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Three elementary schools to implement uniforms in 2010

READ MORE: Three elementary schools to implement uniforms in 2010
It's uniform time for students at three Brunswick County elementary schools, but two of them didn't exactly see it coming. The vote to allow uniforms at Lincoln Elementary was on the agenda at last night's school board meeting, but parents of students at Belville Elementary and Town Creek Elementary didn't realize the vote would affect them too. "I would have liked to have known when the meeting was going to be,” said Allyson Rathburn who is against uniforms. Whether they like it or not, Belville Elementary moms will be sending their kids to school in uniforms. Tuesday night's school board agenda included voting on uniforms for Lincoln Elementary, not Belville and Town Creek. However, Brunswick County School Board Chair Shirley Babson said she felt it was a good time to discuss implementing uniforms at more than just one school. “We have to make decisions based on what is best for the children,” Babson said. Lincoln elementary saw it coming, and teachers and parents seem happy with the outcome. "It would bring a sense of unity among the students,” said second grade teacher Carolyn Harrington. The students are not exactly thrilled. “We'll all look the same and everyone will say you copied me,” explained second grader Dreonna Tompkins. Though Belville parents didn't know about Tuesday's vote, they were asked for input a couple weeks ago in a take-home survey. "Some of the comments students made were they want to feel like everybody else, I want to be a part of something,” said Belville Principal Tracy Coston. The school board said over the next few months they are going to look into uniforms for all the Brunswick County elementary schools.

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So I guess you are

So I guess you are anticipating the uniform code passing if you are already out buying the solid color polos. I'm sure you are one of the moms who are trying to push it down our throats. Don't be so cocky - there are plenty of us who are against it and we will fight it. If you want to dress your kid like some little dork you are free to go for it. Leave the rest of our kids alone.

Not Cocky

My child already has polo shirts. We wear them to church and school if my child wants to. So you are correct in part. I would have bought them anyway, but yes, I am hoping it goes through. I could give a flip if you think dressing in a collared shirt makes someone look like a dork. Your comment just proved a point for everyone in favor of it. Congratulations!

Oh darling...please let me

Oh darling...please let me correct you. Don't make assumptions about people that you don't know. You may be barking up the wrong tree. I do volunteer in the schools. I was the PTA president at Lincoln a few years back. So don't preach to me. And I agree with the other have too much time on your hands running around in YOUR brand new SUV yapping on OUR Blackberry, looking for bargains when the rest of us have an 8am to 5pm five day a week job. As I said is NOT an issue to me. But it is for others. And the last time I looked, clearance items are few and far between. When you found the polo for the alleged $3.10, were there 900+ of them on the rack? Enough to dress three elementary schools? I agree with what someone else said. Teachers and faculty need to be doing better jobs at patroling the kids. Grow a backbone and tell the boy to pull up his pants or tell the girl to fix the front of her shirt so her breasts are not falling out. If they don't comply, send them home. Don't punish ALL of the students and parents in the school for just a few that won't comply. Teach those kids that if you break the rules, there are consequences...just like there are in life. And just because kids are teenagers doesn't mean that they are going to deny the more stringent dress code. My daughter's 13 and a straight A student. She's not a teenage deviant. She doesn't want the dress code simply because she's always adherred to the current dress code and doesn't feel that she should be punished. She like to express herself and show her individuality. It seems that this dress code nonsense is being driven by a select few. Those few need to wake up. There are more problems facing our kids other than whether or not Suzy has on an Ambecrombie shirt.

Consequences in Life

Yep!...If you break the rules, there are consequences...just like there are in life. Rob a bank...go to jail...pretty sure WE are paying for THAT consequence. Do drugs...go to court...jail time...become homeless...pretty sure WE are paying for THAT consequence. Have a baby at an early age...perhaps she can't pay for it...what ever consequence is chosen (adoption, welfare)...pretty sure WE are paying for THAT consequence. There are plenty of ways to express accessories, book bags, earings, hair style, nail polish,socks...etc. It concerns me if a child is taught that the only way to express individuality is through clothing. I am really tired of teachers getting the blame for what is taking place in the schools. How many times have we seen on the news a teacher trying to enforce a policy only to be publicly humiliated and told they are discriminating against a child. I can understand why a teacher might not say something in fear of retribution from the community, in fear of lack of support from administration, in fear of causing a scene, in fear of embarrassing their family, in fear of taking away from instructional time. Their hands are tied...and unsupportive parents are making it worse. Why can't the opinions of the teachers take priority??? They are with the children all day. It seems that the teachers' points of view would be valued more than a parent's when it comes to what takes place during the school day. Do what you want at home...but let the people who are with our children for close to 40 hours a week make the decisions for what takes place during the school day. You would take the advice of a doctor (most of the time)...why can't someone who has studied educational philosophy, curriculum, child development, and brain-based research offer advice as to what is best for the education of our children.

