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Wilmington doctor surrenders his medical license

A Wilmington doctor has surrendered his medical license. 56-year old Robert Perry has practiced medicine for 15 years and most recently ran the Pee Dee Clinic on Market Street in the Ogden area. On the state medical board's website, Perry's surrender is listed under "Immediate Disciplinary Notices”. WWAY spoke with him on the phone Wednesday night and he said he has had medical problems and has no desire to practice anymore. Perry said his license surrender has nothing to do with a disciplinary action. Perry's patients should call his office to get referred somewhere else.

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Dr. Perry was one of the only doctors in this town that took the insurance that retired NYPD and NYFD Police officers and firefighters are given. He was a hero in every sense of the word for treating these patients when no one else would honor their insurance. After every hurricane that this town has had, Dr. Perry opened his doors and treated patients "free of charge" during the days immediately following. He is a very caring doctor who cared about his patients and those of us who knew him, know that these charges are not what he is about. How many other doctors in this town take ex-Police Officer and ex-firefighters insurance and treat them? I pray that he is back in practice soon and that his health does not suffer any more due to these allegations.

I agree

I know a lot of people disliked him for his unorthodox methods and long office wait, but I loved his caring and time spent with each patient. Where else will I find a doctor who still spend more than 60 seconds with me? I read the follow-up, and he really is just human.


Why any parent would take their child to this doctor is beyone me anyway. He is/was not a pediatrician, nor does he/did he have hospital rights at NHRMC or Cape Fear.

Hospital Rights

Dr Perry is a great Doctor. I have heard this same statment before from a local Pediatrician here in Wilmington that has his NHRMC Hospital rights that took six weeks, 1-2 times a week to try and diagnos my child in what took Perry 1 visit to diagnos a bad ear infection. So I'm guessing that NHRMC hospital rights is a choice by a Doctor because diagnostic skill certainly was not the case with this other Pediatrician. Perry's skill will always speak for him when in fact others may need a hospital right certificate to hang on a wall.

We initially took our

We initially took our daughter to Dr. Perry 14 years ago when she had a fever of 103 (turned out to be strep throat) and our regular pediatrician's office told us the doctor couldn't see her that day because he was too busy and we should take her to Medac! That pediatrician had hospital privileges...that sure didn't make him a doctor who seemed to care about his patients. Dr. Perry has been seeing our entire family for the past 14 years and we've never been happier with any doctor.

dr. perry

you dope, half the doctors in this area don't, nor want hospital rights. its up to the doctor. if you knew what you were talking about you would not show all your ignorance to the whole world like you just did with such a statment.

way to go... agree with you

way to go... agree with you .....

does this make him a bad

does this make him a bad docotr? or was he just not playing the good old boys game.

You are a Parent?

Look knowledge is power you to learn what ADHD is and it is a real problem for kids and adults, I agree some get happy with saying your kid has ADHD when it mainly is a behavior problems and making a kid behave. but, when testing and the child is suffering from not be able to control his or her thoughts and function in everyday life. Please think before you write anything on here. I think it is wonderful that parents are learning and getting help for their children and for them as a family. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

rumors going around

lot of rumors going around why he lost lost his license does any body know the truth.....

The truth is a matter of

The truth is a matter of public record and will be available for you to review soon. This should have happend long ago!

No answer

I've called them 8 times in the last two days so my child can get a referral. Nobody answers the phone and no one has returned my messages. It's hard to get another doctor to take you in with no files when you need a refill for ADHD medication.


I have two children who rely on their ADHD meds, both of them havw been patients of Dr. Perry since they were two weeks old. He referred me to Dr. Thomas Milam when it was first suspected that there was a problem maybe you can try him. We have been with him for over 4 yrs. now.


this is a good time to get your child off of ADHD medication so they can LEARN to deal with the REAL WORLD...I wouldn't put my child on those types of meds FOR NOTHING!


I totaly Agree.


I had my doubts about all the medication that they are giving children now days. But I can honestly say from experience, there are children that REALLY do need it. I had a student that could only focus if he had his medicine. One day without his meds were really hard and a distraction to the whole class. He couldn't get a thing done all day when his mom would forget his meds. On his meds, focused all day and such a delight in the class. On the other side of it... there are many children out there who are overdosed and on the wrong type for their ADD and ADHD. Parents need to take the time to see how the child reacts to the meds, they should never be in a dazed state or a zombie.

