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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A former sheriff is speaking out. After serving about a year in prison for obstruction of justice and embezzlement, Ron Hewett is taking aim at people who helped put him there. Hewett also has harsh words for a Brunswick County Commissioner.

Hewett finished serving his sentence for embezzlement and obstruction of justice in January. Since then, hewett has declined multiple interview requests from WWAY. But Monday night he sent us an open letter claiming District Attorney Rex Gore threatened his family.

In the message Hewett wrote: “The obvious question must be ‘Why did you plead guilty?’ The answer is because our soon to be ex-district attorney threatened my family with imprisonment and I did the only honorable thing to protect my family.”

Gore would not comment on the letter.

Hewett went on to criticize Brunswick County Commissioner Marty Cooke and former Capt. Kevin Holden, who was one of several deputies who issued sworn statements against the former sheriff.

“Furthermore, I must also state that I read with amazement, that County Commissioner Marty Cooke actually charged our counties (sic) citizens for a cup of coffee on his way to Raleigh,” Hewett wrote. “You know, I find it very funny, that I not only bought my own food with money from my own pocket, to feed “then” Captain Kevin Holden. Holden later had no problem telling by writing an affidavit that I had asked him ‘What in the world I was under investigation for?'”

We were unable to reach Holden for comment, but Cooke responded to the criticism.

“I’ve always known Sheriff Hewett through the years. I’ve known him for probably 30 years, and we’ve been friends through the years,” Cooke said. “And the only thing I did was I ate breakfast by going through a drive-thru at Port City Java, and I did that or McDonald’s whenever I was going to a meeting in Raleigh or, say, Atlantic Beach or something like that either dealing with terminal groins or wind and hail or taxation or something like that.”

After sending us his e-mail, Hewett again declined our request for an on-camera interview. He wrote he has almost reached “the light at the end of the tunnel” as his probation comes to an end.


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  • Guest

    My question is will the new DA take a look at this case and see how it was either a show of the worst ineptitude by a group of law enforcers or a cover-up or both. How, How, does someone shoot themselves dead center in the back of the head (I guess she must have been lying down-Hewett gave three different scenarious to see which one sounded most likely). Two Industrial Commission findings found this determination ridiculous as did the U.S. Justice Dept. Yet, Gore refused to hear any of it.

  • guesty

    Dear henrytown,
    Thanks for the invite henrytown but you know there is that pesky law about FELONS possessing firearms.
    Ex law of this county.

  • Guest

    All of these people with Brunswick County are falling. Why can’t one of them tell the truth about officer Davina Jones? The Buff family deserves the truth and justice for their daughter!

  • UNCP student

    More people need to be made aware of the debacle that was the investigation into Officer Jones murder,I mean, suicide, yeah that’s it suicide. It looks like the Jinga tower of cover-up is falling. I hope the Buff family can finally find out the truth!

  • NYB

    some people just dont know what went on, and what is still going on in the sheriffs department.

  • Guest1485

    Why don’t you call Super Ronnie who cleaned up all the crime by himself. He has plenty of time to watch your house for you. Get a grip loser. He didn’t do anything. You need to thank the men and women who weren’t constantly on the tv. The brave men and women who put their lives on the line for you and the other losers who still love this ex-con. Oh by the way he didn’t leave he was SENT TO PRISON FOR BEING A CROOKED COP. GET THE HELL OVER IT.

  • henrytown

    RON, Muzzleloading season opens sat,got stands ready,you know how to get in touch. you also know you are always welcome,you are a true friend and they are hard find,come by the FARM sometime

  • Guest12

    The bottom line is, you don’t PLEAD GUILTY to something you “didn’t do”. You wouldn’t need to “protect your family” from something if there was nothing to protect them from. Nobody “does” anything to you, don’t get mad cause you got caught. You can’t just sentence people to jail for the heck of it, if that was the case there would be a lot more people in there then what there is. I do not feel sorry for him or for anyone else in his family. They all just need to let it go.

  • guest

    I said it before and will say it again and again. If Ronnie really wants the trust of the public back, he needs to tell all he knows. Starting with the Davina Jones Murder and cover up on Bald Head Island. BTW everyone ,please use your spell check before posting, you Ron Hewett supporters are looking very ignorant with your post!

  • Tonya

    Maybe Ed McMahon will hire Hewett. Seems to be a forgiving nature in New Hanover County so maybe he will fit right in.