I don't think she or the

I don't think she or the others are blaming the teachers completely. But there are teachers who won't say anything just as there are parents who won't do anything. But why punish everyone for a select few. Bookbags are not a way to express yourself. Not when the students aren't allowed to carry them for fear of weapons. Teachers opinions don't pay for the clothes these parents are being FORCED to wear. And if they are scared to say something for lack of support from the administation...then there's your problem. The administration should be enforcing the rules too. As for the doctor comment...there's a hugh difference. Doctors listen to their patients. The Board of Education doesn't. Brunswick County Academy has uniforms. A friend of mine has a daughter that goes there. Uniforms don't stop the kids from fighting and bullying. My friend's daughter still had her breasts grabbed by fellow male students through her POLO SHIRT. And the principal and staff did NOTHING about it. They insinuated that she brought it on herself. THAT'S THE PROBLEMS IN MOST SCHOOLS! They'd rather sweep the problems under the rug rather then deal with them. How many fights have occured in Lincoln, Belville and LMS that stemmed soley from the clothes a child wore? Show me the numbers and then I'll advocate for uniforms.

It must be nice to be Suzie

It must be nice to be Suzie Homemaker and have time to run around all day searching the clearance racks for your kids clothes. I have money to buy my child nice clothing and I don't want someone telling me how to spend my money. I do spend time in the schools if parents would do their jobs and make their kids dress appropriately we would not have to go to uniforms. The school can enact all of the rules they want but you just can't fix sorry parents. If you are stuck on uniforms send your little precious little spawn to private school.


First of all...stating that the post was from a "Suzie Homemaker" was a low-blow! Some might even consider it to be a put-down...or perhaps the person who posted it is really a bully who would rather name call than respectfully read the different sides, offer their opinion, and accept what the outcome is regardless of what is decided. (I wonder if this is what her children are being taught? "Honey, if you don't like someone's opinion, just name call. By the way...worry about yourself...don't worry about the kids around you that have sorry parents EVEN though they can not help who birthed them!"). "If parents would do their jobs" are right! If parents WOULD do their jobs, then we would not have prisons that are over crowded. How much of our tax money is paying for the prisons?? How much is paying for the building of new prisons that could be used to build new schools...and perhaps keep some of our teachers from losing their jobs??? You are right..."you can't fix sorry parents"...but we can say this and walk away...or do something about it. It is sad that the educated have to take care of the non-educated. However, I would rather spend my money trying to fix the issues at the school level, than spend my tax money paying for folks that are beyond repair - most prisoners. The teachers can't do it alone...parents are their biggest advocates. There are many professions that require uniforms...doctors, nurses, airplane pilots. What would you do if a surgeon walked in prepared to do open-heart surgery wearing street clothes, saggy pants, a short skirt, etc. Give these kids a chance to look respectable...if it does not work...go back to the drawing board. The point is...the educated society has to take care of the it now so that you don't pay for it later. Set an example. There are times to wear your street clothes...just like there are times to where your prom clothes, wedding attire, pajamas, etc. I really want my social security when I retire. If you have money to buy your child nice clothes...just think of the even NICER clothes you will have money to buy. Perhaps you might even be able to spend some money on yourself!, pedicure, vacation, that new car you have been wishing for, books to read on how to better help society as a whole... You obviously have time to be on the internet. If you do not have time to go shopping for better deals there are loads of deals online. Want to buy the expensive clothes...the internet is great for that too. Instead of lashing out...ask for suggestions, or offer your opinion respectfully. We can have a respectable debate. I guess this is the end of this therapy session :). Oh, and by the way, the government already tells you how to spend your money...


