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Woman suing towing company

WILMINGTON -- There are more details about a towing controversy in Wilmington. A woman who claims she was towed illegally plans to do something about it. Shea McCombs's car was towed from a vacant grass lot on North Fourth Street in Wilmington, a place she claims she had permission to park. It cost her $150 to get her car back. Now she's taking the towing company to court. A local attorney tells us getting her money back won't be easy; McCombs will have to prove there wasn't probable cause to tow, and even if the judge rules in her favor, the towing company can still appeal. The process can be time consuming. McCombs said, "They make their money based on the fact that people won't go after them. They won't spend the time, they won't spend the money to go after them to get their money back. And if people actually spend the money to go after them, then they're going to have to kind of pay the consequences, I guess." Kirby's Towing Company on Castle St. towed McCombs's car. The owner of the company would not comment. Part of the confusion was the question of whether the spot where she chose to park is even considered a parking lot.

City Attorney investigates

At NewsChannel 3's request City Attorney Tom Pollard visited the lot Tuesday. He says the owner of the property had no legal obligation to post no parking signs before towing cars off the property. Pollard said, "It is just a commercial lot in a vacant area. It's got a 'for sale' sign on it and there's not indication that it's been intended to be used as a parking lot and in that context the ordinance doesn't apply to it." As to the dispute as to whether the towed driver had permission to be there, Pollard says that is a civil matter and the city doesn't get involved in those types of disputes.

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Save your money, learn a lesson.....

Sorry Shea and the rest of you, that your car was towed away and you got stuck with the bill, but the court soapbox isn't going to help you here. First of all, your lawsuit should be against the person who requested the tow, not the towing company. Your lawsuit will be thrown out in short order. Your chances of recovering your money no matter how you file it, is very slim to...well...none. Save your money, save your time and simply pay to park your car in designated parking areas. These are clearly marked all over town. You took a chance, you lost, now you evidently on-going lifelong process. No rocket science here.

Tow me dang

Leave a vehicle unattended on my property and youll be lucky if I dont break out all the windows and flatten the tires. BTW Kirbys is on Castle Street.

I park on your property al

I park on your property al the time. I always have to wash my car afterwords because your ground puts stink on my tires, but hey free parking. Thanks for that.


Is it just me or are about half of these posts seeming to be from people who drive tow-trucks? Let's be realistic, you're all coming up with these replies of, "you learned your lesson" or "you won't do that again", but you know you've done things that have consequences as well. Is part of tow truck driving school a lesson on being self righteousness and believing that because you're capitalizing on a mistake,you don't ever make any? You know everyday you lace up those boots and wave around those flashlights in the parking lot that you can't really see yourself in a favorable light and you aren't going to be the next tow truck driving over night millionaire, unless you use that cash to buy lottery tickets on the reg. You all are in a losing fight trying to defend yourselves as a noble profession. You feed off of misery and there are very few people who will side with you so just give up the defense. Yes, you may make decent enough money to treat yourself to a steak from lowe's foods every now again, or take your girl out to outback but that's were it ends. You feed on students because you see expendable funds which you believe you hold a stake in, hell, maybe you can get some new tires on that diesel truck, or maybe even new exhaust! But if $100 is all I have to spend to get admission to the tow truck zoo that is earl's towing and wrecker service and see the monkeys who will spend the remainder of their lives there( including a "receptionist" who combs a cat), I'll consider it a small expense for entertainment.