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UNCW says no to downtown party shuttle

WILMINGTON -- UNCW students said yes, but school leaders said no when it came to supporting a bus service that would bring students back to campus after a night partying downtown. UNCW leaders are making a statement that they do not promote drinking after hours. Students are disappointed by the university's decision. UNCW student body president Daniel Thorp proposed the idea to start the shuttle service. He felt that it would keep students safe, by giving them an alternative to drinking and driving. Even though 76 percent of students surveyed said they wanted the service, university leaders decided otherwise. UNCW senior Carlos Marra said, "I remember when I first heard about it I was pretty excited about it, I figured if they did have a decision on it, they would let it go because of the amount of students that do want it." UNCW senior Russell Jaskot said, "When every kid comes to college they're going to drink, it's going to happen, whether they want to ignore the fact or not, it's up to them but I think it's a good way to keep students safe" UNCW Vice-Chancellor Pat Leonard will discuss the university's decision with the student government tonight around seven. She said Tuesday she wanted to meet with students first, before speaking to the media.

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UNCW shuttle service

I believe UNCW should deny the shuttle service. The students who plan to party need to come together and hire designated drivers or pay for a cab just like the non-students. That could be extra $$$$ for the DDs, an innovative side business for a student who needs the extra cash. Of course I went to 4 yrs of college, paid by me & grants, graduated with honors, work 2 jobs & partied hard when I had the time. I either walked back home or had a DD. Makes since to me. It's time to be responsible adults and not depend on UNCW to get you home during non-school activities.

i agree grow up and become

i agree grow up and become an adult and take responabilty for your own actions thats what happens when you leave college or live with your family for the rest of your life, i am a no student and if you students get free rides then i should get a free ride.

Party Bus

APPROVE THE BUS! The young adults are going to drink whether you approve or not. The bus keeps them and everyone else on the roads SAFE! Check out ECU's bus program. They pick up and drop off at certain times throughout the campus apartment complexes and campus. Wrong move, not to approve!

I agree 100%

I agree 100%

Ha! Better judgement

If you are of the opinion that the public at large, "Mr. Taxpayer" needs to fund rides for your drunk kids that would be better going to school to study instead of becoming drunks... Than maybe the government needs to make more life choices for you like, if you should be allowed to have kids in the first place.


If that is what you want from college then go to ECU.


When I first read that UNCW was considering the shuttle, I thought, "What a great idea!" and then when I saw that it was rejected, I thought, "What a horrible idea!" After a little deeper thought I realized that it was the right decision and this is why. All of you upper-classmen keep using the same line: "We are going to drink, it is a fact, the university shouldn't ignore it" and I agree. I drank more than most during my 4 years at UNCW, but my problem is that the money you save on the cab ride (whether it's mommy and daddy's or whether you work real hard at Hooter's or at the Cafeteria at Wagner) is not going to make or break you. Plus, who takes a cab downtown by themselves...NO ONE!!!! So when you cram 4 or 5 kids in a cab the ride downtown can't be more than $5 a piece. Unless you go downtown 5 nights a week it can't be putting you in the poor house can it? These comments are coming from the same people that are drinking $8 martini's or $6 shots of Jager. Why not leave one of those drinks behind the bar and take a cab? I find it hard to believe that the people who are complaining about the cost of a cab ride are going to save this money and use it for anything constructive. They are going to buy more beer with it or have one more drink at the bar. Unless things have changed in since 2006 when I finished Graduate School not that many kids (over 21) live on campus anyway. What about them? Should UNCW pay for a shuttle to take them back to Monkey Junctions or Yester Oaks (shout out to my old hood)? I would have loved to have had this shuttle service, but I probably wouldn't be able to say I was a UNCW ALUMNUS now.

I'm still sore over this

I'm still sore over having to fund the Wilmington housing authority free crack house program for people that cannot manage their own lives. I'd rather not fund rich kids on their drinking binges downtown as well. Now if this was a bus service for distant poor students that need the rides to learn, count me in. But this clearly isn't the case here. Spoiled brats can find their own way home and to the bars as well. I certainly don't want them drinking and driving. And they cost people money in the destroyed lives from wrecks anyway. To pay this would be a form of public extortion. I say we get tougher and start having road blocks just off campus on weekends searching for drinking drivers and take them off the road right there. That would generate a lot of revenue from DWI's that the state needs combat the problem.



This highly pisses me

This highly pisses me off...had you rather pay for a bus or pay for someone to be in prison for the rest of their life for killing your loved one?

UNCW123, if I have a

UNCW123, if I have a preference, I would rather you be responsible for YOURSELF and your activities, and all that entails. Or don't you drunkards understand that concept?

i can't believe this! Since

i can't believe this! Since I've been here this has one great thing proposed and i cannot believe that it is rejected!!!!! i'm from abroad, i cannot believe you're making it so hard for people to drink. you american lawmakers are pathetic!

I agree with you, I'm sure

I agree with you, I'm sure your country and many others would see how the shuttle would be a positive thing.

uncw drunk

wilmingtonperson:"you're making it so hard for people to drink" You have got to be joking. Why would TAX payers want to make it easy for people to drink? Why would we want to make it easy for you and your drunk buddies to ruin your health? Drinking is a stupid choice that you choose to make. WE are not responsible to make it convenient. If that were the case we would show up at your house/dorm with booze and let you get trashed every night. You are apparently a few braincells short. I wonder why.


[quote]i'm from abroad, i cannot believe you're making it so hard for people to drink. you american lawmakers are pathetic![/quote] What can I add constructive to this ramble? uhhhh... nothing it seems so you're an idiot will have to suffice!


