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UPDATE: Pit bull attacks 13-year-old on way to school bus

READ MORE: Pit bull attacks 13-year-old on way to school bus

4/19 UPDATE: Vincent Marchese is home today recovering from his bout with a pit bull Friday. His family says they will file a Dangerous Dog Report against the pit bill and his owner.


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A 13-year-old on his way to the school bus was attacked by a pit bull Friday morning. The attack occurred around 7:30 on Angel Island Road in the Monterrey Heights neighborhood of New Hanover County.

Vincent Marchese says the pit bull jumped the fence and chased after him, biting him in the leg. Marchese had surgery on his leg at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. He says he'd be scared to walk by the home again if the dog was in the yard.

"They should put it to sleep," said Marchese, "or at least do something with it so it doesn't hurt anybody else."

Neighbors say they've seen children taunt the dog before, but they could not say whether or not Marchese was involved. Marchese says he never bothered the dog.

New Hanover County Animal Control says there are no prior reports of the dog running loose, but the pit bull will be confined for 10 days, which is a standard practice for all bite incidents.

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“Walk on the otherside of the road.” Are you an idiot? No one should ever have to worry about being attacked by a dog. I say, “KILL the dog and put the owner in jail for a few days”.
You are a moron!

good luck with that

good luck with that

No Pit Bulls


1. - If you can't afford to have it trained.(If it won't listen to you if won't listen to anyone.)

2.- If you have a criminal record.(You can't be responsible for yourself you can't be responsible for the dog.)

3.-You do not have a high school diploma.(If you can't be taught chances are you can't teach your dog).

4.-You can't distinguish between the value of human life and a dog's life.(Most people are not oximom so we do not have litters).

5. Last but not least.......If your on food stamps.(You can't afford to feed the kids you can't afford to feed the dog,the dog eats the kids.)

WOW !!

WOW !!

Soo...... Explain to me why

Soo...... Explain to me why there should be a law against owning a pitbull if you are in one or all of these situations..... but there isn't a law against having a child in the same situation???

You really shouldn't own a dog, a cat, a parrot or a bonzai tree if you are in these situations, so what breed of dog it is matters not.

I am glad you reasons all

I am glad you reasons all have to do with the owner and not they type of dog. But a few of them make no sense at all. THey are more of reasons not to have children.

Pit Bulls Are Naturally Aggressive.

A few months ago my husband and dog were in our backyard when a pit bull came over our 6 foot solid wood privacy fence.No one was taunting the dog.No one could even see the dog.No one even knew there was a pit behind the fence.
When we purchased our dog from our breeder we did so after signing a contract agreeing to have our dog trained and certified or we could not have purchased our dog.If my animal did this damage to a child I would have no problem putting a bullet in his head at all.The value of human life versus an animal? The dog would be dead.

As for Vincent.Great job looking after the other little boy.You are a hero. I have the teeth from the pit bull that jumped my fence and I plan on having a necklace made for you Vincent.Gods Speed



Add and "" and a

Add and "" and a post down the page makes you Vincent's Aunt or Uncle.
Another thing I have a Pit and a seven foot wood fence, there is no way she could jump or even climb my fence, last time I checked she didn't have thumbs. Maybe if you said chainlink I would be more apt to believe it, but than you wouldn't have been blindsided.


It is a 6 foot privacy fence.And that pit is now dead.Its public record so if you would like to know if it really happened call New Hanover County Animal Control.Learn about tHe breed of dog you have.A pit does not need "thumbs"to get over a fence genius.

How many user names do you

How many user names do you have?
I know quite a bit about the "pit bull" breed. I also know enough about public ignorance.
Not every pit bull is a bad pit bull.

How many names ??????????????

Two,Two I have one here and one on my business computer.
And no the pit bull owners who ARE responsible,have their dogs trained.Do their homework,find out about the dogs parents,dispositions,health problems,temperment,and can afford to take care of their animals do not have bad animals.BUT,people like the ones that have these two pits and their "witness"neighbors that have FIVE others within reach just make the responsible owners have to take flack.

