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The CFCC bond referendum vote passed with easy success

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The Cape Fear Community College Bond Referendum was another issue voted on in the election Tuesday. The 164 million dollar bond will expand the college and add 3 new buildings, at a cost of 5 cents for every 100 dollars of assessed values for New Hanover County property owners. Almost 88,000 people voted on the bond. 62% voted yes and 38% voted no. It was a large margin despite mixed emotions on the tax hike. In 2005, when the economy was fine, Cape Fear Community College could not get a 27 million dollar bond passed to reduce over-crowding. Remarkably, this year when the economy is struggling, they were able to pass a 164 million dollar bond easily. "The last time in 2005, we had a 9% voter turn out. When 9 % of the voters turn out 5% can defeat you, and this time we had 2/3rds of the registered voters turn out, that can make a tremendous difference," said CFCC president Eric McKeithan. Adam Ray is a local who voted for the bond. He fully supported the future benefits of the bond. "Being able to get a solid job in our economy is a price that people are willing to pay to have a better future." Last semester, 1,000 students were turned away from CFCC. The bond will pay for the constructions of 3 new buildings so the school can accommodate more students. Not everyone thinks the bond should have passed however. "People are losing their jobs and I just can believe that people will vote to give a school 164 million dollars to take care of its needs when the city needs so much more," said Anecia Smith. The first building will be a general education building built on the corner of Front and Red Cross streets, and should be completed by 2012. The other two buildings will be completed by 2016... The building on North Front Street will be designed to look like a historic building. The next building will be for health care training and will be on 3rd and Walnut streets. The 3rd building will be at the North Campus and will be designed to train what any new industry that is coming to the area.

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The voters have spoken. The majority voted for the bond. All I saw anywhere was positive press and advertisement FOR the bond. Our American system of goverment should include the executive branch, the legislative branch, the judicial branch, and then the liberal media/celebrity crackpot branch. What is there for an intelligent voter to do when the majority of a voting base becomes lazy, uninformed, and gullible to a well funded advertising and marketing campaign? When you become the minority, should you just accept it? Does anyone realize that our county hospital gets NO county money, and is in the process of $120 million in construction? Why can't the Community College fund it's own operation? Will the county share in the profits that the CFCC accumulates? This phenomenon that we are seeing is called "the socialization of loss". this is when we all chip in to bail out private operations, but receive no redistribution of profit. CFCC, the Convention Center, and the $1.3 Trillion bailout of private companies are examples of this. Let the chips fall where they may!!!


gm next?


I did NOT vote for this bond and will never. We pay TOO much in taxes for little use. I believe there is too much waste of our tax dollars and the only way we can STOP this is to start letting those who we elect know we are watching and asking questions. Call and get a copy of the propsed budget, call Dr. McKeithan -he had no problem spending thousands of dollars on the campaign - WE MUST ASK QUESTIONS AND MAKE ALL OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE. Attend the county meetings, sign up for email alerts etc. Call and questions, email. It is your money MAKE THEM SPEND IT WISELY. Also - has anyone ever advised the number of students attending CFCC that are NOT residents of NHC.. think about it, we carry the burden Thank you.

I don't own property anymore but I voted for this bond!

I don't pay property taxes any more,and I voted for this bond. I don't even pay income taxes any more due to a legitimate disability from a car accident.Pretty soon I hope to return to this school to enable myself to return to the tax role and repay the benifit I may receive.CFCC contributes alot of certification,continuing training and refresher courses to people who need it to keep their jobs they have now.This institution has been nothing less than an asset for building income for this county since it was established. Open your eyes folks and see how many people who will be removed from public and non-taxpaying assistance programs by attending CFCC. What a tiny investment for such an imeasurable return


No one is disputing the value of CFCC, and I myself am a graduate. I used my GI bill, and some of my own money, to train for a career that supports my family. I also pay a load of taxes to the county, state, and federal government. Has anyone looked at an aerial map of the CFCC campus? They could sell their quarter of downtown, move elsewhere, and fund construction of a brand new campus with money to spare. I don't see the value in staying downtown, with city and county taxes, and a complete lack of parking. Hmmm, demographically, exactly how many CFCC students live downtown? How many are coming from Brunswick or Pender? If CFCC decides to branch out to these other counties, then they should cease to rely on MY COUNTY TAXES to expand!!! I almost have to blame myself for some of this, since I ASSUMED that the rest of the county would reject it - I should have been more animate in my campaign against it. With a $1.3 Billion state deficit, a $5-8 Million county shortfall, and $X million city deficit, the timing is wrong!!! My last point is that over-saturation of any type of skilled labor leads to...DECREASED WAGES due to increased supply of willing and trained workers. Do any of you think that CFCC does not have a close relationship with local factories and businesses - and listen to requests for additional graduates to reduce their labor costs? More jobs? Maybe... but all will pay less than they would if worker demand was high. Again, this is a blatant display of insider, good old boy, elitist exploitation of the common taxpayers.