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Smoking ban may pass this year

For years, state legislators have been trying to pass a bill to ban smoking in bars and restaurants in North Carolina. Some representatives say this may be the year it passes. The House Judiciary Committee has approved a bill to ban smoking in bars, restaurants, indoor workplaces and public buildings. That bill now heads to the House of Representatives. Representative Bonner Stiller said making restaurants and bars smoke free is the right decision. “I think the overall majority of people who want to go out and eat, and being in a non-smoking atmosphere, is much much greater, than folks who want to go there and smoke.” The House has voted against similar bills twice in the last four years.

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WHEN YOU TYPE IN ALL CAPS PEOPLE TEND NOT TO READ WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY BECAUSE IT IS THE SAME AS SHOUTING AND NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR A LOUD MOUTH! Secondly.. I am unfortunatly a smoker.. However, When I go to pay for a meal out, I do not smoke before I go, and I certainly do not want to sit in a smoking section and have my food ruined. When I trvel with business I won't stay in a smoking room because it stinks. When I am home, I have never smoked inside because my children should not have to suffer for my bad habits and I don't want to devalue everything I own... It is not a matter of government control.. It is a matter of doing what is right for a) people who do not smoke and b) smokers who don't want to deal with how badly it smells... Ever put a bite of a $55 steak into your mouth with a whiff of fresh smoke going down with it? Enough to make you pretty ticked off... Even as a smoker... If anything.. Tobacco companies (for people who were smoking prior to the big industries admitting deceipt with nicotine for addiction) should pay for patches or the blue pill, one time for each smoker who really wants to quit... You say it is willpowere only... then you never smoked for 20 years and wanted to stop and kept failing...

Smoking in a bar a right???

You wake up! If smoking is banned in bars it would be by a truly democratic process by elected officials. NOTHING Communist about it. Now if it doesn't pass and knowing full well how bad the effects of smoking are then it would be most likely the result of some corrupt dealings by the Multi-Billion dollar tobacco industry. 4 out of 5 people DON'T smoke and would probably like to go to a bar or bowling alley without getting the REAL adverse health effects from second hand smoke not to mention dealing with the stench which clings to your clothes and hair. Why tobacco is still legal shows how much people value money over human life. 438,000 AMERICAN'S die each year from smoking related effects. Second hand smoke kills as well and has been linked to still born deaths and sids. Al qaeda only killed 3000 once! They could take out a tower every year and still not even equal 1 percent of what tobaccao does. And you know what? Every single one of my friends were addicted BY the age of 18.

The Bar Owner's Right

You can choose to go in the bar or not. For these "elected" officials to wage war on cigarette smoke but give incentives to the Titan cement plant to come here and add more mercury to an already polluted environment is hypocritical. The tobacco companies were sued for billions, the lawyers took their huge cuts and the state pilfered the rest for the general fund. You stand a better chance of getting killed by a drunk, non-insured illegal alien than dying from 2nd hand smoke.


I am not a smoker. I have never had the first puff of anything, except second hand smoke, and I am 51 years old. I don't go to bars because it seems people can't drink alcohol without smoking. Do they smoke to kill the terrible taste of alcohol, or do they drink to kill the terrible taste of the smoke? I could care less if smoking is banned in bars or not, but personally, I believe smoking should be banned in restaurants, as well as many other things. Blowing one's nose should also be banned in restaurants as well. If I wanted to listen to someone blow snot out of their nose while I was trying to enjoy a meal I would order a take out meal and go eat it in a doctor's office waiting room. Each restaurant has a bathroom for those of you who do this. Maybe the new law should be that if you blow your nose and ruin someone elses' meal you should be forced to pay for it or go to jail.

blowing nose in restaurant

Dear Ban, Not all those noseblowers in restaurants are sick. Some, maybe most, have gustatory rhinitis. Their nose is running simply because they are chewing their food. It's not catching. They are annoyed also. Gustatory rhinitis: Gustatory rhinitis may be a form of vasomotor rhinitis. Gustatory rhinitis is triggered by eating. Any type of food can trigger symptoms, although hot, spicy foods and alcohol have been reported to cause the most severe symptoms. Many cold foods can also be culprits. Treatment involves avoiding problematic foods and extremely hot or cold foods.

Smoking Ban

All of you supporters for this must also realize how it will change some people's lives. As a NC Hookah Bar owner iN Asheville, NC I am about to face the toughest challenge of my small business. If this ban passes and there are no provisions for specialty bars such as mine (and currently there are not in the bill) I will be forced to shut my doors. Without hookah sales being allowed my small business will go under. Another 14+ small Hookah Bars such as mine will also be forced to shut their doors. Is it fair of the government to take away my right to provide for my family? Is it right of them to close down small business? I have sunk my life into this business for the past 4 years, now what? How will I provide for my loved ones? If this is to pass, there MUST be exceptions for NC small business owners who have down nothing wrong, and are about to lose it all.

Other Thoughts

If your establishment were the only one to ban smoking then perhaps you might have a problem. However, smoking will be banned in all bars. Do you think your customers will stop going to bars just because they have to step outside for a smoke?

No Smoking in Bars increases patronage

This is absolutely not true. Many other states have instituted "No Smoking" in bars and the bar owners have found that their business increased. 80% of Americans do not smoke and avoid establishments that allow smoking. Here are some interesting facts from the CDC regarding this policy and the aftereffects.