It really stinks the kid was

It really stinks the kid was bitten. I cant imagine what he went threw or the worry his mom must feel. However he said himself he walked by the house for the entire school year and the dog never jumped the fence. Why would he continue to take that path to the bus stop? Walk on the otherside of the road.his parent's could have found a safer way for him to commute.If the dog owner had the pet up to date with vaccines and the fence was the reccomended 4 ft then they did everything within reason to keep their animal safe and gaurded just what Vincents parents should have done. Everyone has been 13 and I know children are cruel and ignorant most of the time. No doubt the dog was teased dosent matter if it was a Pit or not. Any dog would react after being prevoked. Just let it be a lesson learned to both parties.........

dog attack

i agree these dogs should be outlawed. i also agree that if Vincent's and his mom's comments display the quality of our school system, then we need to seriously work on that also.

Yeah - outlaw the breed.

Yeah - outlaw the breed. that way the only people maintaining it will be criminals.

I have a pit. While I have loved every dog I have ever owned, she is the best dog I have ever owned - and I have had dogs my entire life. She is loyal, calm, gentle, obedient, well-behaved, intelligent, eager to please, eager to work, eager to learn and, most importantly, wonderful with my children.

That's more than I can say about my sister's "professionally trained" Jack Russell which has growled and bitten my kids on many occasions.

-No child should be left unsupervised with a dog.

-No dog should be chained up outside or left unsupervised in an area where it can escape or be approached by others (animal or human).

-All companion dogs should be spayed or neutered.

-All dog owners should understand the breed they are committing themselves to when they adopt or buy a pet.

Here is a little rule that I think fits here and is also applicable to almost every facet of politics and government that would make this country a better place:



Finally - your comment about Vincent and his Mother were unnecessary. I know this is the internet, but try showing a little class.

Good luck with your recovery little man and thanks for bringing this story to our attention - please don't let this sully your view on dogs or even this breed.

While we are at it, we

While we are at it, we should outlaw children, because without the proper upbringing and care they could grow up to become criminals and murderers.

Its all about the care. Pit-bulls who are raised with love and care and obedience, are well behaved dogs. Children who are neglected and abused, grow up to become drug abusers and criminals.

I with the young man mother

Were are the fine people that sat there and watch it.Putting it on UTUBE... I am wish people would stop standing around and help. I don't know if this kid was messing with this dog or not. but what I seen on the the news it could have been one of the owner kid's that got attacked, Maybe he should take that towel off his head look around it could have been his own.

Of course the kid is going

Of course the kid is going to say he didn't do anything to provoke the dog he was just bite by him. It's sad that everyone makes pit bulls out to seem like the are these super crazy dogs.. Pit Bulls are the sweetest dogs ever if they have been loved just like any other dog. And small dogs are more likely to bite you before a Pit will. Just leave all dogs alone if they aren't yours and the owner isn't there..

Sweetest Dogs Ever

Pit Bulls are on the aggressive dog list for a reason. They have proven time and time again to be aggressive. Tell the little girl that had her toes nearly bitten off that they are the sweetest dogs. Tell the family of the 87 y/o Spotsylvania Virginia woman that was attacked and killed by two pitbulls that they are the sweetest dogs ever. Tell me, that was attacked by a pitbull that they are the sweetest dogs ever. You are full of crap. Your dog may be the sweetest dog in the world this moment, but they can turn in a heartbeat. I truly hope and pray that you do not have any young children in your home. Although I agree with a lot of people who say the owner has a lot to do with the behavior of canines, this particular breed has proven over and over, attack after attack, to be aggressive animals.

I have a Pit Bull.....

Yeah that kid shouldnt have been bit by that pit but my pit NEVER snaps unless he is prevoked. I have always had pits since I was a little girl and have NEVER been attacked. I'm not saying the boy was prevoking him because it may have been other kids and the boy was just "at the wrong place at the wrong time".


Facts don't backup how sweet you claim they are. Get real here.... Plus IF my chichiwawa bites someone it can't do near the damage a pit can do.

This is such a tired argument it isn't funny. These dogs are a danger. Facts back that up.


It's not my fault that you prefer a dog the size of your hand that is good for nothing but sitting in your lap.

You are a prefect example of

You are a prefect example of under educated and over internetted.

"Facts don't backup how sweet you claim they are." -Actually, over 30 years of independent testing by the American Temperament Testing Society shows that the various "pit bull" breeds pass at an average rate of over 84%, while the lowly "chichiwawa" comes in at a very unimpressive 71.1%.

I can offer you some advice. Get a clearer understanding of the meaning of the word "facts" before you attempt to use it in a sentence, and by a dictionary. The world will thank you.

