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WPD arrests brothers wanted on dozens of charges

DUPLIN COUNTY -- Two brothers wanted on dozens of charges of breaking into cars in our area have been caught. Joshua and Antonio Auther were arrested last night in Duplin County. Wilmington and Leland police were searching for the two for weeks after connecting them to car break-ins in magnolia greens and landfall over the Christmas holiday. Wilmington Police arrested their brother Maurice Tuesday on possession of stolen goods charges.

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Please tell me you are

Please tell me you are joking, your solution is to walk around with a bullet and a bullet proof vest 24/7. Yeah that is a lot easier than lending a helping hand. Are you sure that you don't harbor some of these violent behaviors that you point out. I know that we must do all that we can to protect ourselves and loved ones, and I do agree that the courts are sometimes ridiculous with these revolving door policies. I just don't want my kids to have to grow up in a world where they have to shoot someone to take care of their problem. And I wish judicial systems would stray away from the profitable system that is making so many so much money and causing so many others so much heartache.Perhaps we should do the reforming before lives have already been negatively impacted by the crime that brings such people before the court system by spending more money in schools, counseling, mentorships, adult education, etc. I know full and well that these benefits are already in play in most parts of the country,its just too bad we don't get as much usage out of those as we get out of the jails and court rooms.


By nature, I'm not violent at all. A real pussycat. I obey the law. I have never assaulted anyone. (Well, not since grade school, anyway.) When my life is in serious danger, however, as it was on several occasions earlier in my life, I am capable of rising to a level of violence the reaches biblical proportions. So no, going around shooting people isn't the answer. The answer is for the state to begin incarcerating people who are convicted of a third felony for life, with absolutely no option for parole. First felony five FULL years, second felony ten FULL years, third felony, life. Meanwhile, until they do that, I'll stay in shape, carry my piece, hope my guardian angel is vigilant, and be prepared for whatever life throws at me. Trust me, all crazy idealism about "what benefits of society as a whole" vanishes when you are confronted by an armed assailant, and realize that your life is on the line. At that point, you are standing alone in the jungle, facing that tiger. You'd better be ready.

Common...again, I agree with

Common...again, I agree with you 100%

I guess you are right, these

I guess you are right, these kids are thieves. However, realistically, they aren't any different from the thieves that manage corporations every single day. They are no different from the folks that use their corporate cards to supply their personal cars with gas or treat their family and friends to expensive dinners and write it off as a company expense. Or how about those that forfeit expense reports to be reimbursed for personal items that they describe as business expenses. Aren't these folks just as dishonest or thieves as you so eloquently put it? The only difference is the kids are in the streets being dishonest and taking what doesn't belong to them in a deceptive manner and the business folks are conducting their dirt behind the comfort of a nice oak desk. The kids go home to the projects and the business folks go home to places like Landfall and Magnolia Greens. The point is they are all dishonest, but there's no need for calling either of them names. Let's just leave it in the hands of the law.

Thieves manage corporations?

John that you? I work in "corporate America" every day, and I assure you that when thievery or fraud are detected, they are reported to the police and the guilty parties are prosecuted. Calling the Auther brothers "thieves" is not calling them names. It's an accurate assessment of their quality as human beings.

I also work in "corporate

I also work in "corporate America" and I've seen this type of behavior, but I've never seen any prosecution to follow. Besides, when business folks are caught being deceptive it take on a completely different name. If you're in the streets, then you're just stealing. If you are a part of "corporate America", then you're embezzeling. There is no difference. I wasn't implying that calling them thieves is name calling. I was more or less speaking to the post that referenced these kids as deadbeats, welfare trash and illegitimate. A thief is a thief and it doesn't matter who you are or what type of background you have, there's still hope for rehabilitation from such a deceptive nature and way of life.

You got that right Mama's View.

Exxon, BP, Shell, Citco, Enron, Halliburton, Adelphia, AIG, Tyco, WorldCom, K-Mart, Xerox, Global Crossing, Qwest just to name a few. Our government is just as bad. I don't remember anything at all in our Constitution about We the Corporations... It's we the people. And we the people are suffering because of boneheads that won't admit wild west capitalism is taking place. Unfortunately, far right and far left ideology is the seed of revolution.


What country do you live in? Here in the USA capitalism is legal. Now of you cannot see that as a good thing then you need to go back to your little socialist village an occupy the idiot spot. Every person out there with retirement funds depends on these companies making money to fund retirement.

Missed the Point

You totally missed the point and your best shot was a personal attack. Now ponder this: Look at the Primaries and look which way America is turning. I don't like it just as much as you. Sorry to inform you but this is the result of wild west capitalism. If corporate America just hadn't been so damn greedy, we wouldn't be looking at Obama and Clinton as forerunners.

