101 Mobility creating special Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) –Each year, Wilmington is home to what may be one of the sweetest Halloween traditions of all.

It has nothing to do with candy.

It has everything to do with smiles, on the faces of some special kids who are the stars of a very special Halloween parade.

“It’s kinda like the mad science lab back here. For about a month, it’s cardboard, glue sticks, and paint. All hands on deck. We all come together here at 101 and put them together,” said Mitch Gower, the branch manager at 101 Mobility.

101 Mobility builds accessibility and mobility equipment for those that need it.

But each Halloween, the staff builds special costumes for children in wheelchairs.

The Codington Elementary students will receive the costumes and parade around the school’s parking lot on Halloween, cheered on by their classmates.

“We actually ask the kids what they want to be each year, and they get to decide, so some of the choices may be a little random for us at times. I know this year we’ve got jelly beans going on, for example. We’ve got a pirate ship that we’re doing. The rest of them, we’re gonna keep in our back pocket so we can build a surprise up for tomorrow,” said Gower.

If the smiles from last year’s parade are any indication, the costumes should be a big hit.

“I’m really curious on who gets more excited about it, us or them, honestly. The day of the event, we’ll do the parade around the parking lot. The entire school’s there. Everyone is cheering on, couple tears you see fall from the parents’ face and things like that. We love being able to do that and bring some excitement to everyone on that day,” said Gower.

After Tuesday’s parade at school, 101 Mobility will deliver the costumes to the children’s homes so they can dress up for trick-or-treating in the evening.

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