Coach-teen marriage sparks national debate

It’s a local story that’s resonating across the country. A 16-year-old Brunswick County Track star sparked plenty of debate, when she married her high school coach.

Since it appeared here and on national television, there’s been an unprecedented number of internet hits and comments on the story. More than 40,000 here the WWAY site, and almost a million at ABC News.

It’s a story that’s been all over the airwaves. Sixteen-year-old Windy Hager, a promising track and cross country athlete married her 40-year-old coach, Brent Wuchae.

Windy’s parent’s, Betty and Bubba, signed an affidavit, allowing the marriage to go forward.

“Signing those consent forms was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life,” Bubba Hager, Windy’s father said.

That was one week ago and since that time, on the local level and across the nation, the story has ignited passion on both sides, from different age groups.

One teen viewer wrote:
“I go to South Brunswick High School and I am in Windy’s grade. Although I am not like her best friend or anything we did hang out once or twice at school this year and I have to say I did not see this coming at all. I am so shocked.”

A parent posted this comment on our website:
“One would hope after all the well deserved (including national) news that Windy would see the light and consider annulment. She truly is a victim in my opinion, and probably not his last.”

Another wrote:
“There would never come a time that I would sign my daughter’s life over to a man old enough to be her father. She would have to hate me forever.”

Windy and Brent Wuchae have repeatedly declined to comment.

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