Oh, please!

What in the world is "Wild West Capitalism?" Companies making money, AS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO? This country is turning left because there are too many ignorant people who cannot understand that when the price of oil explodes, companies that sell oil see explosive profits. There are too many ignorant people who truly believe that the government is here to manage and run our lives; that the government is the final guarantor of the quality of our lives, rather than our own efforts. There are too many ignorant people who are unaware of the failures of Socialism throughout history. Most of all, this country is turning left because of a forty year concerted effort to convince Americans that individual achievement is bad. Self-reliance and individual responsibility are bad. For forty years, the message has been hammered home, that we all live on Sesame Street, and we must all "share the cookies." Bull! They want cookies? They can go out and buy some, or go to the kitchen and bake some, they can do without some, but they shouldn't sit around waiting for hard-working, successful people to share their cookies with them. Socialism can never succeed, and will always be doomed to failure. The poor give up any desire to better themselves, for the government will provide, and the successful stop trying to succeed because the government simply takes it away. Don't blame corporate America because American voters are too stupid to understand that. It's scapegoating at the worst.

Wild West Capitalism

So, what is wild west capitalism? It is legislators who have been greased by the corporate lobby. In turn, anti-trust laws are diluted; Regulation is all but dropped; Outsourcing American jobs to what looks like none other than slave labor; Open border policies set to bring the manufacturing and service sector to it's knees and let's not forget corporate welfare in the tune of billions. Socialist? Na, I'm was right in tune with every word you breath at one time. If you want to call me an ugly name, call me a protectionist. Why am I a protectionist? First, I know American products and American labor, real well. For the most part, American workers produced the best, once upon a time. Without going into great detail, management and government ruined that. Most of all, I served my country (in peace time); My Father served in WW2; My Grandfather in WW1 and numerous others in my family back to the Revolution. WE provided a safe and prosperous environment for corporations to build their businesses and thrive. I was waving my flag and smiling, chanting "buy American" all through the 80's. I was waving my flag (but not smiling) as they were leaving, as I chanted "buy Ameri???" in the 90's. Today, I can't even say buy American. In conclusion. McCain will not represent my interests as Clinton or Obama defiantly won't. We are in big trouble and I look at the main problem as being work and opportunity for the manufacturing and service sector. We are headed for disaster if our youth sees no other alternative than to commit crime. They are the same rebellious youth that the 60's saw only without opportunity. Thanks for your time.

Like it or not the global economy is here...

It started rising thirty years ago. You are wasting your time as a protectionist. You're carrying a torch for an old girlfriend that left you a long time ago, and she's not coming back. No one in their right mind is going to pay $8.99 for a package of ILGWU manufactured undershirts made in Greensboro when they can pay $5.99 for the same undershirts manufactured in Sri Lanka. No Manhattan high-rise builder is going to buy steel from the mills in Ohio or Western Pennsylvania when they can import it cheaper from the mill in Pohang, Korea. You need to accept that light manufacturing is all but dead in America. What WAS in our father's generation IS no more. Unless American laborers are willing to accept wages that make a product cheaper to produce here than in the Third World, the product will be made offshore. That's an incontrovertible fact of economic life: If you can manufacture it offshore and ship it into market for less than it costs to manufacture in the market, it's made offshore. It's a brand new world out there baby. You adapt and learn how to thrive in it, or you fall by the wayside. The United States cannot simply withdraw from the world economic stage and pursue a path to some imaginary individual destiny based upon our past glory. We'd be bankrupt and on our knees in very short order. Meanwhile, just thank God that the cheap dollar is making our durable goods attractive to overseas markets.

Re: Like it or not, the global...