  • Guest

    You go Ron!!! I believe in you!!! your mental state is fine!!!!
    Get them crooked people!!! You were a great sheriff!!! Bring rex, marty, and that pansy kevin holden down!!!!!!!!!! they brought you down and sold you out!

    keep the faith

  • Guest

    and support, on here, for a convicted felon who’s job it was to uphold the law, help to reiterate why NC and the country is in the state of distress and why brunswick county still has that podunk reputation. What makes it even worse is trying to decipher what some of you are trying to say with the poor use of the english language. are/our their/there It is as pathetic as Hewett criticizing others through emails rather then opening stating his griefs and defending them openly.

  • truthteller

    Ron, I read your letter, and it sounds as though you are nothing more than bitter. Bitter against those who taped your conversations of ‘proof’ that you were irrational in your thinking and otherwise. Several of your own deputies stated that you would show up to calls with the smell of alcohol on your breath. You’re right, no one had a chemical or blood analysis to determine as such, but then again DO NOT attempt to exonerate yourself in an open letter forum. How incredulous you are to attempt that. My God man, you were, at that time, the Sheriff of Brunswick County. You have already admitted you had a prescription problem and evidently an alcohol problem as well.

    I read your letter as nothing more than a whiny baby reaching out to whatever is left of your ‘friends’ to further attempt to extort your ‘side of the story’ as the ‘innocent convicted’.

    Ronald, it’s sad your life became what it did. You started off well, as Sheriff, you did many great things for the county, no denying that, but, as a human, you stumbled, it’s ok, we’re all human and we all take stumbling blocks along life’s path. However, your letter clearly indicates you’re still stumbling and have not yet realized the error of your ways. Your attempt to use that letter to gain sympathy only further shows you have a very long way to go.

    My suggestion, should you read this is stay out of the limelight and the camera’s spotlight. NO ONE is interested in Ronald Hewitt, Retired Sheriff of Brunswick County anymore.

  • Guest

    so set it straight..don’t care about coffee or food…let us not forget the davina buff jones case (and others like it)…..remember ron, the truth will set you free — and possibliy give rest to davina’s family! it is amazing what politics and power can do to a community!

  • Guest

    So glad to finally hear him say what really went on. I knew there was more to it.

  • Guest

    i still believe in him…..

  • Opinion

    Ron Hewett’s stability? Sound like he is very stable after what he’s went through. He took he fall for all of the other corrupt government officials in Brunswick County. Just look how Rex Gore has run his office…. incompetent employees not properly prepared for their cases. Cases getting dismissed due to being unprepared. Ron Hewett did a great service to Brunswick County. It is ashamed what happened to him.

  • Guest

    All I have to say is that we have had a 2nd home in Brunswick County for over 20 yrs….we never had a crime problem until Hewett left office. Since then our 2nd home has been burglarized and have actually had squatters use it twice….and continue to have problems with trespassers using our deck overlooking the ICCW for cookouts and parties when we are not there. We never had these issues before and have gotten no help from the local law enforcement addressing these issues.

  • Guest

    Indeed, it’s always a paltry, feeble, tiny mind that takes pleasure in revenge. It’s no surprise that he chose to release this mumbo jumbo in the midst of a breaking news event (local flooding).

    It’s time for you to go away, Ronnie. Brunswick County has a TRUE leader now. Who cares if he swore in your enemies? He knows they would spill the beans if he did anything corrupt and he still employs them. That tells me he is doing his job right.

  • Guest

    Ron Hewett was set up–clear as day. There are other corrupt officials still in office that have committed more severe “crimes”, but Ron had to be the scapegoat because he was a strong, no-nonsense leader.

  • C- a -Lot

    We do not know a lot about the inner workings of such a large Department, however, Ron Hewett was a great lawman. He loved his job. As far as I can tell, he was very loyal to the citizens of Brunswick County and this State. I hope he runs for Sheriff again….

  • Guest2010

    Was Hewett’s family “threatened” with prosecution because they committed unlawful acts that were prosecutable?

    I cannot speak to the allegation he made against Holden. As for the stuff he brought up about Cooke, it’s ridiculous. Like other governmental agencies, as well as private businesses, county employees are allotted a certain amount of travel expenses for going out of town on county business. If he was getting a coffee at our expense, so be it. It is one of the costs of doing county business. It’s not like he was stopping to eat lobster or prime rib on our dime. He wasn’t breaking the rules.

  • Guest

    The quetion has always been on everyone’s mind of why Ronald pleaded guilty. Finally, hearing his side of the story that plea makes sense. To protect one’s family is a basic instinct most all of us have.

    We know Ronald as an honorable man and perhaps now true justice will be served. Always rmember, “what goes around, in time, will come around”.


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