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Pender detectives investigating "sexting" at schools

READ MORE: Pender detectives investigating "sexting" at schools

Sexting is becoming a serious concern for parents and law enforcement worldwide. Pender County detectives are trying to stop teenagers and children from exchanging nude photos via cell phone.

Sexting is something Pender County detectives have been investigating for a while, but they launched an in-depth investigation when parents started calling the sheriff's office after finding nude photos on their children's cell phones.

Sexting, or sending sexual texts or pictures through your cell phone, is sweeping through the phones of teenagers. Pender County Sheriff's Det. Scott Lawson says there are also criminal consequences from texting, including the possibility of having to register as a sex offender.

Deputies are doing everything they can to try and control what is sent via phone. Lawson says it's a growing problem, worldwide.

"Some of these images on the Internet have more value than US currency," Lawson said "We are seeing these images of our American children ending up on pedophiles' computers overseas."

Once a person hits the send button, the image can end up in cyberspace. Some teenagers and children think there is no way for deputies or parents to control what they send or receive, but there is software offered by companies like AT&T and Verizon that can block texts and images from being sent from phones. Lawson says it would be a good investment for parents.

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OMG! If these people have money... buy extra minutes, why aren't they paying for their own basic cellular service?

Do you not see the inherent problem of giving people Medicaid, TANF, food vouchers, Section 8 housing, AND free cellular service when they always seem to have money for cigarettes, booze and/or drugs, cable TV, and to "buy more time" on the cellular phone that YOU are paying for? None of those programs are free. There IS no free lunch. We pay for all of them.

Where did we ever get the ABSOLUTELY INSANE NOTION that a cellular phone was a basic human right that society must pay for?


You have to sak them why they are not paying for their own phone,I'm saying the phone companies are the ones benefiting the most from this.If they weren't why would they give out the phones?I never once said anybody deserved any free anything.The money for this is in a fund that was set up years ago so the phone companies are the ones getting the money.My first reply was to Tom and his blaming Obama for everything thats wrong in this world.I'm willing to bet the phone people are tring to expand the free phone thing.I also bet food companies and food stores are not against food vouchers.

You need

to re-read my post. I never blamed Obama for the program's start. I noted his administration took an existing program and expanded it beyond all reasonable bounds.

The program actually started in the mind of Pit Bull Pelosi who wanted to provide phones to all the undocumented individuals in California.

With the administration quickly running out of funds; and the ability to borrow against our children's future disappearing, one must wonder when the Administration will cut off some of these frivilous programs.

Does that make it right?

If they legally mandate that loafers and deadbeats get free cars, GM won't be against it, either.

Does that make it right? Does the governemnt have an inherent right to take from you to give to the bums among us?

No, Obama isn't to blame for the free cellular phones - but his mindset is identical to those who did bring it about. They take money from the productive members of society and give it to the moochers who serve no purpose whatsoever. Do you realize that welfare rolls are exploding once again because his "stimulus bill" included a financial bump for states to sign up more people onto TANF?

A good portion of the Universal Service Fund is eaten up by groups and governmental organizations other than the cellular carriers. Do you realize that DSS is now telling these sponges that they rate these phones, and where to apply?

Where does it all end? How long can half of society carry the totally worthless half that simply won't or can't produce?

The end

It ends when the people loaning the government money say no more and this country goes into default.

Free phone

I did my own research,I didn't get my info from Fox News.

Seriously? Curious teenagers

Seriously? Curious teenagers have just moved from fooling around in the backs of cars to a new age, and you want them to pay for it for the rest of their lives? What they are doing is stupid, yes. But to give them a permanent record as a sex offender for natural urges and sexual exploration is a bit out there.

I really hope you realize how idiotic and ungrounded your statement is. If people from the 60's and 70's had access to cell phones during the "sexual revolution", 90% of adults today would be sex offenders.

Just another fad that will

Just another fad that will pass to take the cops away from other more important things.