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WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — One of the more popular parts of President Obama’s health care law upheld by the Supreme Court Thursday is the measure allowing adults up until the age of 25 coverage under their parents plan. However, once they turn 26, young adults will be forced to buy their own insurance or be hit with a potentially big new tax.

“Given the wages of young people, you know staggering amounts of student debt, I don’t know how people are going to afford it,” says Caleb Filomena, who lives in Wilmington.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services about 2.5 million young adults from ages 19 to 25 received health care under the Affordable Care Act. Once 26, some say it may be impossible for many adults to even afford the coverage.

“Everything from rent to bills to everything else, all the other hidden fees that come with life that comes along,” says Kody Schlenk, who is covered under his parents’ insurance plan.

“I don’t see how people are going to pay another huge expense on top of it,” Filomena says.

With the Supreme Court’s ruling, young adults who can’t pay for health insurance will be taxed, which is something Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says will create more problems.

“The bill was sold to the American people on a deception,” McConnell says. “But it’s not just that the promises of this law were not kept. It’s that it made the problems it was meant to solve even worse.”

“At my job I know insurance is expensive, so I guess you shouldn’t be forced or taxed by any means,” Schlenk says. “It just doesn’t make sense. It seems if you’re getting taxed, you could use that to pay for some sort of insurance.”

Beginning in 2014, if you refuse to purchase health insurance and don’t get it from your employer, you’ll have to check a box on your tax form and the IRS will charge you up to $695 per adult or $2,085 per family.


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  • Tom

    Maybe I am the minority… Idk. All I know is that I make just over 11k a year but have barely enough money to get by as is. Between student loans, car payments, car insurance, food, gas and various other living expenses I maybe have 50 bucks a month extra to have fun. All of this is assuming I do not have an accident, or something I own breaks down.

    I use a prepaid phone and barely spend 200 bucks a year on it. I have a kia rio… I do not pay for cable, just the Internet for work and correspondence. I admit that my student loans are overwhelming, and I should have planned that better. However, I was a good student, graduated magna cum laude, and never once received an ounce of government aid or any scholarships.

    In any case, I am just over the poverty line and because of that I have 2 choices, pay for health insurance I can not afford, or save up my money and pay the fee at the end of the year. I want healthcare, I have for a long time… But I can not afford it in my situation.

    The truth is, if nothing changes by the time this kicks in, I will likely need to sell my car and either ride a bike (in Texas) or a bus. This means I will have about 2 hours of free time a day.

    Tough i am glad that this bill may help a good amount of people, I feel like I have once again fallen through the cracks.This bill does not help me, it just makes my life that much worse…

  • Joe

    Yeah, but think about all the dead beats that live off the government that are going to love your contribution to their health care. Just keep voting Democrat,….it’s going great for ‘ya.

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