You assume that since I am a stay at home Mom I run around all day long shopping clearance racks and living it up. Do you know the saying about when a person decides to ASSUME something? We make sacrifices and budget our money so that I am able to be a stay at home mom. I feel fortunate that we are able to do that. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am not going to sit here and trade insults with you just because you seem to resent me for being a stay at home mom. I do agree with you that more parents should be doing their job, then there would be no need for discussing this whole thing in the first place.

School Uniforms

I can not believe my home county is falling for this form of socialism. A sad day indeed.

I work in an elementary

I work in an elementary school in Pitt County, where all the students are required to wear uniforms. I have seen a dramatic increase in how confident the students are and how much more time we have for classroom instruction. We're not focusing on whether or not a girl's shirt is too revealing or if a first grader has a shirt on with inappropriate comments. The students take more pride in being at school than before. As for holidays, weekends, etc., the clothes are functional. Khaki or black pants always look nice with a collared shirt--if you want to spend the extra money on name-brand clothes or "popular", that's your choice. If money is such an issue, you wouldn't be buying those in the first place. At our school, we have a group of teachers and parents that donate clothes for the families that can't afford them (genuinely can't afford them--not just taking the easy way out). Some are new, some are hand-me-downs, but if the families really need the help, they are always grateful. The program is discrete and never embarrasses the family. Teachers have students take some clothes home in their bookbag if they've seen the child wear the same thing all week. It's worked surprisingly well so far.

So, because there are

So, because there are uniforms, the teachers can quit their gossipy discussions of if a first grader is revealing too much skin or has on a shirt with inappropriate comments? And so now you have more time to teach? Sounds like the teachers are the ones with issues, not the students. Maybe you should spend more time teaching than socializing. If a child is dressed inappropriately, then notify the parents. If you have to have a staff meeting to discuss it, maybe there isn't an issue in the first place. So, since you think uniforms are so wonderful, do you wear the same uniform to school each day and if not, why not? Why would you not practice what you preach? Why would your street clothes not be a distraction to the students since that is the issue at hand? I would fully support school uniforms on one condition, and that is that everyone wears them, including the teachers and school administration staff. If the uniforms aren't good enough for them, then don't push them off on our kids.

Well said....

Amen! Totally in agreement on all aspects of this comment!

My teenage son went to a

My teenage son went to a middle school that required uniforms. These uniforms do not increase students' self-confidence and by your comments it sounds like the people most distracted by the students' clothing are the teachers. My daughter goes to a mainstream middle school and my son to a high school now where uniforms are not required. There is no difference in anyone's self confidence levels or in anyone's grades. My son's middle school also had a program for giving out uniforms and it was supposed to be discreet but everyone of the students could tell you who was getting the free uniforms and they lost no time in making fun of the students for receiving them. They also caused controversy in that certain girls would hem their skirts up and then the girls who did not spent loads of time complaining to the teachers about the ones who did. As in any school, the teachers' pets won out. They also refused to button their tops so they could show cleavage and all the students let the shirt tails hang out and half never wore the belts to school. They would accessorize to the point that in some cases you did not recognize the uniforms. All of the same issues that confront the schools as far as simply wearing street clothes, with the added cost of producing and maintaining a second wardrobe for the child. The point is that none of this has to do with a child getting an education. School uniforms do not increase grades. Instead of this boost in self confidence, we are also taking away a life lesson. When these students graduate, they will know nothing about the proper way to dress for job interviews, the work place, etc., unless your school system is simply turning out a crowd of fast food minimum wage workers for life. Then they will know exactly how to dress.


Welcome to the full arrival of socialism in the school system. Another one of your freedoms has disappeared with the decision of the school boards. Now the students will be using the same dress codes as those in socialist and communist countries. It's not about the "savings" issue.


Is Britain socialist or communist? They have ALWAYS worn uniforms. Most other schools in Europe do as well. Whats the big deal. Do the kids go to school to learn or make a fashion statement?


blah blah blah... blah blah blah... All you freedom of choice pundits and your socialist takeover visionary cronies need to be slapped with a little dose of reality. Uniforms take the edge off the kids. There is no fashion hierarchy when you apply uniforms in the schools. The poor wear the same thing as the rich and visa versa. Obviously, you don't know what it's like to be a child and have your peers ridicule you for your generic clothing. I do know what it is like and it sucks. Kids are cruel when they are young even though they don't really mean it. If we can level the playing field so children can concentrate on the books instead of looking like Hanna Montana, I think it is safe to say the world would be a much better place.

