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VOTE 2010: Poll shows New Hanover voters back McIntyre; Pantano disagrees

READ MORE: Poll shows New Hanover voters back McIntyre; Pantano disagrees

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- With Election Day eight days away, the war of words among candidates continues to heat up, but many people have already made up their minds about who they want to lead southeastern North Carolina and what problems they want solved.

According to a recent poll, if the election were held today, about half of New Hanover County registered voters would choose incumbent Mike McIntyre over challenger Ilario Pantano to represent the 7th district in Congress.

"It's exciting," McIntyre said. "It shows momentum is building. People are interested. People are now starting to stop and compare and realize there is a great contrast between the two candidates."

The poll was conducted by the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership, but not everyone agrees with it.

"We know that that poll is inaccurate," Pantano said.

Still, while 55 percent of New Hanover County registered voters surveyed said they describe themselves as conservative, 49 percent picked McIntyre, a Democrat, to return to Congress compared to just 37 percent for Republican Pantano.

"All registered voters aren't going to vote. There's a lot of people who are sitting on the couch who haven't been involved in the political process," Pantano said. "Of folks that are going to vote, we're absolutely in the lead, and the proof of that is Nancy Pelosi has spent over $200,000 in this district buying commercials on your network and others attacking me. They wouldn't be doing that if Congressman McIntyre was safe. He's not. The voters are tired of it."

People polled say the biggest issue facing the county is jobs. McIntyre says he's got the upper hand on how to get people back to work.

"I grew up here, and I know friends from high school, friends in my church, friends in my neighborhood who lost their jobs because of these trade deals," McIntyre said. "(Pantano) doesn't have an understanding of that."

But Pantano says he has his own plan of attack.

"We want to lower taxes," he said. "We want to reduce spending because the spending has gotten out of control and that will bring back certainty. That certainty will allow the private sector to start hiring."

In the meantime, the battle continues and is likely to flare all the way until November 2.

The poll also shows 39 percent of voters disapprove of the way the New Hanover County Commission is doing its job. That's the worst rating for commissioners in two years.

Voters also picked incumbent Richard Burr over Elaine Marshall for US Senate by 14 percentage points.

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He was found not guilty by a court martial

They have been in the business of covering up atrocities.

Of course the greatest atrocity was invading a country based on lies, and it spent a great deal of time covering up individual atrocities.

This was a Republican war, but even Democrats lent a hand with the cover up. The pictures from Abu Ghraib were awful, but our government tried to keep them from being released.

If we can't deal with our own problems, why should any country respect us, or why should we respect our government?

There's no question that Pantano pumped not 20+20 bullets into the backs of the heads of two civilians he knew to be unarmed, but 30+30. They were kneeling when he murdered them.

No GI should ever get a free pass by wrapping himself in a flag. I was in Viet Nam when Lt. William Calley led the My Lai massacre that slaughtered 350-500 unarmed and defenseless women, children, disabled persons and elders. Carter pardoned him after he served only house arrest, a terrible mistake.

I spent two years in 'Nam, by the way, and have two honorable discharges.


"HE HAS TOO MANY CHARACTER FLAWS", Your quote re: Pantano.

That makes him equal to, or better than, McIntyre. At last, I'm convinced that term limits are a great idea.

It is an absolute joke to

It is an absolute joke to challenge Pantano for killing two insurgents with a cache of weapons in their house. These are bad, bad guys who had just dragged American corpses through the streets of Fallujah.

It Doesn't Take...

It doesn't take 45 rounds to kill a man.

There is something terribly wrong.

“As soon as I turned my back Lieutenant Pantano opened [fire] with approximately 45 rounds,” wrote Coburn. “Me and Doc Gobles were both shocked about what just happened.”

A republican for 3 months.

What a deception. This Pantano is bought and paid for by the republican party. A total neocon. No change at all. more of the same failed bush policies from a failed soldier. A disaster in the making.Dont be fooled,, I am a republican by the way.

Tried to google the group

Tried to google the group who took the poll. Good luck on finding out anything about them other than they are definitely left of center. You want McIntyre then vote for him, as I see it most Democrats are all about me me me.Whats in it for me? The JFK party of "Ask not what your Country can do for you but what can you do for your Country" are long since gone and been replaced by "what can my Country give me without having to work for it" and lets keep those that keep the "freebies" coming in office. Shame and whats worse SENC didn't use to be that way and would be ashamed of whats going on today.

