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Ron Hewett pleads guilty

Former Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett appeared in Superior Court this morning in Bolivia to face state charges. Hewett pleaded guilty to three counts of embezzlement and pleaded no contest to one count of obstructing justice. He received a four month sentence, to be served concurrently with the sixteen month federal sentence he is already serving. Hewett's supporters were pleased he did not receive any additional time behind bars. Hewett’s cousin, Michael Clemmons said, "The judge was very fair today. I think all of his friends and family who came out today,Ii'm going to see him in a little while at his house, we are all very happy with the judicial system today." Following his release from prison, Hewett will be under supervised probation for 3 years.

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Maybe now Ron's family can soon put this behind they and go now with there life.And they won't have to read all that bad things people are saying about Ron all the time.Never to much good is said about him. Every body makes mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes

And some people are criminals. Put this behind they.


I see that there is no end to the good ole boy network in Brunswick county.

why no coverage

The good ole boys win but no coverage as to where he will go that will be the final slap in the face

Hoke County

Hoke County has the jail that former LEO's go when they are sentenced. Since he got federal time I don't know if he will go there or to a federal house like Butner.

Federal Terms are a Joke

That's why the deal was made!! So he would not have to spend any time in the state prison system but go to the federal "country club" system where everyday is like a walk in the park. THIS STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN and Rex Gore orchestrated this along with Ronnie's attorney. Another case of "backroom deals" with defense attorneys that Rex is famous for in his years as the head DA. Call me Jon David.......please run again against Gore. I do think you can win, you almost did last time. Or maybe, Rex will "see the light" and retire if you run again so he can "save face" from being soundly beaten. The taxpayers in Brunswick County should be livid about this sentence as Gore has basically said it is okay to steal from the public and get no more additional time. The federal sentence came from Ron lying to federal investigators!! Not from the embezzlement charges!! WAKE UP....

wake up....

they are all crooks. wait and see. all the way to the white house. rig'ed elctions. every one. they all steal from the poor to line the pockets of the rich. free country my eye. yes we are free to give away every thing that we work for. and for what. just to do it all over again.