I hate you spent the time educating me on the basics of global economy, I already know a little something it. You do have a good grasp on economics, so I hope you respond to this blog as I'm interested in your answer(s). OK, so the global economy is here. Think tanks appear to have been (and are) promoting globalism. All indications appear that the manufacturing and service sectors are absorbing job loss as well as pay cuts. Overseas workers make very little. How will corporations survive when the global (barf) village cannot afford their products anymore? Now, I would like to disagree with you (again) on three statements you made. First, light manufacturing all but dead? I disagree with your term "light". Most manufacturing is dead in America, period. From low end to high tech. Recent news blurbs have criticized drugs manufactured in Puerto Rico for sending us drugs made with little or no quality control. I could go on and on about this. In the position I hold, I deal with on a daily basis, goods that are mostly made outside of the US. These goods are being made for a VERY critical industry where quality is a must and they are life critical. Most of what comes across my desk is pure tee crap. I must let this junk pass along because of the guidelines that are set in place for me to do my job. Which brings me to the second statement I disagree with: "No one in their right mind is going to pay $8.99 for a package of ILGWU manufactured undershirts". I guess I'm not in my right mind then. I have had the pleasure of purchasing foreign made tee shirts (and many other products). The last XXL tee I bought gave everyone (that saw it) a great hairy navel shot. It was too short and obviously initially made to fit a short fat China man, not a tall large framed American. Give me an American made Haynes any day!. This is not limited to tee shirts. I can give you a list of cheap crap that I've had to put up with lately. Third, "The United States cannot simply withdraw..." There are a few rather large countries who have refused to be bullied by US Corporations who are pushing this agenda. They are doing just fine economically. No doubt we are hated even more around the world for global agenda. In conclusion, as the US economy is being brought down to merge markets globally and as manufacturers continue to grease politicians to open boarders, we will see more and more gang activity, crime, disillusionment from our once wonderful society. We will have to jail and feed these thugs. The illegals have already strained the American taxpayer to the max. All of this will cost you and I more in taxes. How can anyone justify globalism except for the very few who are benefiting from it? Oh yea (no question to you Common Sense) where's my " socialist rose colored glasses" buddy? I wish he would chime in with some intelligent insight.


Globalism isn't only here, it's evolving on a daily basis. Do you realize that manufacturing facilities that moved to China in the Eighties and Nineties are now moving to Sri Lanka and Lesotho because the wages in China have grown too high? Where do you get the idea that heavy manufacturing is dead in America? Thanks to the cheap dollar, that's certainly not the case. Companies like Bucyrus, Caterpillar, John Deere, and Manitowac have order books filled for two years out. American defense contractors are also booming. What is changing is the fact that light manufacturing is no longer available to provide an acceptable quality of life for uneducated and unskilled workers. An illiterate Pakistani woman can be quickly trained to operate a sewing machine as well as a tenth-grade dropout in Greensboro....and she'll do it for one-twentieh the wage. The days of finishing high school (maybe) and "working in the mill just like daddy" are gone...just like the dinosaurs. Where did you ever get the idea that these people hate us because of globalism? Have you been there? We can pay that Pakistani woman fifty cents an hour and she loves us for it - in her town, she's living the high life at that wage. Countries like Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and many others have trade delegations that come to this country soliciting manufacturers to move there. You also underestimate the intelligence of the American consumer. If the goods coming in from offshore were pure garbage, people wouldn't buy junk. But they DO buy it, because most people find that the products are just as good as when they were manufactured in America. Nothing points that fact out more than the near (pending?) death of the American automotive industry. Even before foreign manufacturers built on-shore facilities Americans were paying higher prices for foreign cars because they were BETTER than the American product. Ditto for the consumer electronics market. In closing, don't confuse "accepting globalism" with "advocating globalism." I only WISH this country was still the same as it was forty or fifty years ago. But globalism is here. It's never, ever going away. The America that existed in the Fifties and Sixties is gone FOREVER. It cannot be brought back. And yes, we've got a long, hard road ahead of us in adapting to the new America. Until it sinks in that unskilled/uneducated = a life of poverty, it's going to be some rough sailing. But it's not a voyage we can avoid or put off. We can't un-do the global economy to keep those unskilled and uneducated people happy. Adapt to the world as it IS, or fall by the wayside. Eventually, even the blacksmiths put up their bellows and learned how to fix an internal combustion engine.


I agree 100%! (That other person has rose tinted socialist shades on.)

Ask Jesus

You said: Every person out there with retirement funds depends on these companies making money to fund retirement. I ask: At the expense of others? Record profits for EXXON and SHELL. Two mentally disabled women were used as bombs in a Pet Market in Baghdad this weekend killing over 100 people, including excited and giggling children looking pets to carry home with them. They were blown to pieces because of a lack of concern for others. Selfishness. A lack of compassion. Do you honestly think corporate greed doesnt kill innocent people the same as those crazed bombers in Iraq? Sins of omission, as bad as it gets- Romans 7:19 The good that I would, I do not. Ask Jesus about all this stuff the next time you are having those chest pains. Tell Him you were hungry, starved, there was no way to sacrifice a crumb from your table. What did the DOW do today? Lost 370 points? God is with us. Isaiah 58 really says it all about the social heart of Jesus, as well as the hypocritical antics of the religious. Praying, fasting, going to church 5 times a week, building the biggest worship center, having the best worship band, the best kids programs, etc., won't gain us squat. Only when we spend ourselves on behalf of the poor and oppressed, when we visit the sick, imprisoned and elderly, care for the widows, and give shelter to the poor wanderers, etc., will God begin to pour out his blessing, and to hear and answer our prayers. Only then will the world see us as the reconcilers and healers, and as the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus. God-ordained social justice is not merely throwing money at the poor. It is not a matter of voting the "right" politician into office to get the job done. It is not simply protesting for the rights of the afflicted. No. God-ordained social justice is when God's people are finally willing to lay down their very lives for their fellow man. It is when they stop relying on governments, money, rock stars and missions comittees, and finally realize that God has called them, individually and corporately, together to break the cycles of oppression--not by legislation, but by selfless love and charity. That kind of Gospel message is so powerful that no words could compare to it.