There are no 'FACTS' you

There are no 'FACTS' you attempt to write of

Sure there are....

you 2 just choose to ignore them. You are not alone if it makes you feel better. That is what's wrong most of the time with folks. Arrogance.... And to argue the point about it is a waste of time. You both need to dig around and try educating yourselves. But then again...


Chichiwawa... I am assuming that is Chihuahua. Got a kick out of that one.

Google it....

Another breed there..... Stick to the point....

Communities should not allow dangerous dogs within their limits

I'm against ALL dangerous dogs, whatever the breed. While it's true that irresponsible owners are the root of the problem of pervasive dog attacks across this nation (and the world), more laws will not alone mitigate the problem. Folks break the law all of the time, and it is usually an innocent victim that is the biggest loser.

There is an ASTOUNDING amount of statistical evidence demonstrating that some breeds ARE more likely to be aggressive toward both humans and other animals.

"Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded by, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. citizen every 21 days during this 3-year period."

By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2009, Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People, determined the breeds most responsible for serious injury and death:

Breed Bodily harm Child Victims Adult Victims Deaths Maiming
Pit bull terrier 1451 628 499 153 777
Rottweiler 447 257 115 67 244
Wolf hybrid 81 67 4 19 45
Husky 49 32 4 17 13
German Shepherd 79 52 20 9 50
Bullmastiff (presa canario)48 17 20 8 26
Chow 52 35 14 7 34
Akita 50 34 14 1 41

Some communities adopt pit bull ordinances that declare the breed "potentially dangerous" or "dangerous," which triggers special rules for pit bull owners. In the instance of Ohio, the whole state adopted such a policy. The State of Ohio declared pit bulls as "vicious" and requires owners to carry $100,000 in liability insurance, securely constrain the dog when on-property and to use a chain-link leash when off-property.

Various cities within Ohio increased these restrictions. The most publicized one to do so is Toledo, which added the limitation of one pit bull per household and muzzling when off-property. Toledo's pit bull ordinance was heavily litigated over a period of years. As recently as February 2008, the United States Supreme Court halted the legal wrangling. Not only is Toledo's breed-specific ordinance constitutional, it cannot be appealed further.

Pit bulls are not only problematic in large cities; they threaten mid-sized and rural communities as well. Located in the heartland, Council Bluffs, Iowa has approximately 60,000 citizens. After a series of devastating attacks, they joined over 500 cities nationwide and enacted a pit bull ban. The results of the ban -- which took effect January 1, 2005 -- demonstrate the positive effects such legislation can have on public safety in just a few years time:

Year Pit Bull Bites
2004 23%
2005 10% (year ban enacted)
2006 5%
2007 2%
2008 0%
2009 0%

Until you are on the ground, on your back, fighting for your life (as I was in January 2010 - I weigh 105lbs) you will never understand the horror that can be visited upon you in a split second. I was attacked on a PUBLIC road, while jogging. Yes, the "reason" for the attack was that the irresponsible owner let his dog (pit bull) roam free, though there is a local animal ordinance that prohibits this (people break the law all of the time - laws alone will not protect you). Now I am being victimized further by law enforcement officials who refuse to ENFORCE the laws that are in place... the owner of the dog has all of the rights, and victims are always secondary.

If the dog was not there, I would not have been attacked... PERIOD! By the way, the dog that attacked me was NEUTERED. Pit bulls are like loaded guns without a safety; reference the story in Tampa Bay on April, 15, 2010 regarding the pit that killed the 7-day old baby sleeping by its mother's side.... I bet the dog's owners thought that there animal was "sweet and gentle" as well. A similar attack occurred in Atlanta two months before, with the family pit bull going into a 5-day old baby's bassinet to kill it... when are folks going to get the message that these animals DO NOT BELONG within our communities?

trolling every pit bull type

trolling every pit bull type related story has become a full time job.

The 'statistics' presented are not only BS, Ohio is about to lift BSL ordinance because the local and state wide governments woke up to reason and rational thought.

Ignorance is bliss

There are no bad dogs...just bad owners. If your child bites someone or steals something...should we put him or her down? Should we say that the kid is just a bad breed? is improper upbringing, lack of parent guidence. Same with animals. If they are treated correctly and not put out in the yard to just sit in the elements with no attention, then yes...they can become aggressive. Heck...I have seen toy breeds bite people. Use education people and guidence with your children. For example, all these women who take their children to school every drive like idiots and disrespect others on the you not think your kids are picking up on this? If you cannot raise your dogs and kids properly...don't breed em, don't take em in.