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Southport police officer finds himself behind bars

A Southport police officer will serve thirty days behind bars. Officer James Connolly, who has been with the Southport Police since 2002, was subpoenaed for a trial and did not show up. This past Friday a Brunswick County judge sentenced Connolly to thirty days in the Brunswick County Detention Center. The police department fired Connolly after he was convicted.

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There is a form called Chain

There is a form called Chain of Custody. If the officer fills it our correctly and does what he is suppose to do with the evidence, and keeps a copy of the custody report, then the officer will not get in trouble for lost or misplaced evidence. Sometimes, people have to take responsiblity for their actions

Yes you are correct, Ask

Yes you are correct, Ask Chief Dove about their chain of custody it is a slot that evidence is stuck in, until the evidence hadler logs it in. Why wasn't he in Court. He was subpoenaed to be there?

You are exactly right. Why

You are exactly right. Why is the log missing? Luckily the crack pipes were retrieved from a box thrown in the corner marked for disposal. Why was the man in charge of evidence not in the court room - although subpeonaed - he was on vacation. When your fellow officer is under this kind of scrutiny, and you are the one who could straighten it out with one phone call stating that you think you are the one who threw out the evidence because it was so small, why would you conveniently be on vacation? Why did officers at Southport, when questioned on the stand not know about the chain of custody. Because evidence is stuck in a slot for the evidence person to log later. Yes James should have insisted on a receipt for all evidence. Little did he know that when evidence came into question and he needed the support of his superiors they would say to him "you need to look out for yourself" you have no family referring to his fiance and her two children. He is a young officer, working at a small town department who doesn't have the proper equipment needed to weigh or measure evidence on the side of the road, nor do they always follow the rules. It's a shame his family is going to struggle and lose what little they have while he sits in jail for thirty days. To suggest he used the crack is obsurd. It was a sliver that was swipe tested on the side of the road and bagged in an evidence bag. This was witnessed by more than one - although one gave testimony to back the department that it was consumed in testing and there was none presented to the evidence person. Does no one find any of this strang. OH NO - WHO ARE WE GOING TO LET TAKE THE FALL FOR THIS??? The officer that makes the most arrests. Why if we have no drug arrests then we don't have a drug problem in southport.


it does not matter about how many arrests you have made if you dont have convictions

A Dull Tack

If he had explained the truth to the judge the court may have been more lenient. All he had to say was, "everyone knows I am not the sharpest tack in the box." I guess unfortunately for him, he is the only person on the planet that does not know this fact. Now if Dove will do something about the officer that likes going out with other men's wives, the department can move forward. "Bad boys bad boys, whatcha goina' do, Whatcha goina' do when they come for you." All you good LEO's out there, Thanks for what you do every day!

Were you in court? Did you

Were you in court? Did you hear his testimony? Did you or anyone ask - who handles the evidence at Southport PD? Don't be so quick to judge without the facts. How many officers miss a court day everyday? They better all watch out. Did you even hear he was in another court room? Why was this one so important. Because the DA was picking one of his little fits because he couldn't get Mcduffie. Why is McDuffie on the streets anyway. Who keeps allowing him to be a danger to others? It isn't James Connolly. I hear if you have no arrests in Southport for drugs - then you don't have a drug problem. So Good Luck to all in Southport who feel the drug issue is going to be addressed.

Its a good thing his mother,

Its a good thing his mother, you, are looking out for him, because obviously anyone with a shred of intellect realizes this guy was a crooked cop and deserves to be in jail. But you can't blame a mother, you, for being by her child's side, no matter how ignorant or crimial he is.

Do you know something that I

Do you know something that I am not reading. In all the reading I do not see anything that says this cop is crooked. I know there is two sides to every story and know one knows the whole truth but james,southport PD and the DA the judge is even cought in the middle of this mess. From self experence Brunswick Co is a good ol'boy county and if you go against the grain then you are not a good ol'boy. I think someone needs to check out the whole system in this county.

Mcduffie walked because of Connolly

If Connolly had not lied and done his job, Mcduffie would likely be viewing the world through plexi-glass.

This court was so importance

This court was so importance because anyone, especially an officer with 6 years experience knows or should know that Superior Court takes precedent over other courts. Besides, Officer Connelly was in Grand Jury that morning and the last officer testified in Grand jury at 10:45. Grand Jury dismissed at 11:15. Instead of Officer Connelly walking next door to face the music he chose to go home and now he has to pay the price. Mr. DA couldn't get Mr. McDuffie because Officer Connelly misrepresented info in his felony report and admitted "bad notes and bad report writing" and that was in Officer Connelly's own words. If he had been honest a long time ago all of this could have and probably would have been avoided and he would probably still have a job.

James Connolly

Some one needs to check and see that the drugs and crack pipe was turn in as avidence. Where did they go?

southport pd

southport lost the best officer they had! he might have been a butt but he was fair. he was a butt to everyone. james had the best numbers in the city. its sad to see him go and im truely scared for southport now because according to some people southport doesnt have a drug problem....FREE CONNOLLY

I will give you the benifit

I will give you the benifit of the doubt that connolly is fair sometimes but to get your facts straight southport is one of the biggest drug areas in Brunswick Co. If you want to say something get you facts straight before you put in your two scents.

It's about time!!

This Officer arrested me for video taping at the scene of an arson and asking questions.. I'm glad I exposed him as a liar in open court. It opened the door for someone else to finnaly expose this crooked officer... Now maybe he'll think twice before He puts himself above the law....Oh and for the record I defended myself in court and was found not guilty.... I also tried to sue the department but no laywers would take the case...I'm glad now he'll get a taste of his own medicine.

What were your charges? And

What were your charges? And were you asked to leave a crime scene before being arrested?

Yes, criminals usually are

Yes, criminals usually are glad to see an officer in trouble. Consider the source.

He was found not guilty -

He was found not guilty - why do you call him a criminal? The judge obvously felt he had not committed a crime.

I guess that's why McDuffie

I guess that's why McDuffie was still walking the streets?

Yes............ who was found guilty by a court of law and who was not. The proof is in the pudding. Wonder how many people are now going to seek lawful compensation for the misdeeds of this officer. Looking at that picture I see him as he has always been, very full of himself. As I said..............the proof is in the pudding.

Read closely. He was found

Read closely. He was found guilty of not being in court. He provided evidence that he was in the courthouse and was in another courtroom. Phone records proved he was not called by the DA although the DA swore he had called him multiple times. So what was he quilty of???? This was a show cause hearing - nothing else, and nothing else should have been discussed. Don't buy into headlines demand to know the facts.

Read closely

People other than you know and have known this fellow for quite a few years. We are all surprised it took this long to bring his misdeeds to light...............or are we. Ask the people of Southport.....the ones he wronged........what he's guilty of. They can't all be wrong and he be the only one right. You make him sound like Dudley Doright. You reap what you sow. He was found guilty........nuff said.

officer in trouble

arrested for videotaping an arson case? the criminal was the officer ----------------------------------------- Yes, criminals usually are glad to see an officer in trouble. Consider the source.