The Bible is a good book...

....but it's not the only book. Try picking up an economics text book. Read any of the hundreds of books written about the oil industry, and you will understand the difficult concept of "Oil companies make more money when the price of oil rises." You might also read some basic business texts to understand why a corporation becomes a corporation. (Trust me, it isn't to become a social welfare agency!) Most of all, try reading the annual reports for Exxon and Shell. You'll learn about the MILLIONS of dollars these two corporations give away to help people all over the globe.

Bible vs. Corporate Greed

Common sense told me to look up Exxon's generousity and I did. How stupid of me not to have known about bidness and finance and ekonmiks like you. You are right these big fat greedy baztards do give money out of their extorted booty. Exxon reaches deep into their corporate pockets to pull out .03% of earnings as donations to non-profits and charitable organizations. Organizations such as propaganda groups to debunk global warming. If I earn $100,000 a year that would be like me giving away $30 a year. Wow how generous! Fifteen Organizations Have Received Two Thirds Of The $19 Million Handed Out By Exxon Between 1998 and 2005 ORGANIZATION Total funding 1998-2005 1 Competitive Enterprise Institute $2,005,000 2 American Enterprise Institute $1,625,000 3 American Council for Capital Formation $1,309,523 4 Center for Strategic and International Studies $1,112,500 5 American Legislative Exchange Council $1,111,700 6 Frontiers of Freedom $857,000 7 Annapolis Center $763,500 8 Atlas Economic Research Foundation $680,000 9 George C. Marshall Institute $630,000 10 Heartland Institute $561,500 11 CFACT Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow $472,000 12 Heritage Foundation $460,000 13 National Center for Policy Analysis $390,900 14 Reason Foundation $381,000 15 Citizens for a Sound Economy $380,250

Please make sense

You claim they only gave away $19 million dollars between 1998 and 2005, but provide a link that shows they gave away $106.5 million in 2004 alone????? The link you provided also mentions the Africa Health Initiative, which fights malaria. Here's but one figure for you - between 2000 and 2007, ExxonMobil funded AHI to the tune of $40 million dollars. Here's a link for you, showing their 2006 contributions: Trust me - Jesus doesn't want you to make a fool out of yourself.

Exxon is a joke

Exxon gives .03% of its money to charity and Target gives 5% WalMart isnt far behind. Most of the organizations receiving funds from Exxon are foreign countries (think it might be payola?) where as Target and WalMart give locally. Exxon made 100 BILLION dollars this past year. Same thing last year. And they gave away 104 million... Target, had they had robbed that much money from the world they would have given away 5% which would have been 5 billion a year. They do it because it is in their corporate guidelines. Some are good citizens of the planet, some just give .03%.

$104 Million stinks?

Exactly how much SHOULD a company give away? Obviously, you think $104 Million dollars is chicken feed. How much is required, before we can acknowledge that they're helping people? What litmus paper test is Exxon-Mobil not passing?


You said: " I assure you that when thievery or fraud are detected, they are reported to the police and the guilty parties are prosecuted." I say: Who goes out looking for them? What cop is out there checking expense reports or petty cash receipts? What about the next time I am over charged by my lawyer or accountant or mechanic I call 911 and see how many cops respond? Gimme a break a thief is a thief is a thief! Black, white, rich, poor we all steal. Some steal from a car, others steal from the government. It costs us all when you steal.

Well with your sappy attitude...

I can assure you that you are part of the problem. "Less fortunate" isn't a license to steal, Nimrod!

It may not be a license to

It may not be a license to steal but it darn sure provides the motivation. Let's all just keep pretending that everyone else is the problem, and perhaps while we are at it let's continue to pretend that our own children don't have to live in the same world as these such persons. Because while you ignore the problems that society faces as a whole you only promise your own loved ones a legacy of crime, hate, and victimization, etc.