I'd shoot the dog. But I can't believe that the Pit just bit the kid out of randomness. They know who people are, and they can tell when someone poses a threat to them, or has in the past. A lot of people are "experts" about Pits and other big animals when they've never owned one. Maybe it's not always just the child/dogs fault. Discipline the Parents/Owners as well.

The issue is IDIOTS

The issue here is not the breed of dog. The issue is that idiots like pit bulls. Idiots get their puppy pit-bull and immediately treat it like an object. Idiots do not care for their dog, do not train their dog, do not give it the attention it needs and do not give it the proper home.

But idiots like guns. Do we need to outlaw all guns because idiots shoot themselves or a friend when showing off their gun?

Idiots like fast cars. Should we outlaw fast cars because idiots wreck them and kill innocent people?

Idiots like alcohol. Should we outlaw alcohol because an idiot gets trashed and drives home, or decides to punch someone in the face who 'dissed' them?

Idiots like fire. Should we outlaw matches because an idiot is playing around and burns his home down?

Idiots like fast food. Should we outlaw McDonalds because an idiot ate himself to death?

Idiots like sex. Should we outlaw sexual intercourse because idiots continue to have children with multiple partners and refuse to take care of the children they father?

The issue is Idiots. And until we do something about the idiots who continue to breed without any repercussions, they will continue to be the problem. Idiots should have to take an IQ test before they are allowed to breed, or before they vote other idiots in office to keep their idiot ideals in tact.