Ridiculed no more=BULL

Just so you know, your comment that kids won't be ridiculed anymore is a bunch of BULL! I have a 6th grader at Trask where they are doing uniforms this year and she is picked on all the time because she doesn't buy her shirts from Abercrombi & Fitch or have the Izod polos. So that theory that they won't be teased anymore goes right out the window. We are living that right now! Kids can be ridiculed no matter if they wear uniforms or not. It does not make for fair playing field as some suggest. I used to support the idea of uniforms until we've had to experience it this year. The kids have no idividualality, we can only wear red, white & black shirts. It's proven that colors have a big bearing on ones emotional being, bright colors make you more upbeat, dark colors can make you more depressed and so forth. I don't think it's right to make the kids wear uniforms and the faculty don't have to. I also don't think that just a select few schools should have uniforms. It should be all schools county wide or not at all. It's hard to find the polo shirts for girls. When school starts up you can find some but all winter long it's been difficult to find them. The stores all have boys polos but hardly any stock of girls. I know some of you will say go buy the boys shirts...well would you tell your 6th grade boy to just wear a girls polo??? I think not. It doesn't go over very big. To me the schools should just enforce their dress codes. Most schools are just afraid of offending someone instead of enforcing the rules. It's sad that a few bad people dressing wrong ruins it for the rest.


The only schools I'm familiar with where the faculty wear uniforms are military oriented. I doubt most people would support a tax increase to cloth the faculty in uniforms and I do think businesses that require them should pay for them. Actually the mistake the school made was in not dictating down to their socks and underwear I guess, that nothing could have a logo except the school name. That way IZod and such would not be allowed. Middle School is cruel. I appreciate your views however. You certainly have made a case against uniforms that contradicts what we usually hear.

Then by your reasoning, the

Then by your reasoning, the school systems that require uniforms should have to provide them for the students as well. There are numerous businesses where the employees are required to wear uniforms and they either purchase them at retail or they are provided and a weekly payment deducted from their paychecks. The teachers are no better than the students. The teachers have to wear SOMETHING to school and (especially the females) I would rather see them in khakis and polos also than some of the inappriate attire that they do show up in.

Dressed in jeans and t-shirt and loving it

No. My point is that teachers and students are not on the same level just because they're in the same building. Nor are guards and prisoners, or doctors and patients or clergymen and congregations. I'm responding to a post and there are several, where an attempt is made by the writer to divert the issue to being an issue about teacher dress. If that is an issue you wish to pursue, this is not the forum for it. Teachers already have a dress code. If they don't abide by it there are consequences. As a retired teacher, I can attest to this. When students come to school provocatively dressed or with pants 4x's to large that show half of their butts, or jeans so low and tight they can't bend over without showing more skin than I want to see, there is little school officials can do except send the student home which results in lost instruction time for someone who usually can not afford it. I am not going to engage in an argument with someone who evidently has larger issues to address than uniforms. Your resentment of teachers is quite evident. However, I very much resent the attempts to combine these separate issues or to assume that teachers are behind the push for uniforms. While some may be, most are too concerned with the real task of educating students to have time to police student dress codes. That is the job of parents. Because so many students wear clothes that truly don't look acceptable anywhere, it has come to this.

I made the statement that

I made the statement that most businesses that required uniforms make the employees contribute to the cost in some manner and you claim I harbor resentment towards teachers? Touchy, aren't you, and you can cut out the attempt to analyze me as well as you have failed miserably. Besides, what is your personality disorder that no one can simply disagree with your opinion unless they are "engaging in an argument"? I know kids, and I know parents. And if they are wearing pants 4x too big now, then the uniforms will look the same. They aren't issuing uniforms according to size, they are leaving it to the parents to buy them. I've seen it first hand at my son's middle school. And the teachers and the administration who did not have the backbone to tell them to come dressed appropriately before still won't have the backbone to tell them with uniforms. As I said before, the underwear will still be hanging out, it will just all be hanging out the same colored pants. Maybe they should mandate that the drawers have to be the same color as the pants so it will blend in a little better. I have no resentment towards teachers. One of my best friends is a teacher. But there is no point in lying about any of it.

I agree - School uniforms

I agree - School uniforms are one more step towards making a bunch of mini-socialists.

