Belle of Topsail and Pirate Ship Raven staying in Surf City


SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — Despite a looming eviction, the Beach House Marina in Surf City is still home to a few tourist attractions. The owners of the Belle of Topsail and the Pirate Ship Raven say they won’t be leaving town anytime soon.

“This guy calls up, Scott Erickson, he’s one of the owners of Century 21 Action, he says, ‘We’ve heard about the plight your going through and the Wells Fargo issues and everything else,'” said Capt. David Luther, the owner of the Belle of Topsail and Pirate Ship Raven. “He says ‘David, there’s just no way you can leave this island. You’re too much a part of it.'”

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Luther says his friends at Century 21, about 200 yards from the Beach House Marina, are going to let him set up shop in their backyard.

Luther hopes the lawsuit he filed against Wells Fargo will buy him a few more weeks in his current location while he waits on new permits to be processed.

“It’s been a roller coaster without any relief, until things like this happen with the real estate company saying, ‘Here come and stay with us,'” Luther said.

The news is a blessing for many area businesses who share their customers as well.

“They shut all the doors on him, but then somebody manned up and said, ‘Hey, come over here, we’ll help you,’ and I think that’s wonderful,” said Peter Outlaw, owner of the Crab Pot.

Luther says the other tenants at the Beach House Marina plan on moving out when the bank applies more pressure.

The Belle and Raven could be in their new location by the end of June.