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Three elementary schools to implement uniforms in 2010

READ MORE: Three elementary schools to implement uniforms in 2010
It's uniform time for students at three Brunswick County elementary schools, but two of them didn't exactly see it coming. The vote to allow uniforms at Lincoln Elementary was on the agenda at last night's school board meeting, but parents of students at Belville Elementary and Town Creek Elementary didn't realize the vote would affect them too. "I would have liked to have known when the meeting was going to be,” said Allyson Rathburn who is against uniforms. Whether they like it or not, Belville Elementary moms will be sending their kids to school in uniforms. Tuesday night's school board agenda included voting on uniforms for Lincoln Elementary, not Belville and Town Creek. However, Brunswick County School Board Chair Shirley Babson said she felt it was a good time to discuss implementing uniforms at more than just one school. “We have to make decisions based on what is best for the children,” Babson said. Lincoln elementary saw it coming, and teachers and parents seem happy with the outcome. "It would bring a sense of unity among the students,” said second grade teacher Carolyn Harrington. The students are not exactly thrilled. “We'll all look the same and everyone will say you copied me,” explained second grader Dreonna Tompkins. Though Belville parents didn't know about Tuesday's vote, they were asked for input a couple weeks ago in a take-home survey. "Some of the comments students made were they want to feel like everybody else, I want to be a part of something,” said Belville Principal Tracy Coston. The school board said over the next few months they are going to look into uniforms for all the Brunswick County elementary schools.

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$7 polo shirts, $15 pants on

$7 polo shirts, $15 pants on Look up school uniforms. Seems to me you can outfit our kid for $120 for a weeks worth. Probably a lot less than what you spend at Walmart for their clothes now. Get involved with the school and start a swap group. Parents can turn in their uniforms that have been outgrown and get the next size up. It will be nice to see pants without their underwear sticking out.

I see uniforms as a

I see uniforms as a convenience for both the school staff and, sadly, the parents. If a child fails to meet the existing dress code, school officials are reluctant to say anything to the student or parent for fear of offending someone, or a possible lawsuit if the child is sent home. Parents see it is a Godsend when it comes time to shop for school clothes, as the decision on clothing has already been dictated by higher officials. This means no more "Momma, I want this" in the store. It is a cop-out all the way around, and another small but important freedom lost by the growing child to have some input and learn how to choose what is appropriate attire, at the convenience of the parent who does not want to deal with his/her child and the school who is afraid to deal with inappropriate dress. It is all decided by someone else, another freedom, like so many others down the drain. I can't understand why we as Americans, are giving up their choices so easily and letting someone else make them for us. Before long, I guess we'll all be drones, our whole existance controlled by some form of government. I am sure that a lot of readers will get a chuckle out of this, but if you do, you are part of the problem. As for the uniforms, they should have been made optional for a couple years to see how many really were interested in them. To impose this in public schools (private school is different), is wrong. I don't have any kids in school, but my tax dollars still go to support them. As far as I am concerned, every kid is welcome to go to the schools that I support regardless of what he/she wears as long as it is within established guidelines, which I would expect to be enforced by the spineless teachers and principals.

From a parent who knows,

From a parent who knows, this did not stop the underwear from sticking out at my son's middle school where uniforms were worn. Most school dress codes already address the underwear sticking out. If the teachers did their job in the first place, they would put a stop to it. With the uniforms, you just see the underwear all sticking out of the same color pants.