Yes to uniforms

I think uniforms in schools would be a great thing. As for the cost factor that everyone is worried about it would actually be more cost effective for families. I spoke with different people with children in schools that require uniforms and all say that they have saved money. Just think the children would spend less time in the morning trying to decide what to wear I believe that would be less stress that is on them and the parents. The families that would not be able to afford the uniforms the school will be able to help with donations. Some of the poorest schools in the nation have a uniform policy. As a matter of fact the under privelage countries require that the children wear uniforms. I hope that all schools in Brunswick County will require uniforms one day.

LMS Uniforms

There is small group of moms at Leland Middle School who are pushing HARD for the uniforms. But they don't realize there are a bunch of us parents against the proposed uniforms that they are trying to sneak through really quick. They did a phone survey last night but I doubt we'll ever see the true results. Another mom was out front polling the parents coming through the drop-off line. But she was only talking to parents she knew who were in favor of the policy. She doesn't know me so she was busy looking at zipper when I went through the line. If our students are required to wear the uniforms I expect the staff from top to bottom be expected to follow the exact same policy as our students. School Board - Don't attempt to sneak the policy through on us without proper notification fo the meeting. We'll be sure it is your last term in office.

Wrong time for uniforms!

I think this is the wrong time economically for uniforms. I understand the idea behind the uniforms. But given the financial hardship most parents are dealing with, I don't think this is the best time to force parents to have to pay for uniforms. My daughter goes to LMS so she's not affected by the new uniform policy...yet. And I say "yet" because now LMS is looking at uniforms. Right now the clothes my daughter wears to school can be worn on weekends, holidays and school breaks. Now elementary parents are going to have to buy a whole other wardrobe which will probably exceed $200+ for all of the required pieces. Unemployment is at an all time high. Prices for staples such as groceries, health insurance, etc. is high. NC is going through insurance rate increases for both home AND auto. So our pockets are constantly being drained right now. And now to force parents to pay for's unexcusable. Most people would agree that the northern part of the county is the most financially challenged part of the county. I don't know why the uniforms...if it was to see if uniforms would work...were not implemented in the southern part of the county. Why are we the guinea pigs on this idea? We were the guinea pigs for year-round school. Why should we be the guinea pigs again? Plus, it's not like the parents opinion counts anyway. An overwhelming majority of parents were happy with year-round school and it got snatched away by the Board of Education. It's sad that the fate of so many students and parents lie in the hands of 5 people...4 of who don't even live in this area. I wish Scott Milligan would have fought it harder...but I'm sure it wouldn't have mattered any way. Plus for them to make a decision for two other schools without informing the parents or staff...what a COWARD way to conduct PUBLIC business. I'd love to see the school board dress in uniform. Khaki pants, white, blue or black polo shirts, brown or black belts and the appropriate shoes. I expect to see each board member dressed in the required uniforms at the next board meeting. See an example for the students and parents whose lives your decisions make create an impact.

Student Uniforms

Who is going to buy uniforms for the families that can't afford them???

Grow up

People need to grow up about uniforms. If they can buy any clothes, they can buy uniforms. In fact, it is much cheaper on the parents. You can buy a complete outfit for the price of one name brand shirt. It makes the school run better. It cuts down on bullying, hazing and gang activity. Just because you want everyone to see your kid in the latest fashion is no reason to put down a wonderful idea. Anyone that is truly against this is an idiot and has no idea what happens in schools or what it takes to make them I said "Grow up!"

Please, cite your references

Please, cite your references and case studies to prove your point, because if you look at the study cited above, uniforms solve nothing. So, if you have some actual proof and not just someone's opinion, please share.

WHY is this a wonderful

WHY is this a wonderful idea. Do the research. I have. No connections have been made between uniforms and.... well, anthing! Why are people trying to force their wants and their views on others. This is insane. There is still a fashion show its just a "color coded" show. Would you also like to regulate how many breaths I take each day? Again I ask why the huge push by these few people to force the rest of us to do their will?

Not just a few

It's not just a few people. There are a lot more parents and guardians that are very much in favor of it. In fact, I would say it's around a 60-70 percent figure of those that are in favor of it, maybe more. I have asked a lot of parents where they stand on it, so I am confident in that statement. Did you see the WWAY poll on last night's 11 pm newscast regarding this subject? It was no contest. 80 per cent believed there should be school uniforms. I believe that research can be "tweaked" to come out with the results that are desired and that goes both ways, pro and con.