I guess your google is broken

I found them on the first try.
Lt. Pantano shot and killed two unarmed men. Men who should have been secured, then had their vehicle searched. This was a violation of protocol.
He not only emptied a magazine into them, he reloaded and emptied that one into them as well. Marines are better shots than that. He then hung a sign on them. Were they terrorists? We'll never know. Could they have provided us with live-saving intelligence? Once again, we'll never know.
The officer that decided that his trial shouldn't go any further was probably informed that the war didn't need another black eye, and Lt. Pantano was to be given the option of resigning his commission.
I've fired pistols, rifles, shotguns, and automatic weapons, and they all require some thought during the reloading process.
I would not elect Lt. Pantano as dog catcher during a rabies epidemic, much less to Congress.

Take a look at the site

c/o Department of Political Science
P.O. Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170

It is well known that academia is extremely liberal. UNC-G is uber left. Do you really expect a fair representation of a conservative from that site? If so, I am currently selling tickets to be the first to cross the Cape Fear Skyway.

Wrong about reloading!

First it makes me wonder when no one will enter their name. Second- most things I do; I do without thinking, lock the door, turn off the light, put my keys up and if you cannot reload without thinking then you have not been trained very well, I was a weapons specialist/armorer in the Army and a combat vet and I can tell you all my men could reload without thought and tear their weapons apart binfolded in less than 30 seconds and back together usually in less than a minute. By the way an M-16 holds 30 rounds in the mag and if you are experienced 29 or 28 to prevent excessive use of the spring causing it to fail prematurely.


The condition of your weapon is infinitely more important than the location of your keys, and the status of your lights.
If a "sharpshooter" can't effectively hit a target a few feet away, then he needs to go back to Basic.
Unloading, reloading and unloading a weapon into unarmed suspects, and then hanging a sign on them, suggests a pathological issue. Unfit for command, unfit for duty, unfit to lead.
Not thinking is what got us into that mess, in the first place.

Let me judge you

"We live in a world of walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns." You curse Pantano with your judgments as you probably would call returning Vietnam veterans "baby killers." Just because you're fired all types of guns, doesn't mean you've been in the theater of war. Much less, I doubt you were there to witness what really happened. All you can do is spew hearsay and hatred, just like status quo for any liberal.


Guest888: Pantano ADMITTEDLY shot and killed two unarmed men IN THE BACK THEN PLACED A SIGN ON THEIR BODIES TO LEAVE A MESSAGE !! .......that is a FACT. It is NOT hearsay.

If it was "just war" then why was he charged with MURDER???? There were men that witnessed what really happened and they testified to it and were dismissed as bitter cause Pantano had issues with them or visa/versa.

TWO magazines of bullets.... TWO !!!! That shows a lack of self control if nothing else, war or no war.

You may vote for him, that is your right but have you thought about his mental stability?

omnishhe you are so correct,

omnishhe you are so correct, Who would ever beleive that pesky little thin called an autopsy that found that the terriost were shot in the front not the back, Who needs facts anyway, right?


OBVIOUSLY YOU don't have what it takes to kill a man. Why don't you grab your lollipop, your remote and sit down in front of the TV. If I was being shot at and a man was running..I'd shoot him in the back until he stopped breathing! If a kid jumped around a corner with a gun to shoot at me...ID SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD. YOU SIR are the type of guy WE want to STAY HOME...because YOU would get one of US killed! This isn't play pretend, this isn't patty cake, this is YOUR LIFE OR THEIRS...I plan on coming home! WHOEVER has to die to make that happen...THEY DIE!


I'm not a native of this area either but I'm not a "Yankee" so I guess I would be okay to run for office. Just a Marine... not just once but twice. Pantano was dogging bullets while McIntired was going to Rotary lunches and talking about the money he brought home. If we could get the federal government out of our lives that money would have stayed here to begin with, we would have had it all not just a small percentage. I think McIntired voted for Clintons NAFTA treaty. I know the poll among people I know, work with, and see on a daily basis are sick and tired of the tax us more democrats and are voting for PANTANO>>>>

Let's be fair to all

Let's be fair to all candidates and do some fact-checking before writing. NAFTA passed the Senate on November 20, 1993. Mr. McIntyre first entered the US House of Representatives on January 3, 1997.

Fairness and facts have taken a back seat in NC 7

This race has been nothing but a non-stop lie-fest by both sides. Pantano's crowd has accused McIntyre of sitting out important votes, voting lock-step with Nancy Pelosi, and backing everything Comrade Obama dreams up. None of those are true, as a cursory inspection of his voting record reveals.

Meanwhile, McIntyre's supporters are trying to convict Pantano for an incident in a combat zone wherein the government declined to prosecute, and the McIntyre campaign itself has lied about Pantano's support for the Fair Tax and his plans for Social Security reform.

I think the problem is that two reasonably conservative candidates can't find enough difference between them to run on issues, so they have to dream up nonsense and hope that voters won't bother to research ALL the facts.

