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Violence at area housing projects

READ MORE: Violence at area housing projects
Shots fired at one housing project in Wilmington have residents all shook up. Enough that they're beginning to question their safety. Rankin Terrace resident Kristy Anderson says, "To me the disregard for life is unbelievable out here." According to police, the male victim was dropped off at the Rankin housing projects to buy cigarettes. As he was getting back into the car, two men between the ages of 17 and 20 started asking him for money. The victim refused, and the suspect hit him in the head, then shot him in the leg. Sources say the incident may have been gang related, because the two suspects were wearing red bandanas over their faces. Police are calling it an armed robbery. "How much money could he have really had, to take someone's life," says Anderson. What concerns neighbors the most is the fact that it happened in front of young children, and innocent bystanders. Anderson says, "My younger kids saw the whole thing, they were witnesses, they were out here, and in their minds, they think it's ok." Michael Krause of the Wilmington Housing Authority says, "Any criminal activity puts all our residents at risk, whether they're old or young." In the past few months, the Housing Authority has been taking steps to further protect their residents. One of the ways is contracting Wilmington police officers specifically to patrol the projects. Krause says, "I would hope that seeing a greater police presence would deter any residents from doing anything that would cost them to not only go to jail but lose their home." Anderson just wants to let her kids play outside without having to worry about their safety. "If one of my kids would have gotten hurt, I would have lost it," says Anderson.

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Hello?? Did we just wake up?

Since when has it EVER been safe in ANY of the public housing areas? They are all swine-pits of violence, and the instant you can afford to move your kids out of that environment, you'd be smart to do so. I don't care if you have to eat PB&J five times a week, get your kids out of there.

are you kidding me

contracting with the WPD isn't going to stop anything. I lived in the WHA apartment when they tried that once before and what happened.. the city claim there wasn't enough money to fund the officers to patrol.We all read about security officer BAD BOY Joe patroling the northside of he's behind bars for rape. the officers do not even want to respond to a 911 call from the creekwood area..they aren't too much concerned about the safety of the people in the WHA apartment complexes.

Maybe the RESIDENTS need to be more concerned

Let me be blunt - an infantry company of Marines couldn't keep some of the public housing areas safe as long as the residents accept criminal behavior as a valid career choice. Oh, sure! Everyone gets upset when the lead starts flying around the kids, but where is that outrage when junior comes home at 4 A.M. with a few thousand dollars and a 9 mm tucked into his wasteband? Where is the anger when you're offered a shoplifted blouse for a few bucks? How many stolen cigarettes are sold in Creekwood on any given day? How many stories do we read wherein the police report that nearby residents know something about the crime but are NOT cooperating? Don't blame the police - blame the "slightly shady" mentality of MANY public and Section 8 housing residents. (Not all. There are good, decent people who are living there too.) One trait that most successful minorities have in common is that somewhere along the line, a parent got that family OUT of that horrible environment You cannot hope to melt into American society and break the cycle of poverty as long as you stay in violent, crime and drug-ridden enclaves where you segregate yourself from the rest of the population.

My advice is to do what they

My advice is to do what they did to Jervay, Isabel Holmes, and the place near Greenfield: Demolish the current structures and start from scratch. Violence will continue until this community learns to take responsibility for itself and stop perpetuating a culture of death and irresponsibility. Yet, as we have seen with Jervay and Isabel Holmes, destroying the old 1960s style housing projects and building new complexes tends to help a great deal. The "Broken Window" theory works, as we have seen in New York City and throughout the country. Let's hope the head of the WHA doesn't put up roadblocks by claiming these eyesores and cesspools of iniquity have "historic value." Just demolish it.

A question or 2

1. where will the funding come from? 2. How long will it take the residents to resume the crime and drug related life style? 3. Why not have the local residents "patrol" their own neighborhoods? 4. Why not get Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton in the hoods? They always seem to have answers and think their personalities can overcome situations. Let's see how they do without the glare of media cameras?

I don't think it was called

I don't think it was called Isabel Holmes, it was Taylor Homes.I also think it was built in the 20's or 30's.

Two Words.... Stop Snitchin.

Two Words.... Stop Snitchin. You think the residences have much of a choice? Running your mouth in Creekwood, just like running your mouth in any other crime infested ghetto, is a death sentence. You think law enforcement is going to help a witness with protection for a simple drug charge? Do you think these people can move on a whim? What you are saying is a good idea on paper, but you put yourself in that situation and see what becomes of you.

Stand up

Two words for you... Grow up! Yes, it might be tough at first, but if the good people stick together and form a "gang" that backs each other up maybe the thugs will get the message. Borrow a spine and stand up to these dirt bags. Be an adult, stand your ground. Make life miserable for them, run off customers, call the police. Eventually they will move on, like the roaches they are.

I agree with your version of

I agree with your version of easier said than done. However, the point being made that is improtant here is its a mentality. Kids having kids raising kids, it is a society that is seriously flawed. No one in that society seems to care about it either, yes there are the few who get out of the ghetto and do much better for them selves at great sacrifice. My wife is one of the best "getting out of the ghetto" stories that still to this day i can think of. I am not going to get into her story but she grew up in Bronx, NY and believe me I dont even like going there. Anyway back to what I was saying the society and people there dont want to work hard to achieve great things cause if they did then they would, and to say that someone has more of a chance than anyone else is flat out bull crap and if you really deeply feel that, that is not the truth then you are sadly the most ignorant person in the city. Final thought is good luck to those who really want to get out, work hard so that one day you want have to.

"Stop Snitchin"

In case you haven't noticed, the stop snitchin program only works for the criminals. The youth are still getting killed every day. Stand up. MLK did.

So your contention is....

...that fear trumps any sense of responsibility toward your community or the law? You're off the hook if you're scared? I guess I'm an idealist...I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Still....I wonder how your inaction and inertia make you feel when that knock comes on the door and it's YOUR kid lying out there in the gutter. Like I said, I'd eat PB&J every day to get my kids out of that hell-hole. It's called taking responsibility for your own destiny and doing what's best for your kids....and if you can't move, you had better get over your FEAR and start building a community. (BTW, nowhere did you explain the ACCEPTANCE of criminal activity that is so pervasive in these housing areas. Gunfights are over the line, but buying the cans of infant formula someone shoplifted from Wal-Mart, is okay, right?)

So your contention is..

You are correct about eating PB&J, cut out the cable, use coupons, anything to save your money inorder to get out of public housing, I did and now I can say I have a mortgage and proud of it. MOTHERS' it starts inside your doors. Be there for your kids, not yourself, let go of using your $'s for the hottest outfit, hairdo & nails, THINK ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN, they didn't ask to come in this world to be used for a public assistance check. Public Hsg made a mistake allowing young women to have apartments who then allow their drug dealing boyfriends to live. Don't get me wrong, there are young women who are trying to better themselves and they have. It takes a village to raise our children and until we all here in Wilmington stand together and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, IT'S NOT HAPPENING HERE, it will continue and eventually hurt us all. Has anyone ask these drug dealers what they're going to do when they get old, never worked, or end up in prison for 20 years?