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Second suspect arrested in Creekwood murder

A second teen is in jail charged with a Labor Day murder in Wilmington's Creekwood community. Seventeen year-old Thaddeus Boney is charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery in the death of 45-year-old Michelle Crutchfield. Fellow suspect Obrian Hester was in court yesterday. Police arrested the 17-year-old Hester last week and charged him with murder and armed robbery as well. Investigators say Crutchfield was shot and killed on North 30th Street September 1, 2008. Boney and Hester are both in the New Hanover Detention Center without bond.

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my cousin would never kill

my cousin would never kill anyone he was jus in the wrong place at the wrong time and who ever knew him they know he would never take anyones life!

That's for the courts to

That's for the courts to decide. Calling people ignorant because they have faith in their local Police Department is ignorant.

So young in age, so dumb in

So young in age, so dumb in life and now his life is gone. He will be faced to eat s**t or die with the big dawgs now.... When he should have been his butt home in the bed having sweet dreams but now he will be some fool in prison sweety. People understand that guns kill and when you kill someone you cant take it back. At least know their family will know where they are at all the time. Its sad that these kids choose stupid things to do in life.. Good thing they dont have any offsprings to cause the same problems..

boney family

i happen to know this child was raised by good desent people that are well educated. but sometimes children get messed up by hanging with the wrong type of people, rondro and barbra my heart goes out to yall, because what yall are about to go through yall are going to need alot of prayer.....

Could they as parents

Could they as parents prevented this? Did they not know that their son was hanging out etc.? What was he doing out thattime of night?? Where did he get the gun? Did his parents know that he had killed this lady???

WOW, another one of the

WOW, another one of the Boney family members locked up and behind bars...what a surprise. They are such a benefit to society! I love how everyone comes on this site and bashes the WPD for "not doing their jobs". I have one comment RAISE YOUR OWN CHILDREN...the police can't be parents, they can only enforce the laws.

Wow, another one of the Boney family???

Before you make a dumb statement like that, please do some research. No we are not a perfect family and don't pretend to be. But statments like this is just not called for. WPD is a joke when it comes to protecting the black communities in Wilmington. Contrary to what you believe, my nephew was raised by two loving parents. No, police can't be parents, but they can and should serve and protect all communities equaled. All parents can do is teach and pray for their children. It is up to the child to obey. When they don't, it is not the parents fault. I remember days when my teens would come home late. What they did when they were out is beyond me. I just hoped that they conducted themselves in a proper manner. If they chosed to do wrong, it would have been on them. There is no way one should put the blame on my brother and his wife. My prayers are with the family of the victim.

I remember when my kids came in late, too.

They didn't come in late for the next week or two, because they were grounded one week for every hour (or portion thereof) they were late. Grounded was also GROUNDED. My older daughter once snuck out her bedroom window to see her boyfriend while she was grounded. She only did that once, because it quadrupled her grounding and led to her bedroom window being nailed shut. Children learn self-discipline through a system of rewards and punishments. When they do well, they get rewarded. When they mess up, they get punished. By the time they are seventeen, they generally KNOW what's acceptable and what isn't. That's why most seventeen year-olds are home, asleep at 3 AM, and why they don't shoot people for recreational activity. You make it sound as if parents are helpless, and can do nothing when teens disobey them. That's an absolutely ridiculous attitude. Who the heck is in charge at home?

I remember when my kids came in late too

How do you know that this young man was not on his way to be punished for being out late? You act as if the parents sent him out to do this crime. Children are going to be children. You can teach self discipline and they still mess up some times. It's by the grace of God that your children didn't do wrong. By they way, this killing was not recreational. My nephew is not a killer. He did not kill anybody. So let's get that straight. He was with the wrong people at the wrong time. It is easy to judge when things are well with your family. Be careful what you dish out because you will see it again. "You reap what you sow." Remember that we black folks are innocent until proven guility also.

Wrong people, wrong time, weak excuses

Your nephew should have been taught a common sense approach to life: "You fly with the crows, you get shot with the crows." That's why parents need to know who their kid's friends are. You know and I know that your nephew had no business being out at 3 AM with those wrong people. Stop trying to justify it. Yes, the grace of God had a lot to do with one of my children growing up to be a career military medical officer and the other a deputy sheriff..... ....but a loving, caring mom and a dad who enforced mom's law played a key role in God's plan. BTW, I could care less if your nephew is Black, White, Green or Orange. This has nothing to do with race, it has to do with reckless behavior and criminal activity.

What you know about the

What you know about the Boney family or his parents? Its called a mistake and everybody makes them but not everybody gets caught right away.Just know that people can get by but you can't get away. And you too will soon realize this. We all have one judge, and that's God.

Its called a mistake?

A mistake? A mistake is misspelling someone's name. Murder is the utmost crime that can be committed on another human being. It was not a mistake, but a lifestyle choice. It's true, God will be the final Judge. However until then society has laws to govern, and if he is truly guilty, he should face the harshest punishment allowed, for the most severe act that has been committed against this poor woman. A mistake, hardly.


never could happen to you..all of us should help instead of being don't know all the circumstances


Mistake? It could happen to you? Don't judge. Are you kidding me. A mistake is calling someone by the worng name or forgetting an appointment not PULING OUT A GUN AND SHOOTING SOMEONE IN THE FACE. And no it will not happen to me because I don't carry a gun, don't go into dangerous areas in the middle of the night, don't do drugs and respect myself. Stop making excuses for either's behavior or try to justify it. I think I have the ability to judge someone's behavior if it includes killing someone and safely say that I am a better person than that.


Way to go WPD, keep up the good work!


What a great way to start off they adult hood, they should be in school worry about what there collage choices are. What has happen to parents that they seem like they just dont care anymore.

murder suspect

parents care,,you are the one that doesn't have a clue

Parents Probably Do Care...

Zelda, I'm sure MR. Boney's parents are devastated. But, what about Michelle's parents? At least his parents still get to talk, hug, cry, etc. with their child. This man had NO value of human life...why should he get all the chances? Please tell me why I should feel sorry for his parents? They should feel like a failure not only to their child and this entire community, but also to Ms. Crutchfield's family...if he is going to "escape" under the age, then the parents should be toting that charge...someone should be responsible. Just curious, did either of these men live in Creekwood?

You don't know what kind of

You don't know what kind of values he has or anything about him for that matter. His parents aren't failures and never will be. Thaddeus failed to make the logic choice. Mistakes, we all make them. And for the record, he didn't kill anyone! All you negative people with your opinions about these childrens character and their parents, should really get all the facts before you post your foolish, pathetic comments.

It was No Mistake

It was No Mistake that he was there. He chose to be out with Hester at 3 am and his being there was intentional. If he made a mistake, he would have stayed there until the police arrived and helped them by giving them Hester's name and where he might be headed. He chose to be there and there's no mistaking that!!!!!!!

a clue

The parents don't have a clue or don't care. Which is it?

your shouldnt be on here

your shouldnt be on here voicing your opinon when you cannot even spell college


You should probably carry around a dictionary before you go preaching to others on how to spell. It's opinion, not opinon.