12 Days of Christmas


Day 1 Winners

Sharema Small – House Elf Junk Removal

Regina Yingling – Palm Air Realty

William Thomas – Shores Express

Zach Harmon – Wilmington Smiles 

Trinity Bolden – Sweet D’s Cuisine Bakery


Day 2 Winners

Jeanine Prindle – House Elf Junk Removal

Terri Simmons – Palm Air Realty

Stephanie Wallace – Shores Express

Debbie Steagall – Wilmington Smiles 

Tanya Mullen – Sweet D’s Cuisine Bakery


Days 3, 4, and 5 Winners

Barbara Coleman, Shirley Lovitt, Christopher Holland – House Elf Junk Removal

Lynndez Bryant, Deborah Anderson, Breanna Gutierrez – Palm Air Realty

Sherry Ballard, Marilyn McCormack, Tamara Cunningham – Shores Express

Ally Embrey, Debbie Dawson, Johnnie Green – Wilmington Smiles 

Brittany Mowery, Roger Davis, Julia Kelly – Sweet D’s Cuisine Bakery


Day 6 Winners

Heather Marino – House Elf Junk Removal

Kathy Broadus – Palm Air Realty

Mary Carnahan– Shores Express

Tonya Bruemmer – Wilmington Smiles 

Dennis Wooten – Sweet D’s Cuisine Bakery


Day 7 Winners

Thomas Wilkins – House Elf Junk Removal

Sarah Echel – Palm Air Realty

Steve George – Shores Express

Dorice Bothwell – Wilmington Smiles 

Leticia Carrillo – Sweet D’s Cuisine Bakery


Day 8 Winners

James Carns – House Elf Junk Removal

Gregory Williams – Palm Air Realty

Christina Sweetland – Shores Express

Susan Pope – Wilmington Smiles 

Myra Rivenbark – Sweet D’s Cuisine Bakery


Day 9 Winners

Jean McDaniel – House Elf Junk Removal

Robbin Marchese – Palm Air Realty

Deanna Williams– Shores Express

William Fields– Wilmington Smiles 

Angela Jackson– Sweet D’s Cuisine Bakery


Day 10 Winners

Jeffrey Francis– House Elf Junk Removal

Susan Garris – Palm Air Realty

Roger Lee – Shores Express

Richard Stiles – Wilmington Smiles 

Felecia Lloyd – Sweet D’s Cuisine Bakery


Day 11 Winners

Dawn Ambridge – House Elf Junk Removal

Veronica Stallings – Palm Air Realty

Alberta Shellem– Shores Express

Amy Woodcock – Wilmington Smiles 

Daniel Bates – Sweet D’s Cuisine Bakery


Day 12 Grand Prize Winner

Sheila Byrd