Whether you accept it or reject it, UNCW students are going to drink. Most of the underage ones drink at parties on or off campus (bars are very strict on id's). Therefore the vast majority of students drinking downtown are atleast 21. Many of us have jobs and do not count on our parents for taxi money. It's just very hard to work alot of hours bc UNCW is so tough. We're gonna be downtown and we're gonna be drinking. It's quite a shame that people like having drunk drivers on the road opposed to a simple alternative...the proposed bus service!


For the record, the idea has its good points and I see them but.... I don't see where it is the schools responsibility to shuttle around the drinkers. Going to school has nothing to do with your after school habits. I went to college, drank like a fish and took care of myself. You are free to do what you want but don't think it is somebody else's job to drive your drunk a$$ around. Grow up and be responsible. So….. if you can't have this service then the only other option is to drive drunk? What an idiotic statement! When will folks be responsible for their own actions?

Great attempt at blackmail!

So your argument boils down to, "We're going to break the law anyway, so you might as well make it easier for us and protect yourself." Hey, here's an alternative proposal to protect decent people - get caught driving drunk for the first time, go to jail for the next twelve weekends. Pay a $5k fine. Lose your license for a year with no hope of getting a restricted license. It goes up from there for repeat offenders. Third DUI? Prison and no driving for life. It really COULD be that simple, if we'd stop coddling drunks and criminals because we're so weak.

Well, they are there to learn...

Part of the learning experience is to be responsible adults. Now they want the college to run a bus service for them to participate in activities that work against what the college is there for in the first place? Go figure... I'm glad that UNCW has the balls to stand up to the future spoiled leaders of America. You cannot smoke in the buildings, so UNCW should not have to cater to another bad habit that does defiantly have negative health benefits. What would the students want next? Hooka parlors and pot rooms? These same students just didn't wanna have to ask momma and daddy for taxi money when they are too plastered to drive!

Get out of here.....

ha. great post. NOT. Most people also come to college for the experience as well. Hopefully you got to go..or not?

Oh yeah, I'm definitely here

Oh yeah, I'm definitely here to get an education and I'm doing just fine in my classes, thank you! I'm very surprised though that you can put the word alumni in your screename. I guess it's true, some people have plenty of book sense but no common sense!

I wasn't responding to you dude HELLO

I was talking to the guy who said I was an idiot for being in college and experiencing it. College is for the education, experience, and life changing times. Sorry but drinking and social times are part of that. I enjoyed college and now I am enjoying graduate school. The end. Oh and one more thing some of you on here need to learn to spell check, take off your caps, and type like adults. I guess I did learn one thing at UNC-WORTHLESS. TYPINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

I am a UNCW student. Just

I am a UNCW student. Just so you know, I depend on my parents for nothing! I go to school and I work as many hours as I can to support myself. I'm not into your proposed "hooka parlors or pot rooms," but I do drink. I don't drink and drive but I cannot believe you are saying that you would rather have drunk drivers on the road to put innocent people in danger just to teach responsibility rather than have a bus service!

to the UNCW drunks

I'm so sad to hear that you've got no money to pay for a cab. All your hard earned money going to pay for drink after drink and then at the end of the night your stuck in downtown with the only way to campus is one of your drunk friends driving you back. I feel your pain. I'd rather my tax dollars go to having extra cops watching the roads back to campus catching your drunk butts trying to make it back than to pay for a bus. How hard is it to find one person in the bunch to be DD for the night. Heck, better idea would be to get the bars out of downtown and move them to Collage Rd.

Hey, I'll say it!

I'd rather lose a few thousand people every year to drunk drivers than to have this nation become so weak that we start believing we have an obligation to help you get drunk safely. A good portion of your life will depend upon your individual responsibility and maturity. You'd better learn that now. If you make the choice to go out and get wasted, then YOU figure out how to get home. Don't expect the taxpayers to subsidize your lack of discipline. And if you decide to drive a vehicle while you're drunk, then we have laws to deal with you. The solution isn't "free bus service for the drunks," the solution is "if they break the law, come down on them like a ton of bricks." Saving a few lives in the short term is no trade-off for taking another building block out of the FORMERLY universal concept that every one of us has an obligation to be a responsible, productive, law-abiding citizen. No good whatsoever comes from accepting and accommodating criminal behavior. I don't care if we're talking about cheerfully handing the money over to armed robbers or providing bus service to spoiled, drunk brats who think they have a RIGHT to get drunk. Society is not here to kiss their rears - society's job is to make them rue the day they broke the law.... ...and that's the only way we're going to survive as a nation.

This really sounds like a great idea...

however, considering that most of the student body of UNCW is underage for alcohol consumption, it isn't a really great idea for the school to get involved in this. It could be considered contributing to underage drinking. Unless they have an police officer at the bus stop to hand out citations and hold the offenders for their parents to drive to Wilmington to pick them up (if they're under 18y). Facilitating an illegal activity is only going to open up UNCW to all sorts of lovely lawsuits even if it helps to keep the kids safe.

You hit the nail on the

You hit the nail on the head. Liability is why this will never go through. Anyone out there that attended college after 1954 (this excludes commonsensenotcommontoday) knows that college kids are going to drink, it's practically a rite of passage. I know, I know, not all of you drank booze in college but you are the exception not the rule. With that being said, I feel that this program could have potentially saved lives and to me that is more than enough to offset a few drunk college kids getting a free bus ride home.

Scally's taxi

Perhaps you should go downtown at 2 a.m. every night and offer free rides Scally. Blast them some Rick James and a nice lecture too. Hell, a few may stop drinking after all that. :)

problem is if I'm downtown @

problem is if I'm downtown @ 2am that means I'm drinking also. I'll need my own cab ride home.


Call Common, I am sure he would come get you. I have not stayed up till 2a.m. in 20 years! Hangovers just last too long at my age. ;)