Re: Maybe

oh...ok, so your a doctor now...just because you wouldnt put your kids on medication "for nothin"..doesnt mean that others don't need it. and maybe you or your crazy kid(s) do need it...nice parenting!Good Luck!


my kids behavior kinda proves that...either I am A. LUCKY, B. a GREAT parent or C. both....I kinda like C myself. MEDICATION is MOST of the time NOT the answer...I have friends that have their children on that crap because their children were a little high strung...I mean just being BOYS...boys are all OVER the place...their answer..DRUGS...I also have a NIECE on the meds that they TOTALLY SCREW HER UP..when she comes off of them she cannot deal with a simple drink spill....she hasn't had to learn to DEAL with her ADD...and as long as she is on meds she NEVER WILL learn to deal with it. You better learn at an early age to pay attention and keep your thoughts straight...or you won't make it far in life. I teach my children to deal with stress, deal with loosing...DEAL WITH LIFE...SO YES...I AM AN EXCELLENT PARENT! ADD...just another stranglehold on the American Public by the Pharmaceutical Companies...and you fell for it. Medication isn't always the answer...


Maybe some parents use those drugs for the wrong reasons but I can assure that he really does need his medication. He's been off of them for 1 day and I've already had a note from his teacher. According to your logic a person with a bi-polar problem should be taken off their medication too. Both disorders are caused by problems with a persons brain.

I have a question

I have a question. My father was tryig to get life insurence and had to have a physical. He went to Dr. Perry and got everything done...well when he tried to get his files for the insurance company the office was always closed. Then he heard about Dr Perry's problems on the news. He's tried and tried to get his records but the place is always closed. My dad doesn't have health insurence so he can't spend another 300 dollars on another exam. Where can he go to get the records? Please if some one knows let us know.

dr perry and my son

i live in jacksonville and my son was sick when he was born,the doctors in jacksonville could never figure out what was wrong with him. i took him to doctor perry and he made my child well.he also found out his platelets where way out of wack.he saved my son from ending up in the hospital.let me tell you all about the hospital privilege,the doctors on call come in half a sleep or been drinking that tell me the thats the best care.he also has articles on medical care published in the new england journal of many others can say that...........he is the best doctor i have found around that cares about others as family and not just another number making their monthly quote.patients make your practice and if you don't take time with patients like he did,thats when they go elsewhere.believe me the way doctors treat patients gets say what you want about dr perry....HE IS THE BEST

Just wanted to say...

This message is just that...a message to Dr Perry as I am not able to contact him but, just in case he reads this... I was saddened to hear this news story today. I know that there are many mixed feelings concerning him and/or his skills as a clinician. I have only known him for just a few short years but, during my employment there I have gained more knowledge, experience, and confidence then anywhere I have worked since. He was never the easiest boss to work for and many times I wondered if I could stick it out but, I watched him with the patients. Yes, not every doctor is going to get it right all the time, but the good ones don't stop searching for answers. He was a wonderful teacher and I will carry those skills into my practice in the future. I can only imagine the comments that will follow from those who were dissatisfied with his practice. I can not help what they feel and they too have a right to their opinion as do I. It becomes very easy for opinons to boil over into anger and I in no way intend by my comments to "stir the pot" so to speak. I am just relaying a message to a man who is probably very broken and I would hope that others who decide to comment will extend some mercy, as any one of us may be in need of a little grace at times. I'm praying for you Dr P.

Dr. Perry

Our family have been seeing Dr. Perry for the past two years and have had nothing but good things to say about him. He has given us his cell# and has actually answered it many weekends when our girls were sick. He was a wonderful physician and was great with us and our kids. We could talk openly with him and always felt comfortable with him. I knew that he had a heart attack. We are trying to find out why he surrendered his license and hope he is doing well. Thanks.

Dr Perry is the BEST? He

Dr Perry is the BEST? He cares? Wake up! He cares about MONEY! He cares about his hot dates and his Maserati. He cares about surrounding himself with attractive young blondes- ask his ex-wife! He is the best doctor you found because you were not looking in the right place! As for being published in medical journals- look at the dates on those articles---YEARS ago, and FYI, a lot of physicians in the Wilmington area are published. It doesn't mean squat to the medical board or a grand jury though if you can't KEEP YOUR NOSE CLEAN! Maybe now he can publish some articles on abusing physicians' prescibing privileges.

you just shot your comment

you just shot your comment to down by saying his's up !!! remember there are 2 sides to every story...