Pantano has my vote

I think it is ridiculous arguement that Ilario Pantano isn't from here. Very few people are 'from here', why shouldn't we have a representative who truly represents his voters? A person who chose to live here with his family and wants the best for his community/country.

He's got my vote!

Mr. Pantano

Now this is a good demostration of how politics works. Mr. Pantano says the Poll is wrong, however , had the numbers been reversed and in his favor, the Poll would have been spot on.

Pantano is still facing a daunting task

Nothing has changed since the first posts about this election, months ago. The simple fact is that the entire Western half of NC 7 is on the dole, collecting one form of government subsidy or another.

No power on Earth can make these people vote Republican, because they are married to the idea that the chains of TANF and Medicaid somehow constitute a better quality of slavery than chains of iron and steel. What do they care about high taxes - they don't pay income tax!

Even if Pantano and McIntyre split New Hanover County, it will not be enough to give the election to Pantano. The Democrats and their weak-willed Republican co-conspirators have institutionalized government dependence, and in any district with a sizeable deadbeat population it's doubtful that elections alone can stop this nightmare.

FYI: "These people" have a right to vote

Contrary to conservative propaganda, it is a lie to say that "the entire western half" of North Carolina's 7th Congressional District "is on the dole." But that part of the district does have the highest proportion of African Americans. So self appointed "common sense" conservatives assume that "these people" are mostly welfare recipients who are unable to make an informed choice at the polls because they are " a better quality of slavery than chains of iron and steel." Which sounds like a another way of saying that "these people" are second class citizens who are predisposed to being slaves. Is it any wonder that "these people" sense an undercurrent of racism in the tea bagger movement?

Okay, let's compromise

If you don't pay income taxes, you don't get to vote. That way we weed out the deadbeats who are on the dole.

The Democrat Party has been keeping poor Blacks (and Whites) in chains since LBJ and The War on Poverty. They destroyed three generations of poor Americans via endless welfare and requiring families to break up to maximize benefits.

The problem is not Blacks. The problem is moochers of all colors who are sucking the system dry while contributing absolutely nothing but additional mouths for taxpayers to feed, and their looter political pals who want to insure a "confortable slavery" in return for the vote.

Unfortunately, the gravy train is running dry. We can't have 48% of this country contribute nothing and continue to sponge off the other 52%, as it is right now.

So if you are a working, tax-paying, successful Black, then you should be just as outraged as we Conservatives are - because you're being played for a sucker, too.

More than ever, this

More than ever, this election is important. Those of us who support change, change away from what was promised in 2008 need to be sure to NOT miss the election this cycle.

Don't let the "polls" discourage you to stay home. The only important poll is the ELECTION.

I will go with McIntyre. I

I will go with McIntyre. I can't help but wonder where Pantano came from. A short time ago he was a Marine. Now he is running for public office. He (someone) has spent a fortune on his campaign. Who is footing the bill? What is THEIR agenda? Is Pantano simply a puppet for someone else? This all happened way too fast....something is not right.


being a MARINE and putting his neck on the line for your right to go REASON ENOUGH!

I will go fr Patano

I am one of the ones who is footing the bill and my agenda is to get control of the spending and give aways in Washington. McIntyre is a puppet for Pelosi and that is why I am voting and supporting Patano.

However, I don't see you questioning the fortune McIntyre is spending. I guess that is OK because he is already in Congress.

We are trying to bring a Change to Washington.

PS I am a Democrate

Glad you love murderers!

Glad you love murderers! Hope you get what you vote for.


I'm sad that YOU sir HATE this country and its founding principles...the Progressives in this country need to be rounded up, put on display in the square THEN SHOT as traitors to their country!

I will go with Pantano.

I will go with Pantano. Voting for someone just because you recognize their name is the stupidest thing you can do. McIntyre is a puppet for Pelosi and the socialist progressive machine. If you want the national debt to continue to skyrocket until our Country goes bankrupt then vote for McIntyre. I'll go with lower taxes, smaller government, and reduced spending every time. I would rather spend my money on my family than give it to the government so they flush it down the toilet with absolutely nothing to show for it. You can not spend your way to prosperity and eventually the democrats will run out of other people's money to spend and we will end up like Russia......BROKE! Is that what you want???

"A short time ago he was a

"A short time ago he was a Marine... now he is running for public office" Whats wrong with that? Would you rather him be another attorney? Yea that's what we need. "He has spent a fortune" Where have you been. McIntyre has out spent Pantano 2 to 1. As to who's footing the bill, that's all public info. look it up, while you are at it, look up who's footing McIntyre's bill. And we know what THEIR agenda is. Ilario has been campaigning since February, maybe it hasn't been happening that fast, maybe you are just too slow!!